Oilers Sign Taylor Fedun

This is Taylor Fedun. He’s the latest free agent signing by the Edmonton Oilers, and a rare NCAA pickup for the organization. I’m always encouraged by these kinds of signings, since real value is available. This has been proven time and again over the years and Edmonton has appeared unable to join the game.

It’s tough to find a reliable scouting report on Fedun. He’s 6.01, 210 and has some offensive ability. Here’s a breakdown of his situational stats:

  • Overall: 29gp, 10-12-22 +8
  • Even strength 29gp, 3-6-9
  • Powerplay: 29gp, 7-6-13
  • Penalty kill: 29gp, 0-0-0

The young man clearly has some ability on the PP, but as mentioned there’s no clear skill set listed on the Al Gore. His club scored 37 PP goals, so the kid was on the scoring for 35% of the PP goals. Princeton was 60-52 at even strength, so if they ran three pairings the reasonable expectation would be +3 (Fedun was +8). He’s 22 years old, so we can compare him to an NCAA defender we’re familiar with at the same age:

  1. Jeff Petry 38gp, 4-25-29 (.763)
  2. Fedun 29gp, 10-12-22 (.759)

Interesting signing.

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