Born to Fly

This is Sara Evans, a popular country singer a few years back. Nice voice, easy on the eyes with a deadly come hither look and those terrific country songs. I’m more a fan of the singer-songwriters Nashville produces, people from all walks of life who enjoy music for what it brings.

One of the things that drives me nuts is people who credit the wrong people for writing those wonderful songs. Women like Donna Farar, guys like Billy Jo Shaver. Shaver might be my favorite all-time songwriter. Anyone who could live his life and write You Asked Me To has a gift and a curse.

Giving credit. I think that will someday be an item of discussion for Oiler fans in regard to this organization’s scouting staff. How much credit does Stu MacGregor get? What about Steve Tambellini? Kevin Lowe? Bob Brown? Bill Dandy? Mike Peluso? Frank Musil? Kevin Prendergast? Kenta Nilsson? Lorne Davis?

I give credit to Stu MacGregor for the last three drafts because he’s been the chief scout since we before the 2008 entry draft. However, Teemu Hartikainein was apparently a favorite of Prendergast as the club tracked him through the 07-08 season.

What about Steve Tambellini? There were howls of derision about his face time on the Oil Change draft edition. Some posters here implied MacGregor was forced into the Hall decision and didn’t seem to be convincing when announcing the choice to the scouting staff during the show.

So, what say you? Who should be given credit or take the blame for the Oilers drafting over the last few years? Do we credit MBS for the Hall choice but nick him for Abney? Or do we recognize that perhaps the Abney selection was an organizational decision to draft for need and that the Hall decision was the result of long hours of discussion by a group of men paid to have strong opinions?

Nation Radio hits the airwaves again today at Noon. Among scheduled guests are Todd Nelson of the OKC Barons; Ian Walker of the Vancouver Sun; Scott Cullen of tsn and your emails to

I hope you can listen in.

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