G10 Oilers at Avalanche

I’ve been up all night waiting for word on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The legend of the Steve Tambellini regime continues, with all of Oiler Nation waiting for a story surrounding “the moment.” Earlier in the day, we found out that one NHL rookie who was eligible to be sent back to junior found out he was staying from his coach in front of his team.

Wonderful memory, the kid will probably remember it forever.

If I had to guess, RNH probably found out after the game when his bags were packed for Denver. Or maybe they told him after the second HNIC game but swore him to secrecy. Either way, it’s an opportunity missed by the Oilers and suggests they have no idea how they are perceived by others.

Sheldon Souray’s frustration came from a lack of communication. Oiler fans this morning were robbed of a feel good story about how coach Renney, Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini sat him down and confirmed he was staying. Maybe they brought Hallsy in with a Rebels sweater as a joke, who knows? Hey, maybe they did something incredible and taped it for Oil Change.

No matter, as we wake up this morning the Oilers face another opportunity missed and it reflects poorly on management. It’s one thing to say that “it’s all about the fans” but if that’s true why couldn’t they allow some kind of leak? Perhaps a release? Or maybe they could have announced it after last night’s game?

You know, I have a son just a little younger than RNH and even an old guy like me enjoys hearing a good story. I absolutely know there are young people involved in the Edmonton Oilers organization who would have had grand ideas about how to celebrate this little milestone and those ideas would have connected young people to RNH.

Opportunity missed. We’ll all find out when he starts against Colorado.

Let them eat cake.

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