This is Mark McNeill. He’s gaining momentum as a first round option at this year’s Entry Draft. The nature of following the draft these years is that there’s a tremendous amount of movement AFTER the season ends. Back in the olden days of The Hockey News and nothing else, everything froze from the end of the regular season to the draft. HN did their rankings of eligible players by league during the playoffs and you pretty much knew in April what would be happening in June (and mostly that was Sam Pollok robbing from the poor to help the Nova Scotia Voyageurs).

I’ve been thinking about the beginning of the Central Scouting Bureau this week. I remember buying that issue (seriously) of the Hockey News and reading about Jack Button being named as the first director of the newly formed Bureau. Back then, the original 6 teams were exceptional judges of talent and had been joined by some of their expansion brothers (Flyers, Sabres, Canucks). However, many other expansion teams had limited budgets and scouting available to them, which meant that the California Golden Seals and the Pittsburgh Penguins weren’t very good at the draft table.

Central Scouting changed all of that. So, with the final CSB list out recently and the draft lottery fresh in our minds, I guess it’s fitting that these memories come flooding back. I don’t know how much the Bureau had to do with parity, but it sure as hell helped some of those old timey expansion teams.

I’ll be talking to Craig Button about his Dad and the CSB today; we’ll also discuss his MOCK draft and the NHL playoffs. Among other guests:

  • Kirk Luedeke from Bruins draft watch.
  • Matt Bugg from dobber hockey and McKeen’s.
  • Gregg Drinnan from Taking Note!
  • Guy Flaming from the Pipeline Show.

It’s a draft edition of the show and we’ll talk about everything from the number one pick (it was Larsson last time we talked, I believe that’s changed) and some of the depth picks this year. You can email questions to and this should be fun.

The OKC Barons radio broadcast of their game today will go on Team 1260 right after the show. Make sure to tune in.

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