Oilers at Blue Jackets, G52 10-11

This is Mike Corrigan and possibly the worst hockey card ever. Back in the early 1970′s we didn’t really see Los Angeles Kings home games, meaning those crazy, wonderful uniforms were available only in still photos.

Why a Kings photo in a Jackets game? It has to do with HNIC. Tonight’s game in Columbus is a HNIC game (although possibly regional) and they really don’t happen often (especially if the Leafs aren’t involved in the game) in non-traditional hockey cities.

I remember the Habs playing in Minnesota against the North Stars maybe 1973 on a HNIC late start (one hour later). During that game, Yvan Cournoyer took a shot from just inside the blue line that hit Cesare Maniago square in the face. I though it had killed him.

Another time, the game was broadcast from Los Angeles and those gold uni’s were on display. I don’t remember much about the game, but do recall I had to beg and plead my Dad to stay up that late (I think it started at 8:30 my time). Funny what you remember.

HNIC when I was a kid? It was the game of the week. My brother and I would begin the proceedings by playing hockey in the basement (he always got to be Bobby Orr, it still pisses me off. How fair is that?) for an hour or so. Mom wouldn’t let us use a puck (until we got a soft puck, that was a great invention) so we used rolled up socks. Fun times.

Bugs Bunny came on an hour before HNIC and we always watched it, but the truth is I was too excited most games to pay attention. I always loved it when a non-traditional team was featured, and back in those days non-traditional meant any game that had one team not named the Canadiens or Leafs. I didn’t see the Rangers much in those years. What a crazy thing.

The Oilers have been playing better at even strength but the PP and the PK are in love with the first overall pick and the hear wants what it wants. I look forward to a day when one of the special teams has a snowball’s chance in hell of doing its job.

Linus Omark is having a very nice run recently. What are they going to do with all of these rookie forwards? Hall, Eberle, Pääjärvi, Omark in one season? Crazy. Just crazy. I wish they could mail just one of them back to 2000.

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