G43 Ducks at Oilers

California hockey has been a part of the NHL since I was a kid. Oakland Seals and Los Angeles Kings joined in 1967, and since then San Jose and Anaheim have joined the fun. You get the feeling that about 1% of Los Angeles loves the game, but hey someone loved it enough to write SLAP SHOT! and get Paul Newman to star in it.

Bob Baun (in photo) was a tough son of a gun and the author of many “hip checks” that sent his victims ass over tea kettle.

I’d like the Oilers to hire the modern Bob Baun and then find out if Ryan Whitney can play. If not, they need to modern Carl Brewer. Or if Brewer-Baun costs too much then maybe the Oilers should shoot for 2003 Eric Brewer-Jason Smith. Anyway, I’ve convinced myself they need two defenders.

I don’t have much to say about the game except I love Lubo and young Cogliano was out there in OT so maybe he’s getting things done on the coast. The Desjardins numbers suggest he isn’t scoring a lot 5×5, his CorsiRel is mid-level and he’s not facing the toughs but I always find it really difficult to get a read on teams that don’t appear on my television a lot.

The Oilers recalled Milan Kytnar the other night and as things go there’s a chance he’ll only have that NHL game when he’s 40. I’ve always cheered for him and am happy he isn’t in the Larry Mavety family of guys clearly good enough to plan an NHL game but denied by the Hockey Gods.

This is the time it becomes difficult to really stay interested in the Oilers. We can talk about the draft and discuss the possible defenders that may come in the summer and we’ll get to that. However, there’s still a chance this team wiggles its way into the top 3 slots for the draft and that will impact the way we approach 2012. Craptastic,, we’re all draft experts!

Calgary made a trade last night with the Habs. Two things: I like the trade short term for the Flames and long term too if that goalie turns out. What I don’t know about goalies is a lot but he does seem to have some believers out there. For Montreal, they get a pick and a prospect and cut a nice hole in their cap hit. So it probably comes down to how close Bourque is to Cammalleri as a player. I have no idea, but it seems a reasonable bet the Flames win this short term and if Bourque can score 25+ then Montreal should be pleased too. I do wonder about NHL GM’s who say “size” is the major reason to make a deal but then again Montreal has been smurfy since the lockout.

Our poll yesterday shows Oiler fans are indeed divided on the fate of the coach and GM, but Tom Renney got way more “stay” votes than Mr. Tambellini.

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  1. Captain Obvious says:

    What. No comments. Where is the angst?

  2. blackdog says:

    Definitely need two D with Whitney’s status.

    One step forward, two back. Last summer we figured we had two top four D – Whitney and Gilbert. Smid finally makes that leap forward and lo and behold we have three! Except we don’t.

    Will be interested to see how they shore up the blue this summer. Or if they do.

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    Last summer, I was hoping the Oilers would trade for Ramo,
    after they bought out The Khabi Wall.
    I guess it didn’t happen huh?

    The tale of the Seals is indeed a sad one.
    Even before they played a game the NHL screwed them up.
    They froze out Mel Swig as owner because they didn’t approve of his preferences in lunch meats.
    They could’ve been the San Francisco Seals – playing in a new building by 1970.

  4. Woodguy says:

    The only interesting thing about this game (besides lottery implications) is how Renney will deploy his top 2 lines.

    ANA (under both coaches) have been deploying Getzlaf-Perry-Ryan as a Power v Power line.

    Renney only plays the PvP game on the road and tries to get whatever line 10 is centering out against the toughs.

    So will Renney play along and send 10 out against Koivu, Selanne, Cogs or will he try to send 94-10-28 out against Getzlaf’s line.

    I guess one other interesting item will be if the 91-20-57 line can score a goal so they can bring the line average up to 1 goal/season/player. That stat has to be all situations because 57′s goal is a shorty.

    Hope they start DD, they need to get him into whatever passes for a rhythm.

