Draft Week Post #9: 1971

The first draft I remember really paying attention to was 1970, because the Canucks were coming into the league and there was a fuss about it at all Esso stations.

The next year was more infamous than anything, an absolute ripper that caught the nation’s eye and didn’t let it go for a couple of weeks.

Marcel Dionne (in photo) and Guy Lafleur were in the spotlight for a huge series between St. Catherine’s (OHA) and Quebec (QMJHL) but things got so out of control they never did complete the series.

The draft that summer featured two original 6 teams with selections one and two; Montreal chose Guy Lafleur over Marcel Dionne and most would agree it was a wise move.

Others wonder if Dionne might have been the better player for Sam Pollock to select, but those who remember the politics know well it wasn’t an option.

All kinds of trades today, and a rumor tonight that Ryan Smyth may be headed to the Flames. I think this is going to be a very interesting draft.

YK Oil’s brilliant work is up over at C&B and speeds is doing his 31 over at hockey symposium. Christmas eve, folks. Christmas eve.

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