Merry Christmas

It’s early, a little before 7. Kids are asleep, my wife is snoring (don’t tell her, she doesn’t think she does it) and it’s just the dog and me. We got the dog about a month ago from a nice family in Legal, it’s a Shitzu/Pom we named “Ziggy” and she’s the cutest kleenex box I’ve ever seen.

The kids think we got her for them, but the truth is that it’s been a tough year for my wife. We lost her Dad in the summertime and it takes a long time to work through it. Hell, I lost my Dad in 1992 and it’s still a thing for me so maybe we’re not supposed to get over those things.

Anyway, we find ourselves happy and warm on Christmas morning, the kids are long past Lego and the Powerpuff Girls. We’ll spend the day with classic rock (the Band, Stones, Neil, Who) and new games–including a rock trivia game my daughter is brilliant at already. I guess the Al Gore really is a help for today’s youth.

I’m rambling. Merry Christmas, be good to each other. Have a little too much to drink, but hide the keys before you do. And if you have children my kid’s age–my son graduates high school in the spring and the girl will one day rule the world–make good use of the entire day, grab an extra hug and a laugh or two. These precious “just us” Christmases last until about noon now–I wouldn’t have it any other way.
God Bless, Merry Christmas.

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