RE 11-12: Darcy Hordichuk

Darcy Hordichuk should be considered an upgrade over Steve MacIntyre. Although he doesn’t have MacIntyre’s impressive ability to fight on skates, he’s a better hockey player.

Hordichuk is an energy winger who takes too many penalties, is not a nucler deterrent (as MacIntyre is) but he knows his role and has no fear.

I’m happy with his signing because it means the 4th line has a chance to break even during many nights this season. I would prefer a 4th line like the old timey Oilers had (Jim Dowd was the center, often with Georges Laraque and other forwards like Boyd Devereaux) that offered the Oilers a physical presence, some hard earned goals and an enforcer who could play 4 minutes or 8 and not hurt you. It seems to me that the Oilers have some things (Belanger is the key) that could contribute to team wins in multiple ways.

Hordichuk offers the Oilers a reliable hand for the 4line role while also giving them a player who is easily scratched should a kid like Hartikainen emerge.

NHL Prediction for 11-12: 44gp, 0-3-3 (.068)

  1. Nice intro, except Eager is the 4line LW. Right, but the Oilers will have injuries and slumps among Hall, Smith, Paajarvi and Eager.
  2. Hordichuk isn’t Laraque. Quite right. BG was an outstanding enforcer for the Oilers and when he turned over the puck is was 111 miles from the defensive scoring zone.
  3. He’s not much better than MacIntyre. Hold that thought. MacIntyre’s CorsiRel (-29.1) came in three and a half minutes a game. Hordichuk’s CorsiRel (-0.5) came in 5 minutes a night. One player could be spotted a few shifts per evening without bleeding and the other was instant powerplay for the opposition. That’s a gap, folks.
  4. Stortini was a better player. Yeah, I think you might have a point.  But Tom Renney didn’t like him (I think it was footspeed) and then he had that terrible event during the Krys Barch fight and that was probably all she wrote. I expect Stortini will have a career.
  5. You really like this guy? I consider him an ideal fit for Tom Renney. An enforcer option but also a guy who can be scratched or sit at the end of the bench. Plus they have toughness in guys like Sutton and Eager so Hordichuk might get scratched in division games on the road too.
  6. You think this is the way to win? Look, I miss MacT’s 4th liners but lots of people wanted to throttle Toby Petersen and Kyle Brodziak and Marc Pouliot. I’d much rather have Marc Pouliot on this team, but that isn’t going to happen.
  7. Fricking Petersen. Right, he was the problem.  
  8. Who will Hordichuk play with? Hmmm. Belanger or an AHL type at center (if RNH gets sent out) and then wingers like Jones, Eager, that kind of group.
  9. So he’s not even going to play with the kids? He’ll play with the kidsmore than MacIntyre played with the kids, but very little overall. Hordichuk’s skills are superior to MacIntrye’s but you want your skilled men playing with other skilled men.

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