G26 Jackets at Oilers

The legend of RNH is beginning to find voice through stories. The other day on tsn, it was mentioned that NAS coach Barry Trotz chastised veteran Mike Fisher by saying “you know he’s outplaying you!” to which the veteran replied “you know he’s pretty good, right?”

RNH is among the top 5 scorers in the NHL. Lordy.

In the thread below there was some gentle chiding for one of the C&B folks re:RNH but the truth is that pretty much everyone was wrong about him and parsing “how” wrong begins in miles as opposed to inches. I picked him to play all year in the NHL but big whoop, the kid is soon to pass my reasonable projection in the next few weeks.

We can, as a group, agree on one thing: The Nuge was undersold by the scouting people. Either they really didn’t see this or they didn’t believe what they saw. I also think his EV TOI totals might have been very revealing and would like to once again suggest that the NHL fund all junior leagues in Canada with the technology required to procure their TOI totals. And then publish them, you dummies. Jeebus. The NHL has a massive audience for this kind of thing and holds on to the “Clarence Campbell recipe cards” technology like grim death. Honestly. What a bunch of idiots.

We shouldn’t compare RNH to 99 or even Doug Weight, because despite modern scouting and all those eyes this young man doesn’t have an obvious comparable. Sublime skill, a worker on the back check, apparently as young as his age and running on pure hockey intelligence.

Stand back, we don’t know how big this kid is going to get. The early returns are breathtaking.

The Blue Jackets have righted the ship in net and are much improved over their last 10 games. This club isn’t the one that sunk like a stone at the beginning of the year, and for an Oiler team that can’t get out of its own way lately this is an extremely loseable hockey game.

The CBJ and CGY games in the next 48 hours are very important. Lose them both and this team will be pushing 13-15 in the conference. A goal from any line that doesn’t include the good Ryan’s would be nice.

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