The Lesson of Corey Potter

The Edmonton Oilers have some depth issues on defense. That isn’t news, hell the summer of 2006 was a long time ago. I’m wondering about so many young defenders on the current 6. Smid-Gilbert is a veteran duo, and after that it’s a lot of inexperience (Peckham, Petry and Teubert) and minor league experience. I’m wondering if it might be an idea to grab another AHL veteran.

In last night’s game a Colten Teubert pinch was followed by a Wild goal. Now I’m not blaming the kid, every defenseman learns on the job and the Oilers are asking him to play in the NHL sometimes this season.

However, I think there’s some evidence that another Corey Potter-type might benefit the big league club more than another flat out rookie like Teubert.

Corey Potter’s PDO (966) is the lowest on the team and his SP is also the worst (.895) on the current Oilers team. Meanwhile his Corsi Rel is the best on the club–all of this is among defenseman and behind the net supplies the info here. Gabe also tells us Potter is facing mid-level competition overall.

I’m not saying the minor league defender is the solution long term, but last night the Oilers had some things going and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on some really fixable sorties.

Good AHL defensemen have value, we know this because the game’s history tells us so. Should the Oilers trade for a minor league veteran–another Corey Potter–even if the cost is someone like Theo Peckham? I think it’s worth considering.

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