Desjardins over Europe 10-11

Anton Lander (to the left of Robin Lehner) is the headliner for Oiler youth in Europe this season. The Oilers have invested heavily in the CHL recently, and that combined with bringing over Pääjärvi, Hartikainen and Omark leaves the development cupboard somewhat bare at this point in time.

The Oilers may draft Adam Larsson #1 overall this summer, and there’s a chance he’ll spend another year in the SEL.

  • Age 17 82gp, 5-9-14 (.171) (SEL)
  • Age 18 82gp, 9-12-21 (.256) (SEL)
  • Age 19 82gp, 14-20-34 (.415) (SEL)

Nice improvement offensively for Lander. His plus minus went the wrong way due to a late season slump by the entire TIMRA team, but his faceoff percentage improved 2 points to 49.39%. He played 18:19 with TIMRA this past season. I think it’s reasonable to expect Lander to play in both Oklahoma City and Edmonton next season.

  • Age 18 82gp, 11-15-26 (.317) (WHL)
  • Age 19 82gp, 9-13-22 (.268) (SML)

Played 15 minutes a night in Finland, and enjoyed some PP success (3 goals). Had just 4 PIMS. Scored 2 goals in his first 2 playoff games. Nothing about his season suggests Rajala is going to be a top 6 NHL talent, but he’s a guy the Oilers should give a full season’s worth of AHL at-bats to see what he can do.

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