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Brandon Davidson was one of four cuts today by the Edmonton Oilers. I would have thought more cuts would be in order, but some of the defensemen are probably hanging around for the next few days as insurance against the old fogeys (Whitney, Sutton) being able to get the blood flowing.

Davidson was sent back to Regina (WHL), a mild surprise in that the Oilers could have turned him pro. It likely bodes well for that wonky Rooskie Tulupov and might be good news for Martin Marincin (though my guess is he also returns to junior).

Also sent away today were D David Musil (no surprise, he got a preseason game and that’s a victory for a guy drafted in June); Jeremie Blain (the bookend to Davidson, their careers are marching in lock step) and Tyler Bunz (a guy who is tracking like a comet).

Who’s left that we can be surprised by? Marincin hasn’t performed especially well; Ryan Lowery is as reliable as a shape-shifter; Ryan Martindale who may have earned his contract.

The next set of cuts should be a bunch of pro’s to OKC. I think it may also be time we agreed that Tyler Pitlick isn’t going back to junior.

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