Grebs, Anyone?

Elliotte Friedman’s column is a must read every week, mostly because the guy comes up with unique quotes and thoughts about the game. He often has an item on the Oilers among his 30 thoughts, so that also helps.

This week’s column is here. The Oilers item is this one: Would the Edmonton Oilers be interested in bringing back Denis Grebeshkov? They traded him because his arbitration number was going to be too high, but with some extra cap room and a need for defencemen, it might not be a bad idea. Of course, it will all come down to money, and St. Petersburg pays very well.

It’s an interesting question. The Oilers blue has all kinds of problems, chief among them a lack of actual NHL players. Ryan Whitney’s injuries mean that one of the veterans has a question mark no matter how healthy he appears to be at any given time. Tom Gilbert is a quality veteran, but after that there’s a major drop in quality before Ladislav Smid and Kurtis Foster are seen. Jim Vandermeer (a UFA) can also be grouped in there, and the organization does have some nice quality youth coming up on the scene.

Grebeshkov would certainly be good enough for top 4 duty for the group above, probably slotting behind Whitney-Gilbert and ahead of the rest. He has some chaos to his game, so perhaps he would be best suited to playing alongside a veteran stay at home type. MacT got a lot from him offensively at 5×5 by playing Grebeshkov in calmer waters. He has played well here in the past and may be able to do it again.

Would Grebeshkov–signed to a reasonable contract–be a worthwhile investment for the 11-12 Edmonton Oilers?

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