RE 11-12: Linus Omark

Linus Omark had a very impressive NA debut. I mean aside from the 5-goal game and the shootout goal (ridiculous); Linus Omark makes plays and makes people miss and can do it all in a phonebooth.

Linus Omark is unique.

Omark’s wizardry is potent and I believe he’s going to force his way up the roster this season. The depth chart says Hemsky and Eberle are ahead of him and those two are splendid talents, so one of the three may have to change positions.

Linus Omark was productive as an NHL rookie. His 5×5/60 number ranked 4th on the team and his CorsiRel was 3rd among Oiler forwards.

Remember that old Oiler coaching line about “three scoring lines?” If Omark is third on your RW depth chart then you have three scoring lines.

NHL Prediction for 11-12: 70, 13-27-40 (.571)
  1. He’s going to score 40 points from the third line? Plus a lot of powerplay time. I think Omark will be close to the team leaders in PP time for 11-12.
  2. Which center will he play with? Probably all of them over the season. I’d guess that Belanger and Paajarvi might make a good combination.
  3. He’s making a big jump in points. Not really, I just have him hanging around all season. He had .529 points per game a year ago.
  4. How does he compare to Hemsky and Eberle 5×5/60? Hemsky (2.88) is still the king but the two rookies also showed well: Eberle (1.82) Omark (1.78) both had fine rookie seasons. Hemsky’s EV 5×5 as a rookie was 2.26–that includes 5×5 and 4×4.
  5. So you think Omark will be a better offensive player than Eberle? Don’t know. I’d say they are both exceptional young talents. Eberle posted his number at a much younger age, that would imply he will have the better career but there are all kinds of factors.
  6. Like? Injury, role each will play moving forward, quality of linemates, that kind of thing.
  7. Why are you so strong on him? By eye and by math he appears to be a real hockey player. A guy like Nilsson looked all world with the puck one minute and then disappeared for the rest of the game. Omark flies sorties every shift. They don’t work out all of the time, but there’s a tremendous amount of try. He’s hard on the puck and works like a bugger. He can stickhandle in a phone booth and can beat people wide and inside. On a team with crazy skill, Omark is his own unique individual. He’s his own man, very confident and skilled.
  8. Do you like him more than Paajarvi? No. However, I think Omark is a better offensive player.
  9. Right now. Right. MP is just a kid, he has miles to go before he’s Omark’s age. But Omark is a quality player in his own right.
  10. What does he have to work on? All rookies have work to do in terms of where they are on the ice and where they turn the puck over. Omark can scoot and pursues the puck well, so it’s mostly about positioning.
  11. Could he play with RNH? I don’t know if the Oilers have a LW who is responsible and fast enough to stay with them. Smyth is the obvious candidate but he’s been cheating for offense some. It would be an interesting trio to run out there in pre-season..
  12. What about Gagner? I didn’t like Sam together with the Swedes, they bled a lot. I think a lot of it had to do with familiarity and maybe they can overcome it. I do think it’s the most likely trio Omark will be part of coming out of the draft.

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