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When I arrived at hf boards in about May of 2000, Kim Gernack was the lone Oiler poster. He was a great fellow (may he rest in peace) and I learned “online behaviour” from him: agree to disagree and don’t make it personal. I’ve tried to live by that as both a mod at HF and the host of the Lowetide blog, but have of coursed failed many times.

The idea is to have a community of Oiler fans who can state their opinions, respect the opinions of others and move the conservation forward like a giant think tank.

I think it’s worked very well. My knowledge of hockey, advanced stats and law (how many lawyers are there in Canada?) has improved and maybe you’ve taught me something and learned along the way too.

Here’s the deal: the blog is fairly popular (it’s not THAT popular but we’re a decent bunch, at least a WAL-MART parking lot at 11pm on Thursday night in St. Albert) and I don’t have time to mod the thing and delete comments and make sure people are minding their P’s and Q’s.

Also, it isn’t fair to the posters and readers that I get pissy one afternoon and shut down the blog either.

So I need a helping hand. First, can we agree that personal comments and putdowns are counter-productive? If you find the comments here interesting enough to respond to, please respect the people who are going to read it enough to take out the barbs and keep it between the lines. If not, please refrain from posting here.

Second, I need help moderating this blog. It’s a volunteer position, but I will buy you lunch once a month (providing you order from the children’s menu) unless you live outside the Edmonton area and if that’s the case we’ll work something out. If you’re interested, please email me at and I’ll send you passwords and the combination for the beer fridge.

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