G3 11-12 Canucks at Oilers

Ales Hemsky. He’s like that fancy sports car you own as a young man: looks terrific, but breaks down daily and costs four paydays to repair. Every time you say it’s not worth it, the sun comes out, it fires up and your blue moon turns to gold again.
Ales Hemsky. If the Oilers don’t sign him, he’ll go to Detroit for 2M a year, win 6 Stanley’s and end up in the HHOF. Ales Hemsky. If the Oilers do sign him, it’ll be Rick DiPietro 2.0 and we’ll see 8 to 40 games a year until my teeth fall out.
Tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

Oilers have 3 points so far in 2 games and a 2-2 in GF/GA. The average NHL team has played 3 games and is 8-8 in GF-GA (this was before last night’s game). So, tonight will be a 5-5 tied decided in a shootout.
Last year, Edmonton started the season 2-0 and then lost six games in a row. I think the coaching staff is reasonably pleased with the start but would like to win tonight. We’ll know if they’re serious if we see:
  • line matching that gives the soft parade to the kid line
  • the continued quick change pk that boasts 6 forwards at close to 2 minutes or more per game (Horcoff, Belanger, Jones, Paajarvi, Smyth & Lander).
  • the strong play of the forwards
  • quality starts from the goalies
The PP and the blue could use some work, there’s chaos often when it comes to moving the puck up via the headman pass. I’m looking forward to Tyler’s numbers after a few games, and Dennis King’s scoring chances are already showing interesting results (Peckham’s on ice results at evs: 9-11 against what to my eye looks like some tough minutes versus people like Koivi) compared to what the eyes tell us (Teddy Peckman hasn’t looked good all fall).
Anyway, it’s fun to have another game so close after the last one, it feels like hockey season. Beauty. Now if we could just get the Czech Kaipan out on the highway and take it to the limit.
Nation Radio is back on the air today, noontime on Team 1260. We’ll preview tonight’s HNIC game and read your comments at nationradio@theteam1260.com Scheduled to appear:
  • Jim Byers from the Oklahoma City Barons. OKC’s play by play guy will join us again this season and pass along the latest from the farm. I’ll ask about Pitlick, Hamilton, Hartikainen and any questions you send me.
  • Tyler Dellow from mc79 hockey. Tyler is already tearing up the blacktop this season, and we’ll touch base on his “open source” research and his recent article on Ales Hemsky.
  • Jeff Angus from dobber hockey and Canucks Army. He’ll help me preview the Canucks-Oilers and give us an idea about the early struggles Vancouver has been suffering this season. If we have time, I’ll ask him about some of the prospects the Canucks fans are excited about moving forward.
  • Jonathan Willis from pretty much everywhere. Jon is like Eric Clapton in the olden days. Maybe he’d show up in Traffic or perhaps Cream, but maybe he was just playing all night long with Duane Allman and jamming out Derek and the Dominos numbers. I’ll ask Jonathan about his whereabouts this week and ask him to chime in on the Oilers early season success.
  • David Staples from the EJ has been requested but at this writing is not confirmed. I do know that David has been on the Katz-City of Edmonton story for many hours and we may not get him. But I’m hopeful.

Hope you can tune in. 

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