RE 11-12: Corey Potter

Corey Potter is a modern Larry Mavety. If there are 180 NHL jobs available every game night for defensemen (and there are) then the odds favor him making an NHL team.

However, teams gather then guard the rights of good defensemen and never let them go until they have to; so, at 27 years old, Corey Potter found a nice spot with an NHL team in need of players just like him. Plus, Tom Renney is familiar with his play.

Corey Potter may or may  not be a smart guy, but he made an extremely wise move when signing in Edmonton.

NHL Prediction for 11-12: 25, 0-5-5 (.200) 

  1. You really think he’ll play 25 games? I think he’ll play more but can’t figure a way to get Andy Sutton off the roster. I think he has a chance to have a career in Edmonton.
  2. What makes him better than someone like Alex Plante? Foot speed, mobility, experience. Even if he’s just Plante at 27 that’s a better plan. He had a strong training camp last fall with the Penguins and was in the mix for a roster spot deep into September.
  3. Is he a great skater? Reports have him being a good not great skater. That’s usually the case with AHL defenders. Remember Richard Petiot? I think he’s a little better than Petiot in terms of footpseed, but the reports I’ve read say “good skater.”
  4. What are the clues you see in regard to him finding a home with the Oilers. He’s 27 and has been learning on the job for years. He has been close to making a couple of better clubs (Rangers, Pens) and Renney knows him. As well, his two-way contract  ($225k in the AHL, $525k in the NHL) means they can save money by keeping Potter and sending down one of the kids. He still has to play well and there are people in front of him, but this is a real chance to make a team that needs solid defenders with size, experience and the ability to play a 2-way game.
  5. Plus he’s right-handed. I honestly don’t know how big a deal it is, the team has Gilbert and Petry who are right handed and Barker can apparently play that side. However, if Potter can form an effective pairing with someone like Peckham or Sutton on the third pairing it could mean he cashes NHL paychecks all winter long.
  6. Who is he in competition with? Petry and Chorney and that’s certain. If the Oilers make a decision to send down Chorney no matter the waiver worry AND want Petry to start in OKC then I think Potter has a job nailed down. The top 6D might be Whitney-Barker, Smid-Gilbert, Sutton-Peckham with Potter waiting for an injury. Potter wouldn’t mind, buddy’s cashing in big time.
  7. What is the outer marker for him as an Oiler? A mini-Staios. He doesn’t have the resume of Staios, but brings some size, shot blocking, a good range of skills and a desire to have an NHL career. The coach knows him and the opportunity is there in a huge way. Massive opportunity.

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