Oilers at Predators, G73 ’10-’11

When I was a kid, there were 2 kinds of music played in my house. Country, and western. My Dad loved Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Johnny Cash. My Mom was a little more adventurous; she had Elvis records and Roy Orbison and some Little Richard too. Years later I figured out that most of the music listened to in my youth had been created in a 500 mile area. And most of those wonderful songs came from songwriters I’d never heard of (and I wasn’t alone).
Nashville has some legendary songwriters, I mean really talented people. They’re rarely the people who sing the hit version–it’s been that way since Crazy and continues through The Last Thing I Needed first thing this morning–but some of the best songs of our lifetime are first heard in places like the Bluebird Cafe. What makes Nashville special? It’s those songwriters. God bless ‘em all.

The latest edition of Oil Change is up on the Oilers site, well worth watching if only for the War Room footage. Some of the things that caught my eye were that no one in the room appeared to be directly involved in the Shawn Belle deal. It leads me to wonder if that was done via the AHL General Manager Bill Scott, requiring only a signoff from the parent organization. Anyone have insight into this? Do AHL teams make trades that involve Oilers minor leaguers? Or did they just cut out a lot of footage.

The Dustin Penner trade seems to have been closed in a quick hurry and had been discussed for some time. The sticking point was the depth pick (LA apparently didn’t want to give it up) but the Oilers clearly wanted that first round pick. I’m confident because the war room table didn’t seem to know a lot about Teubert as an AHL player (healthy scratch and some struggles). It appeared to be confirmed in the media conference later in the day when (I beleve) Terry Jones asked Tambellini about it.

The Oilers had a get together with their season ticket holders on the weekend and at one point ST discussed the group of players being considered for #1 overall. Among the names mentioned (based on reports) were Adam Larsson, Ryan-Nugent Hopkins, Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan Strome and Dougie Hamilton. This tells me two things: the list remains far more fluid than one year ago–with some late breakers–and that Sean Couturier must have what the scouts consider a fatal flaw.

I asked EJ McGuire about it on Saturday and he seemed to feel that skating and lack of physical play wouldn’t impact his draft number. McGuire on Couturier: “He is long legged and snmooth and very deliberate, yet sees the ice well. If you want a firewagon hockey you might pass over this player.” He believes Couturier will be in the NHL next season.

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