    ANA played last night, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the OIlers, they shit the bed in these games often.

    The Oilers have 1 line that can score and 1 NHL Dman. They are not tough to shut down.

    ANA has been craptastic with a Dcops that rivals the Oilers and disinterested top line (by fishwrap accounts) so this game has all the makings of a festival of errors.

    Someone pointed out that maybe Getzlaf-Perry-Ryan are seeing a drop off in production because they are playing the toughs and have never done that in their careers.

    That may be true. They also may be pouting a bit because of it.

    We all remember Hemsky going off in the media saying MacT wanted him to be a defensive forward when he was being run PvP with Horcoff and whoever was playing LW at the time. (Kotalike, O’Sullivan, Reddox etc)

    That’s the one nuance to the game that the MSM misses completely. Not all ice time is created equally.

    You bring up in an argument that player X is getting tough minutes compared to player Y and that you need to factor that in their production and you get blown off, usually with “they get paid to beat these guys” or something inane like that.

    Look at the Sedin’s production. If Vigneault ran them PvP, and the shitty zone starts that go with it, you could probably drop their production by 25%.

    3-2 Oilers

    Hall, Gagner and Eager with the goals.

    Go Oilers!

  5. Woodguy says:

    Damn, didn’t edit in time.

    Should read “Renney only plays the PvP game at home”

    He tried to play it on the road, but I think his goal on the road is to not get crushed in the match ups, whereas at home he tries to dictate the matchups more.

    Unless they are playing Calgary, then the 4th line vs. Iginla is fine. bookiethingy!!

  6. LMHF#1 says:

    Two D minimum. At least one who is a high-end #2 defenseman in this league.

    Speaking of team building, one of the oft-repeated excuses for the orchestrated losing (or “rebuild” as it is codenamed) is really bothering me…this whole “we finished near 8th for a bunch of years and anything but stinking and rebuilding through the draft will result in the same”. Both the historical account and the evidence are wrong. Teams have obviously reassembled their rosters and won after struggling without it taking 5-7 years…and the only reason we weren’t running Weight and Arnott for 10 years with a strong supporting cast was money. That’s not an issue anymore. The fact that one GM screwed up a situation where we underachieved in the regular season then nearly won it all does not mean it is perpetual.

    The talking points are weak and easily torn down.

  7. VOR says:

    Hi LT,

    Who do I talk to about advertising on your website? I love your blog and would like to help financially.

  8. Ducey says:

    Kyle Chase was on the radio this morning going on about how Feaster is on the right track because Flames fans have something to cheer for the rest of the season. They might not make the playoffs but they will come close.

    Terry Jones shut him up quickly by pointing out that the Oilers had about 12 years of that and all it got them was a lot of playoff series with Dallas.

    Anyway, should Calgary be excited and Edmonton fans be demanding a new GM?

    From NHL.com

    Goals / Game
    Edm 2.64 15th in league
    Cgy 2.42 26th

    Goals against/ Game
    Cgy 2.78 14th
    Edm 2.81 15th

    5 on 5 for and against
    Cgy .89 21st
    Edm .88 22nd

    Edm 21.3 4th
    Cgy 16.8 18th

    Edm 83.4 10th
    Cgy 82.4 16th

    Shots per game
    Cgy 27.7 26th
    Edm 26.4 29th (I blame Hemsky)

    Shots against per game
    Cgy 30.7 19th
    Edm 30.9 20th

    Edm 48.0 26th
    Cgy 45.0 30th

    The Oilers are either well ahead or virtually tied with the Flames in every category – except points.

  9. Lowetide says:

    you can email amitchell@astral.com

  10. Mr DeBakey says:

    I should also mention that that guy chasing Baun behind the net is St Albert’s Eddie “The Jet” Joyal.
    Joyal had two 20+ goals seasons for the Kings and one 30+ goal season.
    He also had two 20+ goal seasons for the WHA Oilers.

