RE 11-12: Yann Danis

Heaven smiled upon Yann Danis. He’s in exactly the same spot as Martin Gerber a year ago but any reasonable projection of the current goaltending situation in our town suggests he’ll play much more than Gerber did at the NHL level.

The possibilities for recall are endless: Khabibulin injury, Khabibulin tweaked something, Khabibulin struggling, Khabibulin flu, Dubnyk looks tired, Dubnyk trying to get back to last year’s form. I could list many more.

The Oilers are overflowing with forwards who will get better, have worked hard to address their weaknesses on the blue and should be able to add talented players annually by 2013.

Goal? If there’s a plan it’s deep, deep underground.

NHL prediction for 11-12: 30, 3.00, .905

  1. Is that good or bad? Well, it isn’t replacement level but you’re asking a lot of Danis to perform at NHL average in front of this defense. I think he’ll be better at stopping pucks and staying healthy than Khabiblin this season.
  2. There are still 2 games not accounted for by goalies. Are the Oilers going to play a couple of games without one or is there another name to come? Stay tuned.
  3. Why Danis? I can’t just pick some name they might trade for, there are 5 goalies in the system and Danis is third on the depth chart. He’s next up.
  4. So you think he’ll be the backup then? I believe he has a tremendous opportunity. A big chance to play again in the NHL.
  5. Is he really any better than Khabibulin? I don’t know. What I do know is that injury and ineffectiveness and age make Khabibulin unlikely to last the season. So the GP for Danis may be incorrect but I think it’s reasonable to assume he’ll play quite a bit this season.
  6. Can Danis have a career in the NHL? I think so. There are some things in his resume that suggest there might be something there. Good (but small) seasons with the Islanders and Devils.
  7. He wasn’t a smashing success in the KHL. Well, the team he played for was outscored by 61 goals in a 54 game schedule. That’s a crappy team.
  8. How many good to very good seasons has he had in a row? I think the last three seasons have been strong. It’s certainly earned him a real NHL shot.
  9. And you think he’ll get it? Is Nikolai Khabulin the Oilers starting goaltender?

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