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Colten Teubert’s style is a perfect match for many Edmonton Oiler fans. Unlike squishy-pants Tom Poti or that girly-man Tom Gilbert, Teubert is a throwback defender with toughness, a fondness for collisions and the asshole gene so important for intimidating defensemen.

Teubert should be a fan favorite of Oiler fans for the next decade. Seriously.

The only problem is that he has to make the team. Not an easy task, in that the Oilers have a bunch of youngsters coming along at the same time.

The burning question I have about Colten Teubert: can he play hockey well enough to be an NHL regular?

OKC Prediction for 11-12: 70gp, 2-12-14 (.200)
NHL Prediction for 11-12: 4, 0-0-0  (.000)

  1. You’re an ass. Oiler fans can appreciate finesse defensemen. Hmmm. The average Oiler fan would trade you Tom Gilbert for Jason Smith straight up and Smith has been retired for two years.
  2. Okay, name the blue in front of Teubert. In terms of style, Teubert is a stay-at-home. The men blocking him (he’s a RH) are all left-handed: Andy Sutton, Ladislav Smid and Theo Peckham. From what I can tell there are no right handed defensive defenseman in his way.
  3. Cool. What has to happen in order for him to break TC with the team? Injury. I don’t see any other way and it’s probably two injuries.
  4. Who are the RH defensemen ahead of him? Right side is probably Gilbert, Barker and Petry. That would be my guess, with LH being Whitney, Smid, Peckham and Sutton (who may be able to play right side). Barker is a lefty but the Oilers are set up like the 1979 Expos (only opposite).
  5. That doesn’t seem too much to handle. Well, I don’t think he makes it this fall, and then there’s Taylor Chorney and Corey Potter to consider. Teubert also has issues at the AHL level–he’s certainly ahead of Alex Plante based on the fact the Oilers went out and paid a big price to get Teubert. However, an NHL job is not assured. He needs to develop over more AHL sorties.
  6. Is he on track? We’ll see. There’s always going to be a segment of the Oiler fanbase that buries him because he came over for Penner, and Teubert isn’t the sort of prospect who is going to post big boxcars. So I think we’ll have to rely on callups and plus minus and how much they play him on the PK. Coach’s comments, that kind of thing. 
  7. What will he be when he gets here? His AHL coach with the Kings (Mark Morris) said “he is an old school defenceman in my books; the type of guy that everybody will appreciate over the course of time. He’s not going to wow you in the beginning, but I think over time he will prove that he is a force to be reckoned with and he can be a reliable, dependable defender.”
  8. For a math blog there isn’t much here. Well, it’s getting better and there are blogs moving the conversation forward for minor leagues. Those C&B boys and girls are doing some fine things in terms of qualcomp and we’re getting there. Roger Neilson left a roadmap, and the bright pupils are mining the numbers. We’re farther along than the Chris Hajt era and that’s for sure.
  9. Do you think he’ll have a career? He has a real chance. The Oilers are devoted to him in a big way and the depth chart has similar player types who could be offloaded if he develops. Behind him is only Alex Plante (among DD) and the guy has an intimidation factor that borders on crazy.
  10. What will he look like when he gets here? At the time of the trade, LAK GM Dean Lombardi said “I would say that he started off a little slowly, coming out of his draft year, but he arguably was one of our most improved players down there. I think, probably, the one reason I was able to do this is because we have Matt Greene. What I saw in Manchester was very much, in a lot of ways, a young Matt Greene. So I think Edmonton has got a good player here. He certainly has an m.o. that’s attractive. I think he’s still got some development to do, but there was no question that, with what I saw in Manchester, that he’s on the right track. Like I said, if I didn’t have Matt Greene on this team — and hopefully Greener is going to be here a while — this is something that I would have looked a little more hesitantly at.”
  11. So he’s Matt Greene? From that family.

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