More Hell Than A Little Bit

I laughed out loud at a Tom Renney quote today. It came about because the coach was surprised by the reaction to his mulling over making phenom RNH a healthy scratch in the next few games.

  • Renney: “I was surprised by the lack of intellect in as to why that would come about,” Renney said of the reaction to his comments. “Why wouldn’t I at least consider, never having said I would, what our team would look like without him in the lineup?
  • More Renney: “If you want to know how valuable a guy is, you don’t really know how much you miss someone until you don’t have him anymore … I was kind of disappointed it grew the legs that it did, and people started to draw conclusions he might not play. I never, ever said he wouldn’t play in the next game. I never said that at all.”

Article is here. I think there are a few missing links in the entire transaction. As I understand it, Renney was discussing the idea with four or five members of the media a day before the Ranger game. I discussed that conversation here.
Aside from the media’s running with a non-story, coach Renney made an error from my point of view. He badly misread the situation and his role in it. Or did he?

Tom Renney’s a smart guy. So he gathers some reporters around, mulls an RHN scratch and then reacts when it is considered news? Where exactly did he think this thing would go? Why would he mull it over in public view and then be surprised when the story has legs?

Seems like a disconnect, intellect-wise.

This is Joe Morgan. In 1975, the BBWAA selected him as the NL MVP. He posted outstanding offensive numbers (17-94-.327 with 132 walks and 67sb) and was clearly the class of the entire league, so Morgan won the MVP.

The next season, he put the boots to THOSE numbers. Killed it. 27-111-.320 114 walks and 60 steals, plus of course another gold glove at second base. But the NL didn’t give consecutive MVP awards, not even  to Stan Musial. But he HAD to win the MVP, Morgan was the best player. Morgan did in fact win two in a row, but the vote in year one (first place votes 21 for Morgan) and year two (first place votes 19 for Morgan) went backwards in the season he was most dominant.

I thought of Joe Morgan today, and those BBWAA writers who had boxed themselves in. I believe coach Renney will keep RNH but would like to make that decision based on all kinds of factors. I believe the fans were basing the decision on Taylor Hall’s performance of one year ago: if RNH performed at a clearly higher level than Hall through the trial games, then RNH earned the season.

Coach Renney doesn’t see it that way and is surprised that people don’t understand his line of thinking. I bet those old cigar smoking BBWAA guys could relate.

Blame Joe Morgan and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Completely uncooperative. The BBWAA finally decided to man up and vote the right way.

Will Renney? If he does send RNH down, what does that tell us about him? How will the fans react to it?

Interesting times.

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