    I believe in addition to “The Jet”, he was also sometimes known as “The Mayor of St Albert”
    The Mayor’s office was in the Bruin Inn.
    Though, I may have my stories mixed up.

  11. LMHF#1 says:

    See above for why Jones’ point is no longer relevant. Can’t believe how these guys all parrot such weak talking points.

  12. itsaleaf says:

    I fail to see how this is a good trade for Calgary. They get 1) Smaller 2) add Salary 3) Cammelleri is hurt alot. For a team that’s entering the first stages of what should b a “rebuild” phase, this move makes no sense. Cammelleri is making 6 million dollars for 3 more years…Unless they are going to ship off other salary, how does this help them get better in the future???

    Feaster is grasping at straws.

  13. danny says:

    LT, I think its a good idea to add a contact page / form. So people interested in contacting you for information, advertising etc, don’t get lost in the comments, and you don’t have to keep publishing your email address.

    If you want that added, just do a small writeup for the page info and send it to my email.

  14. itsaleaf says:

    Maybe it’s too early in the morning after poker night, but I can’t seem to find how to change my avatar. Help me, i’m hungover!

  15. bookje says:

    Yes, LT has Alan Mitchel to run the corporate end of things while he goes off and plays blogger and radio host. Don’t tell LT, but Alan has told me that LT can be a bit of a dick sometimes to work for.

  16. oilersfan says:

    this is the G for G

    the Game for Grigorenko

    Right now the Oilers are a few points ahead of Anaheim in the standings, this series will probably determine who finishes 29 and who finishes 28th.

  17. Ribs says:

    Go to Gravatar.com and sign up using the same email address you’ve used here. Many sites use Gravatar so it can be more useful than a one time thing. Oilers Nation uses it as well.

  18. bookje says:

    Does anyone else find it strange that Danny and LT communicate ‘live’ via the blog comments as opposed to through email? Just wondering.

  19. copperblueandwhite says:

    Good eye Debakey…I remember the “Jet” when he played for the Edmonton Flyers

  20. copperblueandwhite says:

    As painful as it has been, the Oilers have a chance to pick on a weak sister on a B2B…any word yet if Kytner gets another start? Still Avatar challenged but that’ll give me something to do today!!

  21. Ducey says:

    Well, the Flames can’t get better due to money – in this case the salary cap.

    Whatever the reason, sooner or later a team has to realise that making the playoffs is not the goal, winning the Cup is.

    Getting Cammy is just going to mask another year without a Cup in Calgary.

  22. danny says:

    I suspect I have LT’s home email, as he normally replies to my emails in the evenings. I suspect hes at work now…

    I know he is around here.

    There you have it. Mystery solved :)

  23. Ducey says:

    Apparently the Leafs are looking to move Luke Schenn to Philly for Van Riemsdyk.


    Schenn’s minutes have been cut and he has new contract ($3.6 per for 3 yrs after this) His Rel Corsi is -11.6 against very weak competition. It was +1.5 last year against 2nd pairing competition.

    Should the Oilers make a play, or is he the next Cam Barker/ Andy Sutton?

  24. LMHF#1 says:

    I think someone may have mentioned this, but Dreger said there have been some contract conversations with #83. These would have had to be recent, yes? A glimmer of hope?

  25. FPB94 says:

    IMO. The great success that is californian hockey has lead to all the shitshows in the south.

    Oh well. Hope the Panthers get in the playoffs. Going to a game there is really an enjoyable experience (Low ticket price, nice restaurants and a giant mall near, parking space, seating space etc)

  26. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Well done, Mr dB. Joyal was a semi-regular with Detroit when I started watching in the early 60s. He was one of those guys for whom expansion was a boon. From 1960-67 he spent time in the minors every year, playing 320 games in the AHL/WHL/CPHL & 121 in the NHL. After 1967 he played five full years in the NHL and four more in the WHA and never played another game in the minors.

