I Got Nothin’

If you’re an Edmonton Oiler fan today is going to feel strange. We’re running out of things to point at and laugh or fret over, and “the road” looks like it might not be the challenge we thought it would be for this edition of the Edmonton Oilers.

The pro scouting staff’s bets (Potter, Petrell) are making the Morey Gare Five look like they are cutting edge. Stu MacGregor and his band of note takers have been sending men to the front since 2008, and can boast all of RNH, Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Anton Lander. The OKC Barons are winning and the draft picks are fine–even Klefbom is playing more each night in the SEL.

I guess we can worry over Hemsky`s contract and wonder if they`ll sign Corey Power Potterplay to an extension or lose him ala Jan Hejda, but really this team is performing well and the underlying numbers–while suggesting current levels are not at all sustainable–appear to be much improved over previous levels.

There`s every chance they step into the elevator shaft after I post this, and if they do full measure to the Hockey Gods for identifying a fanbase so high on wins they have a collective case of the Jimmy Legs. Hell, I`m even thinking of bringing back this guy:

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