G39 Oilers at Sabres

My goodness Gilbert Perreault was fun to watch. He could go end to end and deke the entire roster before potting a goal. He could score off the rush with his slapshot, he was a sublime passer and a stickhandling wizard. Buffalo began their franchise with “the franchise” and didn’t stop there.

This is the French Connection. L-R Rick Martin (they used to play up his name, like Reeshard Martann although why they bothered in Buffalo is beyond me), Rene Robert and Perreault. The Sabres under Punch Imlach would use the draft extensively to build their team and had immediate success. They would also procure talent wherever and whenever possible:
  • Punch Imlach reneged on a verbal agreement with Boston to stay away from sniper Tom Webster, and sent the young winger to Detroit for G Roger Crozier.
  • Sat in his office until right at the deadline so Detroit could call and gift them with trusty C Don Luce.

Mostly it was the draft. 1970 brought Gil Perreault, 1971 Rick Martin plus wonderful 2-way winger Craig Ramsay and effective D Bill Hajt, 1972 Jim Schoenfeld and Peter McNab. 1973 was a misstep but 1974 brought Lee Fogolin and Danny Gare.

By 74-75, the Sabres were one of the top teams in the league. FOUR years. The spring of 1975 they were good enough to get a first round bye and then dispatched Chicago in 5 games and Montreal in 6 games (and that Habs team was a killer) before bowing to Bernie Parent and the Flyers.

Four years. Four.

I picked the Oilers for 13th in the conference and 27th overall this season, so can’t be surprised they are 13th and 25th, respectively. Last night was a pretty terrific hockey game (injuries aside) and Buffalo is no screaming hell right now. Sabres are not a strong home team but the Oilers aren’t good on the road and (I haven’t checked) my brain tells me they are garbage on the 2nd night of btb’s.

RNH and Gilbert must be hurt, because the Oilers called up Josh Green and Colten Teubert. It’ll be fun to see Green back in an Oiler uniform and Teubert has played mostly well in his callups this season.

Predicting this team is insane, but if the veterans play like they did last night and Jordan Eberle insists on being an impact player, well you never know.

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