Happy Father’s Day

This is my 17th Father`s Day and it never gets old. Being a Dad isn`t something you study for (although there really should be an instruction manual–especially for teenagers) but rather figure out along the way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blurted something out and then though to myself “man I sound like Dad–where did that come from?” but if your kids are a reflection of you then this Dad has no complaints.

The boy is working on a video game called “Socks and Other Unsorted Laundry” and the first level is a laugh riot. He wants to go to Vancouver Film School to learn the industry of game making and one thing I learned from my Mom and Dad was supporting your kid’s dreams is a good idea no matter how unusual it may seem.

My daughter is now a rock aficionado, a complete expert in the works of the Stones, the Who and the Floyd. She attended the U2 concert a couple of weeks ago and is now a fan of their work. She’s a very creative kid and a good guitar player, so you never know.

My wife and I are at a good place in our lives. Good career, good people around us and good kids (or so we think!) with good friends. I’m not going to be on a boat in the Caribbean at age 55, but that was never my dream anyway.

I’m happy with my bunch, and hope all Dad’s feel the same way. My Dad passed away many years ago, but if he popped by today I think he’d say his Son did just fine. I hope to say the same things about my kids someday.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads. And sons and daughters, make a fuss today. Hugs are best, presents are fine and time spent with the old man is the premium currency today. And don’t bring your new boy or girl friend over today, maybe just tell Dad about them. Break things in slowly. It’s better for everyone. Bring your special friend over later, maybe a couple of years from now. Yeah. 2014. That’ll be fine.

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