  27. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Josh Green recalled, Kytnar sent down – but to OKC, not Stockton, where he’ll replace Green.

    I was almost irrationally pleased to see Kytnar get a game the other night, and he fared pretty well all things considered.

  28. DeadmanWaking says:

    Not so fast. In the theory of differential equations, you always have to specify the boundary condition. The Oilers are presently out from under the old excuses, but how many teams previously owned by the EIG with a prospect pipeline stuffed full of coke machines, a crumbling arena, and a tattered reputation as a desirable place to play have turned the ship around in under five years without drafting a Sidney Crosby?

    We also cost ourselves a year or two with an episode of whale hunting (and other misguided efforts to speed the process along), but I think the point of that was to address the “tattered reputation”. Katz made a costly mistake, realized it finally (when the princess refused the full court press), then adopted a better plan.

    You just can’t fix organizations as fast you can change the faces, and too much face-change only slows the process down.

    Furthermore, as much as this season isn’t going a lot better than last season, the majority of our success this season has been provided by the younger players who will still be here down the road. If our vets as a group had maintained parity, we’d be seeing some light already. Whitney and Hemsky as liabilities (to date) is a HUGE step back.

    Perhaps Whitney was a severe blunder on information available at the time. How many teams that rapidly became successful did so without a single blunder along the way? More likely there were plenty of blunders, and some inspired patchwork.

    Unfortunately, our inspired patchwork (Sutton, Barker, Petrell, Potter, Eager, Hordichuck) is less than sugar plum fairies. We remain an entire Oklahoma girl short of six with no hope on the horizon as far as the eye can see.

    If Tambi rides the same collection of donkeys into town next October, his stint here is over. I suspect he already knows this and he needs to alleviate some pressure sooner rather than later, or he’ll be playing the short stack in tense negotiations at the end of summer.

    I mentioned the Battle of Britain yesterday. If this season’s trade deadline represents the BoB and he comes up empty handed, August will be his Stalingrad.

  29. LP says:

    LT, what poll are you talking of? Haven’t seen it here or at ON.

    I think I’d like to see MacT as the new GM here… Not conviced Tambo has what it takes.

  30. ashley says:

    If the Oilers make a play, I would like to see them go for JvR rather than Schenn. He’s the better of the two by a fair margin to my eye, and more upside (power forwards peak late). I know we need defense, but if Philly is going to cough up JvR for only Schenn, I’d be in there throwing Gilbert or Smid, or even Petry at them for JvR and then sort out the D in the offseason. This season is lost anyway.

    If Burke pulls that trade off, he’s really on a roll. Lots of good trades by BB recently.

    Added: I just read the article. It doesn’t sound like there is much substance to the rumour. The probability of it originating from a 16 year old leafs blogger “in his underwear in his basement” is high. PHI is probably enjoying a good laugh.

  31. TheOtherJohn says:

    Do not think anyone agrees with what Feaster is doing: in Calgary but equally disagree with anyone who argues you need to end up DFL 3 years in a row to build a winner.

    As either Bruce or WG?? recently pointed out we have already missed out on the Chicago rebuild with respect to timing-competing, playing in SCF on Toews/Kane ELC and we do not have a Seabrook Keith D pairing

    But switching deck chairs on Titanic (er Calgary) is not the way to go either

  32. TheOtherJohn says:

    Like JVRD much more than Scheenn as well, but would rather not lose Gilbert/Smid in any deal right now. I see them being a good second pairing when we get really good. If Petry plus gets us JVRD I would do that asap.

  33. bookje says:

    btw – I don’t believe Alan for a minute regarding that, LT is a stand up guy. It’s probably that Alan is a bit of a slacker and LT calls him out on it every so often.

  34. copperblueandwhite says:

    Thanks Bruce…I saw this on the Copper&Blue site after I posted…What role is Green playing (rhetorical)? There seems to be a reason Kyntner has to go back down but since he’s off to OKC I can’t figure it out…he played well in his few appearances…and Cornet, I wonder when he’s going to get a look see. So many questions to keep the masochists coming back..CYA on the Cult blog later!

