Wild at Oilers G81 ’10-’11

One of the questions we can ask about this Oilers season is “which kid had the best rookie season?” and I don’t think there’s an easy answer.

All three of the forwards have seen plenty of minutes and all three have had ebbs and flows–expected for rookies during the long NHL season.

Based on both boxcars and advanced stats, it appears to be a two horse race with a third also in photo. The third member of the trio is the one finishing strongest, so we should keep it in mind as we look to the future.


  1. Hall 65gp, 22-20-42 -9
  2. Eberle 67gp, 18-24-42 -11
  3. Pääjärvi 78gp, 15-18-33 -12

Time on ice (EV, PP, PK) per game

  1. Hall 15:26, 2:43, 1 second
  2. Eberle 14:24, 2:34, 41 seconds
  3. Pääjärvi 13:29, 1:50, 1 second

Shots on goa, shot percentage

  1. Hall 186, 11.8%
  2. Eberle 153, 11.8%
  3. Pääjärvi 176, 8.5%

Corsi Rel

  1. Hall .10.3 (1st among Oiler forwards)
  2. Eberle 9.0 (2nd among Oiler forwards)
  3. Pääjärvi 2.7 (7th among Oiler forwards)

Zone Start Offensive Percentage

  1. Hall 52 % (4th easiest among Oiler forwards)
  2. Pääjärvi 51.7% (5th easies amng Oiler forwards)
  3. Eberle 48.8% (10th easiest–3rd toughest among Oiler forwards)

5×5 points per 60 minutes

  1. Hall 1.78
  2. Eberle 1.78
  3. Pääjärvi 1.40

I’d choose Hall by a hair over Eberle, but honestly this is one of those times when a person could argue that there should be two winners. Gagner’s rel Corsi as a rookie was .6, Cogliano’s -8.9 same season. I’m not an expert when it comes to advanced stats, but these kids can play.

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