Sheldon and The Blue

The Edmonton Oilers are apparently close to buying out Sheldon Souray’s contract. Jim Matheson reports it so it must be true, Matty remains very connected to the Oilers management, so this would seem to be an article preparing the fanbase for the buyout.

I was thinking about this situation last night and wonder if there’s any chance they just bring Souray back and see what he can do in training camp. Several of the young players (including Hall and Eberle) and at least one of the older guard (Horcoff) told the media that adding quality veterans to the club should be a priority over the summer.

If Souray has been a good soldier–I don’t think he’s sneezed near the media for over a year now–perhaps the Oilers can do themselves a favor on the blue and in the public relations area by having Sheldon work out his final year with the big club.

Over the last decade, Edmonton has become known as the NHL franchise that asked a player for money back (Comrie), quibbled over pennies with the face of the franchise (Smyth) and publicly ripped a guy they signed to an offer sheet (Penner).

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful, wonderful thing if the Edmonton Oilers forgave Sheldon Souray? Wouldn’t that send a message to possible free agents of the future? I think it would.

Oiler fans like me are quick to point out the arrogance of the Vancouver Canucks organization, but the truth is the Edmonton Oilers display arrogance AND are spending a generation in the basement. Giving Sheldon Souray a new lease on life might do the same damn thing for a hardened and seemingly heartless Oilers organization.

Busy day on Nation Radio today at noon on Team 1260 radio. Scheduled to appear:

  • Kirk Luedeke has established himself as a draft authority and we’ll talk about the movers and the downers as we get close to draft day. We’ll also weep openly over the lost to Vancouver last night.
  • Kent Simpson from the Oil Kings radio broadcasts will drop in to give opinion on the WHL kids and I’ll ask him a few questions about the SCF.
  • AJ Haefele from Mile High Hockey will discuss Colorado’s draft and how it could impact what the Oilers do this year.
  • Cam Moon from the Red Deer Rebels will visit us too as we devote a portion of the show to the next Oiler star, Ryan-Nugent Hopkins.

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