Coyotes at Oilers, G71 10-11

The winds of change are blowing through the money halls of the NHL. Gary Bettman is apparently forgetting the golden rule of employment (don’t cost the boss money) and has been slow to recognize his situation (pride goeth before a fall).

What does it mean? At the most basic level, the Weakerthans may have to change some lyrics. I’m not a Jets fan, but a bunch of them are my friends. Having lost the Expos, I can somewhat relate to the absolute despair that comes with losing your team.

Here’s hoping the Jets win the day, and Arizona gets NFL football next fall to make them forget (again) the Coyotes.

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Chris Vande Velde, Ryan O’Marra and Alexandre Giroux fronm OKC after their game last night. Story is here. O’Marra and Giroux have been here before, and it marks the NHL debut for Vande Velde. The 24-year old Vande Velde has been inconsistent this season (67gp, 12-4-16 -17) but is a center with a history of winning faceoffs.

The Oilers are -59 overall this season and have 23 wins. Last season the team was -70 and won 27 games. The 74-75 Washington Capitals were -265 and won 8 games, so there’s room to grow.

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