  35. Mr DeBakey says:

    Smid is UFA in 2013
    Gilbert a year later

    Will the Oilers “get really good” by then?

  36. TheOtherJohn says:

    Love to discuss history….seriously!

    But we have a shitty team and all excuses are out the door. Lowe has been here a decade and the excuses are getting really really old! Tambellinin took 2 freaking years to access what he had.

    In 10 game segments (re BMC) the Oil are:
    .450; and

    So to the extent the Oilers are selling injuries that dog won’t hunt

    Nice job drafting! even a real good job drafting

    Good job in minor pro development

    Poor job acquiring talent ….. list Lowetide summarized yesterday. Has 2 NHL defensemen that can play 18+minutes a night. Average goaltending and our defensive prospects that will help are 3-4 years away

    While we wait for our draft picks to develop we get past Hall,RNH.Eberele ELC and get nearer to when they get expensive

  37. TheOtherJohn says:


    I would try to sign both to Matt Carle type contracts if possible. They have the right age/experience/skillset to play with the kids as they get really good. Now we just need a top pairing

    5-6-7 D men can be found every year

  38. oilersfan says:

    not sure Mact would be a good GM. aren’t they supposed to be good at asessing talent? hmm let’s see, he hated Penner, thought Nilsson would be the team’s top scorer, and sure didn’t give Lowe the enthusiastic recommendation on Glencross.
    I figure he helped Lowe make at least half of Lowe’s bad decissions in assessing talent, whether they should stay or go. Since Lowe was wrong on 90% of it, that is no glowing love for Mact.

  39. rickithebear says:

    In one of the earlier post i Showed the NHL entery age for WJ allstar Dmen. The decade before this WJC there have been 19 allstar Dmen. One stayed in the KHL and One played out his Finnish contract before coming over the other 17 All played in the NHL the year after the WJC Alll star.

    If Klefbom is not on the Oiler roster next year that would not be the standard NHL devlopment rate. A reversal of the oiler trend to rush.

    This was in response to our d prospects being 3-4 years away.

  40. Ducey says:

    They may wind up in last, but as the stats show, they are doing better than their record indicates.

    If you are middle of the league in GF and GA, eventually that is going to result in your team being in middle of the league in the standings.

    There is real progress here.

    I don’t understand why people are upset the Oilers are not in 18th -20th. Missing the playoffs is missing the playoffs. Might as well get a good draft pick.

  41. DBO says:

    To the GM question, why not make a run at the assistant in Nashville. heard him mentioned on TSN and CBC radio. A team like Nashville who has made smart moves to be competitive while operating on a budget makes a lot of sense, and they do make major moves when needed (Forsberg, a 1st for Hartnell and Timonen when they were UFA’s). Would rather see someone like that instead of a retread who has no experience in management. I know Tambellini had a bit of that rep as an up and comer, but it has not worked out. Move him to as assistant tot he president and add a better decision maker. We need the Decider! Not the Diddler.

  42. rickithebear says:

    when you look at all the stats with league average there are only 5 d pairings who trend positive in all the categories while facing the best. Smid-gilbert are one of them. they were one of the 5 best pairing in the league at the time of Gilberts injury.

    This is a pair you build around. wit Whitney not being reliable. you target one of the 20 top dmen facing the toughs. they only two who cover the whole bet and PK while not taking a penalty a game are Gleason and Jackman in STL.

  43. oilersfan says:

    i think this is a waste of time as I have no doubt Katz will rehire tambo . Katz authorized the rebuild (have you heard it was not even two years ago?) and they all knew the team would be in the lottery no matter what they say publically.

  44. Traktor says:

    Chicago is 2 points shy if being the top team in the league and they look like they will be contender for a long time. Even if Chicago didn’t win the cup a few years ago aren’t they a team you would want to emulate? You know, a club that looks like a contender for a long, long time.

