Oilers at Wild, G 77 10-11

This is Lake Louise. I’ve been going there a few times every year for decades, it’s kind of my peaceful place. The girl I married introduced it to me, she’s kind of my ride-a-long Lake Louise. I know it isn’t terribly original, but can say that in hundreds of visits Lake Louise never fails to set me straight on the nature of things and the things that matter.

I took my kids here when they could barely walk, and early on they’d bitch and moan because part of being at Lake Louise is walking the path around it (you can only go partway down but it’s a wonderful walk. Johnson’s canyon too).

As they get a little older, I believe they’ve come to appreciate the beauty of Lake Louise. Sometimes in a busy life it’s easy to get mixed up and there are times when the brain gets addled. I hope my kids find their Lake Louise, and it would be kind of cool if they adopted it as their peaceful place.

Rumblings in the media again about Quebec City and Darryl Katz. Apparently the Oilers will be in play if the arena doesn’t happen and deadlines are implied if not stated. As I get older, I find myself becoming less and less emotionally involved when an Oiler owner starts making noises about moving the team. Hey, I’ll mourn this team like crazy if they move, it might take weekly trips to Lake Louise for years to work it through.

But Darryl Katz owns the Edmonton Oilers and he has a dream more powerful (apparently) than keeping the Oilers in Edmonton. Go your best, Mr. Katz. Godspeed.

For me, I’m just glad no one has figured out a way to move Lake Louise. I suspect they’ll get around to it after I’m gone.

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