Whitney’s Injury

David Staples in the EJ delivers the news on Ryan Whitney (via Dan Tencer) and the latest injury information.

Tom Renney discussing Whitney and the injury (courtesy the article): “There is some trepidation there that it’s still a little tender. He’s got a little bit of pain there. But from what I can gather, and even in talking to Ryan, it’s more of a function of scar tissue breaking down, which is actually healthy, and makes the joint healthier, so that’s the kind of thing you get in July and August when you don’t see the whites of their eyes. You’re not out on the ice with them and can’t put them through their paces and get a feel through talking to them and your trainers in terms of how everything is going.”

Robin Brownlee interviewed Whitney on Nation Radio a little over a week ago:

Whitney:It’s pretty good, it’s got a little way to go. I feel really good skating, it’s just certain things it can get a little tight. It can get sore after, the one good thing is that I’ve seen steady improvement.”

I think those two quotes added together should leave us generally positive about the situation. One item that does strike me is the length of recovery. Whitney had the surgery in mid-January and it is now 7 months later. He is an outstanding professional athlete and still young. I’m no doctor but doesn’t that seem like a terribly long recovery? Or am I wrong and this is a typical recovery time for an ankle?

Either way, overall I’d suggest this is encouraging news about a vital portion of the Oilers season.

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