#19 Prospect: Kyle Bigos

Winter 2011: #19
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Kyle Bigos has made good progress since being drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in 2009. The 22-year old from Upland, Californa has played in Canadian hotspots like Wilcox, SK and Vernon, BC in an effort to make his way as a hockey player. No one should question his level of dedication to the game, at least no one who has spent a winter’s day in Wilcox, Saskatchewan.

Kyle Bigos has had a stealth development since 2009 summer. Not a lot of things leaked out of Merrimack aside from “hits hard” and “he’s a big guy” but that changed last summer. The Oilers organization started to talk about Bigos as a guy who was developing as a prospect and a player of interest in their estimation.

Stu MacGregor: His game has done nothing but get better. A young man whose development curve is just beginning to move forward. Great shot, skates well for a big guy, he’s someone we see huge potential in down the road.”

Mike Sillinger: “His big thing is mobility. He’s got to work on his mobility and his puck skills a bit. Watched him play a few times the last couple of years. He’s a big guy, hits hard. We need to get him to put fear in the opposition.”

Kyle Bigos: “I love to move the puck and play 5-on-5 with the team we have, but I’m also getting a chance on the powerplay. I’m mainly used as a shooter. I also get to play PK which is a blast! I think to go out and block shots and to try and stop the talent-filled teams in HE is a great challenge and a lot of fun.”

Kyle Bigos projects as a big man who can play at even strength on the penalty-kill, but is unlikely to see time in pro hockey on the powerplay. He can fight, punish opponents and can turn pro in the fall. He knows what he needs to do.

Bigos: “When I was at Oilers camp they gave you rundown of everything from strength and conditioning to mental health, nutrition, skating, and playing the game. It was a real eye opener. They gave you all tools and it’s up to you to use them.”

Kyle Bigos was a long shot on draft day and remains one today. We should be thrilled if he ends up being Alex Henry. Henry played 177 NHL games and has been an AHL fixture for a long time.

In ranking Bigos ahead of the men in the conversation, some talented (but flawed) players were passed over.

  1. Toni Rajala is having a nice season in Europe.
  2. Chris VandeVelde is boxed in on this roster but could find a home elsewhere.
  3. Alex Plante is having his finest AHL season.
  4. Ryan Martindale still has the tools he possessed a year ago.
  5. Tanner House is showing well in OKC.
  6. Hunter Tremblay is doing the same.
  7. Taylor Fedun showed very well in training camp before injury.
  8. Samu Perhonen has a nice resume if not the results.

Later today: #20.

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