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The 11-12 season is going to be fun if you are an Oiler fan in it for the long haul. I expect the fanbase that I call the “Marchant OT group” will fall away and become less interested in the club.

It’s a natural progression. Old timey guys like me consider this group a wonderful case of deja vu, a small (if less spectacular) reflection of the Oilers of our youth. I well remember watching Marc Habscheid try to find his way on a gifted young team and how much of a difference Ron Low made when he came over via trade.

But I faded from the day-to-day of the Oilers during the horrible period around 1993-94 because the team was so bad. I remember reading a Terry Jones article that nailed the entire period (it was about George Burnett and the defense and complete hopelessness) and for the Marchant OT fans it’s been a long road. I think the interest is fading, and in fact if it were not for the arena situation and the promise that is Taylor Hall I suspect the interest level would be even less.

I think a break is often a good idea if you’re not enjoying yourself. For me, this is going to be a wonderful season. It’ll start with some TC glimpses of the young Oilers with my dear friend Louise (she brings coffee and muffins every year and sometimes I buy lunch–those who know me well will understand this is a “typical” arrangement) and then a family outing to the Joey Moss.

However, it’s clear that this will be another season of division among Oiler fans on the internet: the promise of the future will not be enough for the Marchant OT generation. Who can blame them?

I certainly can’t, but am also unable to join them. The promise of a brand new day is too compelling.

Nation Radio is back on the air today at noon (Team 1260). Before I tell you about the lineup, allow me to thank Robin Brownlee for delivering outstanding episodes the last two weeks. Top drawer guests and terrific questions throughout the programs, he certainly showed why he’s a respected member of the Edmonton media community. I expect Robin will be hosting more shows as we roll along (although Wanye hasn’t told me–all I ever get from Wanye is a ringing door bell at 6am, a brown bag on fire as I open the door and the opportunity to say “not again!” and mean it).

This week:

  • Jeff Krushell from Krush Sports Performance. Jeff is probably the smartest man I know and has worked with various sports organizations (notably the Blue Jays). He’s an expert on nutrition and health, so I’ll ask him about RNH and his training program designed to put on weight without losing agility and we’ll also talk about Ryan Whitney’s injury and the impact injuries have on elite athletes.
  • Matt Bugg from dobber hockey. Matt is an outstanding source of information on young players–draft eligible and beyond. I’ll ask him what we can expect from the Oilers young guns this season and perhaps get a quick look at the 2012 draft.
  • Kirk Luedeke from Bruins draft watch. Kirk is a wonderful resource that we relied on heavily this past season for draft information. He’s off to Redline report for 11-12 and we’ll congratulate him and then talk about the 2011-12 season for the Bruins, Oilers and more.
  • Pat McLean from Black Dogs Hates Skunks. We talked a few weeks ago but didn’t finish it, I’ll play what is perhaps the most interesting portion of the interview: a fascinating look at the 1972 Canada-Russia series replayed through modern scoring. It is and was a revelation.

Hope you’ll join me, emails welcome at and much of the discussion will surround the Oilers in 2011-12. Team 1260 at noon.

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