G18 Senators at Oilers

One of the good stories surrounding the Oilers this season is young RNH. The young man has been very good offensively and is surprisngly well schooled away from the puck. Among the things Oiler fans can count as a great development and a strong up arrow is Burnaby Ryan.

RNH has a chance to move high on the list of all-time Oiler rookies. The King is Jarri Kurri.

  1. Jari Kurri (80-81) 75gp, 32-43-75
  2. Jason Arnott (93-94) 78gp, 33-35-68
  3. Dave Lumley (79-80) 80gp, 20-38-58
  4. Glenn Anderson (80-81) 58gp, 30-23-53
  5. Sam Gagner (07-08) 79gp, 13-36-49
  6. Andrew Cogliano (07-08) 82gp, 18-27-45
  7. Jordan Eberle (10-11) 69gp, 18-25-43
  8. Taylor Hall (10-11) 65gp, 22-20-42
  9. Raimo Summanen (85-86) 73gp, 19-18-37
  10. Miro Satan (95-96) 62gp, 18-17-35
  11. Magnus Paarjavi (10-11) 80gp, 15-19-34
  12. Jaroslav Pouzar (82-83) 74gp, 15-18-33
  13. Mike Grier (96-97) 79gp, 15-17-32
  14. Kyle Brodziak (07-08) 80gp, 14-17-31
  15. Rem Murray (96-97) 82gp, 11-20-31
  16. David Oliver (94-95) 44gp, 16-14-30
  17. Ales Hemsky (02-03) 59gp, 6-24-30
  18. Jozef Beranek (91-92) 58gp, 12-16-28
  19. Linus Omark (10-11) 51gp, 5-22-27
  20. Todd Marchant (94-95) 45gp, 13-14-27
  21. Dean McAmmond (93-94) 45gp, 6-21-27
  22. Martin Gelinas (89-90) 46gp, 17-8-25
  23. Mats Lindgren (96-97) 69gp, 11-14-25
  24. Scott Fraser (97-98) 29gp, 12-11-23
  25. Jason Chimera (02-03) 66gp, 14-9-23

Man that was a nice crop of rookies one year ago.

I rarely say this kind of thing, but tonight’s game is pretty important. Oilers are in a small funk, and after Ottawa it’s Chicago Saturday and then another road trip. Lose tonight and the whisper becomes a scream. A significant run without a win is certainly possible for the group. Coach Renney needs to spin the silver thread with golden needles and mend what’s broken.

Sam Gagner is day to day, Whitney is on the radar now, and Barker is gone for a time. Linus Omark was injured in last night’s game and Tyler Bunz took a puck to the head while sitting on the bench last night (but has tweeted he’s hopeful to go tonight).

OKC’s Barons have come alive on the scoresheet and I think there may be some movement at the big league level if the 3 & 4 lines in Edmonton keep struggling. Some of the numbers:

  • Phil Cornet 15, 11-2-13 +5
  • Teemu Hartikainen 15, 7-4-11 +1
  • Linus Omark 7, 1-6-7 +2

I remain skeptical about the roster makeup of the Oiler parent team. Omark is miles better than some of the men who’ll dress tonight, but the 4th line is going to have an Eager or Hordichuk on it all year long no matter the performance. So, the Oilers are looking at three lines that can score and a butcher line. So far they have two scoring lines, a third line that has run out of time and a 4th line that looks like a bleeder of historic proportions.

Man there’s a lot of talent being wasted. That’s on the coach, folks.

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