Who Got Their QO’s?

I’ve learned over the years that things happen for a reason. The Edmonton Oilers didn’t release the names of players qualified last night; most if not all other teams released them and there were some interesting names (Bergfors, Kennedy, Sugartits).

We know the Oilers passed on Stortini and Jacques (Oilers released that information to Matty and Jason Gregor) but the rest of the list remains a mystery.


If we take the list of players that fans might feel would be qualified in the “no-brainer” department– Cogliano, Smid, Peckham and Chorney–then we might (if we were cynical types) wonder aloud about these players.

Now my knowledge of QO’s, arbitration and the NHL law pertaining to contracts is not good. There is so much minutia involved in the language I’m not certain if Cogliano or Chorney could file if given a qualifying offer. I do know that looking at the list of men who weren’t qualified it would seem to be a league wide issue.

Two things: when the list is released (I imagine today) can you post it? Thanks. Also, I’d love to know if there’s something to what I’ve written above. The beauty of the Oilogosphere is that someone will be along shortly to exlain it. I look forward to reading the answer.

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