Sail on, Wellington Duke

Liam Reddox saw the writing on the wall and finally signed a contract outside the Oilers organization. Liam Reddox has signed a 1-year deal in the SEL for next season.

I profiled Reddox and his season recently (here) and discussed this possibility (the Oilers setting him free). Reddox has always been a fringe player and Edmonton could easily upgrade the position (4th line winger, energy player and penalty-killer) over the summer.

The big question is “will they find a veteran penalty killer?” and the secondary question is “why didn’t they sign him as insurance?”

I think the answers have to be “of course” and “they probably tried but the player felt a one-way deal had been earned.” Ryan Rishaug confirmed the second part of the question via twitter earlier today.

Reddox almost left the organization two years ago and it looks like the situation hadn’t changed much in the ensuing 48 months.

Reddox will probably show up somewhere in the NHL down the line. Edmonton likely flushed him for legit reasons (offensive ability at the NHL level) and poor reasons (size. Liam Reddox played much bigger than his vitals). I think another NHL team will sign him in a year or two and he’ll resume the battle for big league employment.

Liam Reddox has always been a personal favorite, he played the game intelligently and won the loyalty of every coach he played for during his Oiler career. Sail on, Wellington Duke. We’ll see you again.

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