Tales of the Unexpected

Alex Plante got sent down today, no big deal since the big league team doesn’t play for a few days. However, I checked out twitter this afternoon and saw this from Mark Spector:

Based on the stats and reading about the OKC Barons and how they run their blue, Teubert would have been the better choice. We talked about it here. Poster Unknown in the comments section takes it from here:

  • Since the AHL team’s job is to send hired hands to Edmonton as needed, what could possibly keep the team from getting their guy? Either way, Teubert may make his NHL debut later this week.Apparently they were bussing it and since docs were not required, some guys leave them at home because of a previous situation of stuff being stolen from their rooms on pevious road trips.

Teubert is a curious player, whose skill set is similar to the Suttons and Peckhams on the current Oilers. He is one half of the return for Dustin Penner (The Klefbom being the other) and has been much maligned for being a disappointing acquisition based on Penner’s skills and contract. It’ll be nice to see him in the NHL even if only for a cup of coffee.

That opportunity could come later this week.

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