G 25 Wild at Oilers

Sometimes my kids will ask me what it was like to grow up in the 60s. I’ll say things like “well we road bikes a lot and drank cokes and sometimes for fun we’d push a tire down the road.” This is followed by much laughter.

Since my children sometimes frequent this blog, I offer as proof this photo of Robert Zimmerman Bob Dylan* pushing a tire down the road. The photo also offers proof that “littering” isn’t a modern invention.

The Oilers are once again in need of a win to keep pace with the very competitive NW division. It’s funny, the Canucks are the king of the hill but long time contender Calgary is off the pace. You’d think Minnesota would be the likely candidate to slide up the division, with Edmonton and Colorado waiting for a better tomorrow.

This season, Minnesota is the strongest team in the division so far. Their GF-GA numbers suggest some mirage (despite being 57-53 GF/GA overall, they are 10 goals better than league average in GA) but the wins and points keep on coming.

Minnesota is in 1st in the conference this morning, the Oilers are tied with Nashville way back in 10th. However, the difference is 5 points and should EDM win tonight it is down to 3. Oilers staying within 7 to 9 points of the top all season (should they do it) would be a clear indicator this team has made progress.

However, a long losing streak would effectively snap the chord on the season and put coach Tom Renney’s future in doubt. At least a little. The organization has stated in many ways that improvement in a real way is the goal. Using last year as a line in the sand (they were 8-12-4 after 24 by my count a year ago) their current 12-10-2 is real progress. Gotta keep the train rolling.

Lines in practice yesterday had Gagner on the 2line and Paajarvi back down on the 3line. If he doesn’t shave those sideburns I don’t know what’ll happen. Coach Renney will probably go with NK tonight, Dubnyk’s sideburns have been getting a little long too.

In the last 10 games, Jordan Eberle’s shooting percentage is 26.3 and he’s scoring from Mike Bossy places. I know he will come back to earth sometime, but he sure looks like a 30+ goal scorer right now. Is 25 a reasonable number based on his first quarter? The kid hasn’t disappointed one time, not even close.

The new blog is up, I’m working on a few things. If you get a chance, have a quick look at things, any input is welcome.

*My daughter has informed me Bob Dylan only allows the President of the United States to call him that other name. Apologies to Mr. Zimmerman.

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