Day 32

We are (by my count) at day 32 and counting in the Ryan Smyth trade saga. Dean Lombardi–upset and a man with the courage of his convictions–must be waiting for something.

The original trade went sideways but by the Sunday of draft day (June 26) the Oilers and Kings made a deal (details here). It was one of the true feel good stories of the last 5 years for Oiler fans; a great one who “never wanted to leave in the first place” pressuring a big city GM to send him home.


However, since then there have been a mountain of arrows sent Edmonton’s way and much anger pointed toward the Edmonton Oilers organization. Some very negative comments from Mr. Lombardi and a push to resolve by peaceful means have not ignited discussion and produced a solution.

Where are we now? Helene Elliott tweets on but nothing lately from her or Mr. Lombardi on the subject. It would seem Mr. Lombardi is waiting for a time when all other summer business (Drew Doughty’s contract) has been finished before returning to the issue.

Right? No one gets that angry one week and forgets about it the next. Right?

Day 32. We wait.

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