#5 Prospect: Martin Marincin

Winter 2011: #5
Summer 2011: #7
Winter 2010: #4
Summer 2010: #9

Martin Marincin is a dirty bugger. This isn’t ordinarily celebrated on this blog, but it’s part of his resume and so I wanted to discuss it. Marincin’s famous WJ hit on the American Zucker was followed by another “incident” this fall in the WHL.

That’s a filty hit, folks. Dangerous. Marincin’s “range of skills” are the calling card here, and those skills are so difficult to acquire I believe Marincin is clearly a better prospect than the offensive defenders (Blain, Davidson, Gernat) and the defensive defenders (Teubert, Bigos, Musil).
I’m saying he could lose a lot of his offense (by not playing on the PP) and still make the NHL as a useful player. And if he delivers on all fronts, he might end up being the best, most complete defenseman drafted into the system since Jeff Petry.
There are by my count 6 strong candidates for this slot, so don’t be too upset if your player isn’t here. I do have my reasons for posting Marincin here and will list them, but the entire top 10 this winter is excellent.

Here are my reasons for ranking Marincin top 5.

  1. He has a wide range of skills.
  2. He is playing for a very poor hockey team. Last I checked, Marincin was +2 on a team that is -12 overall. His number is the best on the team among defenders.
  3. Prince George coach Dean Clark: “You know who he reminds me of is when Alexander Edler came into our league with Kelowna. I think he’s better than Alexander was with Kelowna and look what Alexander turned into in the NHL.”
  4. He has been described as a man among boys at times this season, although the boxcars aren’t as impressive as one year ago.

Although his boxcars appear to be way off from a year ago, a closer examination of Marincin’s even strength totals suggests he’s on track and the team is off the rails offensively.

  • 2010-11: 67, 6-18-24 .358
  • 2011-12: 22, 1-6-7 .318

The PP numbers are way off and that’s a concern. However, we know that most defensemen don’t drive the PP bus and the scouting reports have him playing an effective 2-way game (outside of the period just after returning from suspension). PG is averaging 2.33GF this season, down heavily (3.58 a year ago). I don’t think it’s reasonable to suggest anything Marincin is doing would be responsible for that kind of dropoff.

Martin Marincin will play for Slovakia at the WJ’s in Alberta this Christmas. It will be the third appearance at the tournament for the 19-year old defender.

  • Dan O’Connor, Cougars pbp man (courtesy ironsight):  “Even though he didn’t score any goals or put up any helpers, Martin Marincin was a man among boys through spurts of Saturday’s game with Kelowna. Marincin proved once again that when he wants to, he can be the most effective and lethal player on the ice. He’s fast, strong, smart and skilled, and has the ability to take a game over. If Marincin puts forth a similar performance tonight against Kootenay, the Cougars will have a great chance to win.”

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