#15 Prospect: Brandon Davidson

Winter 2011: #15
Summer 2011: #16
Winter 2010: #18
Summer 2010: NR

Brandon Davidson is a 20-year old playing junior hockey. It’s actually quite rare for a future NHL player to be sent back to junior but the Oilers had 50-man issues. Either way, Davidson did get a late start in organized hockey so the extra year may not be an issue. If he does make the grade, he’ll be able to tell people he’s one of the “Orest Kindrachuk” All-Stars.
STU MACGREGOR: “We were looking for a puck mover, and Davidson certain is that. We were surprised he was there, he’s a talented kid. He did have an injury problem with a knee just after Christmas; we feel he has a legitimate chance to be a solid guy for us in our organization.”

The Scouting Report: One of the most intriguing prospect stories in the draft is that of Brandon Davidson. After being unable to afford AAA hockey, Davidson flew under the radar playing AA, and only started getting some legitimate exposure last season. Fast forward to today, and Davidson has established himself as a strong defenseman for the Regina Pats who has not only played tremendous defense, but also chipped in on offense as well. Given his unheralded path, it’s tough to forecast how much more potential is left in the tank, but he’s certainly deserving of a Top 60 pick at this point.

Mike Remmerde: I usually like late bloomers who come out of nowhere, but this guy’s skating bothers me too much. Has big trouble with pivots. But he’s got really good hockey sense and is a very good puck mover. Probably goes way higher than I like, but if somehow he lasted until the 5th round, I might be interested.

ISS: Height: 6.01 Weight: 190 Davidson was listed by the Pats after last seasons Mac’s Midget Tournament. He has not missed a beat and has added some offensive flair to the Pat d-core. He moves the puck very well and is a key contributor to the PP. He has great mobility and vision with the puck. He has made an easy and smooth transition from Midget AAA to the WHL. Not often is there an 18 yr old rookie who has the impact that Davidson has had this season.

  • Age 18 59, 1-33-34 .576 
  • Age 19 72, 8-43-51 .708
  • Age 20 33, 8-18-26 .788
  • Davidson has improved year over year offensively, and this is during a time of great turnover in Regina. However, I think he’s clearly below a player like Blain offensively, but we’ll find out more about this pair next season when they turn pro.

  • September: 4, 0-6-6 +2
  • October: 12,5-3-8 +7
  • November: 10, 1-7-8 -2
  • December: 7, 2-2-4 +3
  • Overall: 33, 8-18-26 +10
  • PP: 33, 3-5-8
  • PK: 33, 0-1-1
  • EV: 33, 5-12-17
  • Davidson ranks in a tie for 5th among WHL defensemen in points. That’s a fine number, but we have to take into account that he’s a 20-year old playing junior hockey.

    Defensively, Davidson plays a steady game and is a good hitter without going D gone wild. Good positionally and a smart player, smart enough to earn the right to play in an OKC post-season game in the spring.

    20 years old and still in junior, skating issues and we know he’s going to have all kinds of competition. However, he moves the puck well and his numbers have improved each season. He’s a rock in a pretty damn good junior league, plus he’s the captain and I’m not going to be the one to bet against him. Brandon Davidson has already come a long way.

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