Johnny B. Goode

This is Lafayette Leake. He is one of two piano players with a story to tell surrounding the song “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry. Although Berry’s usual piano player (the brilliant Johnnie Johnson) originally inspired the song, it was Lafayette Leake who played that wild piano on the original .45 and it still sounds as “out there” today as it did 55 years ago. It’s way down in the mix but great fun when placed against the guitars. I don’t know enough about song composition to speak with authority on the subject, but would suggest that the piano line was well outside “traditional” for the time.

The family road trip is now over and man the times are changing.
My daughter discovered classic rock about three years ago and now it’s the original flavor that has piqued her interest. I have to confess a lot of the 55-57 rock and roll hasn’t been on my radio in forever, so cruising the canyon and listening to Chuck Berry was very cool. I don’t know how many of those rock and rollers are still around (I imagine Berry is still hiring pickup bands and checking his guitar as luggage on flights) but if any of them hit your town it might be the last chance to see an absolute legend.

The boy is getting some notice for a game he’s created among our friends and family, I hope he posts it on youtube (buddy keeps tweaking) and I’ll link it if and when he does. We spent a few minutes at Vancouver Film School (Cartoon Colin: we asked after you and left a message, hope you got it) and I think my son has found his passion.

Now if the girl can write another Johnny B. Goode…….

Every year at this time I do a post about balance. Usually there’s a plane crash photo and I talk about balance on take off and then the Oilers don’t do anything to address it. I’m going to save all of us a lot of time: the following statements are true.

  1. The Oilers–as always–are out of balance. It has been this way since the lockout and before. The 05-06 team waited until the deadline and almost missed the playoffs with an outstanding group before finally trading for a goalie.
  2. The Oilers needed a defenseman BEFORE the Whitney worries. Now they absolutely need to add someone who can help Gilbert-Smid, Peckham-Barker, Sutton-Petry and Chorney.
  3. The goaltending remains a worry. I think we can be fairly certain that the team will make a move during the season should NK be unable to hold the fort and stay healthy (and we have a lot of evidence this is so), but the organization should have delivered stronger options for the coaching staff during the summer.
  4. The Oilers should make a move to address both defense and goaltending this week.

That said, I think we can be secure in the knowledge that the Oilers will enter the season with Khabibulin-Dubnyk-Danis-LeNeveu-Roy. They always have 5 signed goalies and those are them. I do think there’s a slight chance the club adds a defenseman in the next 10 days but I always predict the Oilers will do something and they never do.

Why? Taylor Chorney. The evildoers will grab him off waivers. That’s my guess.

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