RE 11-12: Lennart Petrell

The Edmonton Oilers pro scouts may have found something in Lennart Petrell. He’s a 6.03, 209 pound 27-year old winger with a reputation of being a solid defensive forward.

He has good footspeed but doesn’t finish. Wow, sounds like he’s a born Oiler. His NHLE (82gp, 10-18-28) would seem to support that bio and his salary (according to capgeek, his one-year two way contract has a $900,000 cap hit, includes a $90,000 bonus and he’ll make $67,500 in the AHL this year) would seem to suggest the same.

Elite Prospects: A large winger with a lot of power and strength. Plays with high energy and intensity. Effective on the forecheck and always finishes his checks. Good hands and hockey sense.

Lots of places say he’s a winger but a few call him a center. For me, the Oilers are extremely likely to use him as a checking winger both in the AHL and NHL. If that’s his experience, he will have more of it than most of the Oiler hires and that might mean he’s also a strong option for things like PK and late game defensive zone faceoffs.

Petrell’s resume is full of things you’ll love: he knocked out Michal Barinka at the WJ’s on a questionable hit many years ago; he had a solid offensive season in 10-11 and an even better playoff run. He’s played 350 games in the SM-Liiga so has plenty of pro experience.

OKC Prediction for 11-12: 70gp, 17-23-40 (.571)
NHL Prediction for 11-12: 10gp, 1-1-2 (.200)

  1. You have him on LW? Yeah, I think there should be a chance to get a look at him sometime this season. The Oilers signed him for just the one year, I imagine they’ll want to get a good look at him before deciding how to proceed.
  2. What role do you see him filling? Two way winger, penalty kill and maybe he’ll grow into a regular role at evens.
  3. Who would he replace? Well injuries probably, and maybe eventually someone like Ryan Jones.
  4. This guy won’t score 17 goals. Neither will Jones (probably). If Petrell can add to the penalty killing options and play a solid 2-way game I think the Oilers will make room for him.
  5. Does anyone think he’ll play in the NHL? I think both the player and agent thought there was a chance based on the contract, and that means the team must have felt there was a chance too. It’s a two way deal and $220,000 in performance bonuses. It’s a 900k cap touch if all the columns get checked off.
  6. What are his skills again? Big guy with speed and an idea about the forecheck. He’s 27 and posted some decent offensive numbers this past season in the SM-Liiga.
  7. Is this the Pisani? Maybe, he’s at least a candidate. Look, the Oilers badly need a guy like Pisani to help on the PK and give the coach another option.
  8. More like the Reddox. Fine, Reddox with speed and more size. I don’t give a rat’s ass who you compare him too, this a player the Oilers need badly.
  9. Can’t Ryan Smyth fill that role? Sure, but I’m sure the Oilers would want him to help on the PP and perhaps Petrell can free up some special teams time for Smyth. Besides even with Smyth this team needs PK help.
  10. Who are your PK forwards among the current starters? I’d go Horcoff and Belanger at center, and then wingers might be Ryan Smyth and Ryan Jones.
  11. So Petrell gets called up and plays well on the PK and scores a little at evens. What then? Sign him for crying out loud! The Oilers aren’t exactly overrun with PK forwards.
  12. But they’ll have to flush Ryan Jones. Don’t make me come over there. If Lennart Petrell can check, help the PK and be on the right side of the puck often then losing Ryan Jones to waivers or trade will be an extremely small price to pay.
  13. You think this could happen? Ryan Jones losing his job to some nobody? It WILL happen. The question we should be asking is will Lennart Petrell be that nobody.

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