Dammit Oscar!

Oscar Klefbom is hurt. The details are all over the Al Gore, you can read it here or here or any number of other spots.

Lisa McRitchie’s article has more details, including this from Martin Lunden: Klefbom was unlucky enough to get cut on his thigh by an ice skate, the wound was sewn with ten stitches, and when the stitches were removed there was an infection. Now Klefbom is on penicillin which also prohibits him from playing.

This is Lunden’s site, you may want to bookmark it for Klefbom updates. He’s also on my blogroll under Swedish Oil.

What does this mean? Maybe nothing, maybe something. Injuries are diabolical things, and injuries to defensemen often impact their development. Now, this young man appears to have played a tremendous amount of hockey over the years and the injury shouldn’t take a massive bite out of his season. Still, it’s a small down arrow on an extremely promising career.

I remain extremely positive about this player. He appears to know who he is style-wise and has an electric skill set. We wait.

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