    I don’t see why Edmonton needs to win a cup in a certain span to be following the Chicago model. Anything can happen in a 7 game series but if you are a contender over a long period of time you give yourself a good chance to win a cup. Chicago looks like they will be a contender for a long time and when Edmonton finially makes the playoffs they will likely be a contender for a long time afterwords.

    Sure, Chicago won the cup but can we not follow the Chicago model in terms of drafting impact players that will help you be a contender for a long duration of time?

    Lowetide: If Chara was 5’11 would he be one of the best D in the league? If you take away Lucic, Chara do the Bruins still have the same identity? Size matters.

  45. Ducey says:

    What? You mean we are not deciding whether Tambo stays or not?

  46. DSF says:


    Just heard an interview with Pierre McGuire who, despite his warts, is extremely plugged in.

    He says Toronto and Philly have been discussing a Schenn for JVR trade for quite awhile but Philly has yet to decide on which D Man they want with Gleason and a couple of others in the mix.

    Burke was also on a TV talk show the other night and said he has a deal in place with a team he wouldn’t specify but is just awaiting the nod from the other team.

  47. Captain Obvious says:

    This is a fallacy. You have to distinguish the question, why an individual player is good (Chara is big) , from the question, is it necessary to be big to be good? Once we stipulate that Chara is a good player and that having Chara is a good thing, the fact that Chara is big doesn’t add any additional information.

    So yes, being big is a good thing and part of the reason Chara and Lucic are good is because they are big. However, if the size of any player is already accounting for your evaluation of the player, then mentioning size again doesn’t matter.

    So the examples of Chara and Lucic are not evidence that it is necessary to be big. They are evidence that good players are sometimes big. But we already knew that.

    So, I’ll state it as an axiom. The size of a player provides no independent information and is of no value. What matters is how a player is not how or in what way they are good.

  48. Captain Obvious says:

    That’s a steal of a deal for the Leafs. Van Riemskyk is good while Schenn isn’t.

    It’s interesting that Burke can make one of the worst deals in a decade and still come out ahead on the whole.

  49. pboy says:

    I’m all for a change in the GM’s chair but I wouldn’t be hiring someone who has no previous experience. I’ve always been a big proponent of letting some other team go through the learning process with a new guy and then hiring them after they have came through the fire. I have no idea how MacT would do as a GM but I don’t think I would want him going through the learning experiences here. I’ve seen how that worked out with Kevin Lowe.

  50. Ducey says:

    Is JDD getting the start tonight for the Ducks?

  51. ashley says:

    Using the same logic, if you could suddenly make Eberle, Crosby, Giroux, Kessel, Datsyuk, Parise, Lidstrom grow to the *magical* over 6′ marker, would they be that much better than the already are? Sure size matters, but a lot less so than is often stated IMO. Skill puts the puck in the net or defends it from going in your net, not so much size.

    I can see why this happens though. Size is one of the few objective markers we have when comparing players that doesn’t really need context. If a player is 6’1″ and 200lbs we don’t have to ask what that means. If a player scores 87 points in 75 games in his second year at US college, there are so many things to think about that put that performance into context. Size is easy.

    Also, not just in hockey, but in all areas of life, I notice we all tend to be fascinated with large men. Think about the large guy you went to high school with. He got a lot of attention. The handsome tall guy in your chemistry lab, the tall dad (how tall are his kids?) all get more than their share of looks and conversation. A single instance of a big guy doing something well stands out in our minds moreso than 10 instances of a smaller guy doing something just as well. No doubt, size helps in this game, but if we start pursuing size at the expense of skill, we will stay at the bottom of the league for years to come.

    As an aside, I sometimes think that fading* the size bias would produce spectacular draft results, although I suspect DET may already be doing this.

    *I learned that term from Woodguy on this blog and had to look it up when he wrote it one day a few weeks back. I hope it works in this context.

  52. Ribs says:

    There’s something to be said about playing the game the right way. I’d hate to see the Oilers cheating like the Canucks do. It can be effective but when it comes down to it, you want your best players to be able to play the other teams best.

    New Jersey could probably be scoring a few more goals if they deployed Kovalchuk the way they did in Atlanta, but they would feel pretty icky doing it. He’s dropped in production but is becoming a more complete player. It’s nice to see, even if the guy is a whiny bum.

  53. FPB94 says:

    That’s not accurate either.

    Being big only effects in a positive way (or negative at times) your playstyle.

    Size does not matter with every player, only with guys who know how to use it properly.

    So yes, in this case it would be necessary to be big, having those type of players .

  54. cabbiesmacker says:

    Oilers aren’t following the Hawks model. They only needed one first overall to get really good. That and a smart GM.

  55. FPB94 says:

    You’re absolutely correct.

    I studied the Fiasco called the Wild’s scouting staff from 2004 to 2009. They refused to draft a player below 6”0 (absolute NONE) and the best player they ended up with is Benoit Pouliot.

    Idk why people pay so much attention to one skillset or another. It’s already what permits them to play well, don’t go thinking it’s worth more, cause the statsheet obviously disagrees.

  56. pboy says:

    Khabi and Hiller

  57. FPB94 says:

    Yeah you mean the guy who sent offer sheets by MAIL?

  58. Mr DeBakey says:

    “Rebuilding completely is tough because mistakes will be made,” Sather said. “Sometimes you think the best way to rebuild is to finish at the bottom of the league for a few years in a row, but that’s not a perfect plan. Not every top pick in the draft turns out to be a star. Our plan is what works best for us, and you’re really starting to see that this season and, hopefully, for the long haul.”

    From an article in the New York Times.
    I could’ve placed this quote in about half-a-dozen places in the thread.

  59. Traktor says:

    Detroit’s drafting record hasn’t been very good over the last decade and aside from Hudler and Helm every hit is over 6’0.

    Ericsson 6’4
    Quincey 6’2
    Kindl 6’3
    Fleischmann 6’1
    Franzen 6’3
    Smith 6’2
    Abdelkader 6’1
    Matthias 6’4

  60. cabbiesmacker says:

    Was referring to Tallon on draft day. Something he has done a couple times now I do believe.

    Or we could get into comparing lists of Gauthiers, Gainey’s and Lowe’s foibles if you like.

  61. FPB94 says:

    that’s besides the point.

  62. cabbiesmacker says:

    Common mistake also in thinking “rebuilding” means only on draft day.

  63. FPB94 says:

    Timmins (Habs recruiter) has been excellent with the low and poor picks he’s had.

    Got the best out of that shitty 2007 draft (Weber, Subban, Pacioretty, Mcdonagh)

    Can’t deny he’s done a marvellous job picking guys who nobody wanted but were definitly good in Florida (Fleishmann!)

  64. Traktor says:

    I was responding to the poster that wrote a couple paragraphs and then tried to associate their opinion with the successful Detroit Red Wings.

  65. FPB94 says:

    Oh sorry.

  66. cranky says:

    I remember the Bruin Inn!

  67. Ribs says:

    And then there’s that Lain guy who works for LT. Every time I see him he’s standing by the office water cooler drinking coffee and mumbling to himself. Those are the kind of guys you have to watch out for.

  68. Traktor says:

    Is there any specific reason why the posting format was changed to the way it is now? Maybe its just me but a new post should be a the bottom of the page.

  69. OilLeak says:

    This site needs a rec button.

  70. cabbiesmacker says:

    Even better job on draft day. Probably the best of any team in last 10 years.

  71. OilLeak says:

    Schenn is fairly slow and not the answer to this defense, if Burke is trying to get rid of him so soon, buyer beware.

  72. cabbiesmacker says:

    I still cant figure out how to get away from the white on black type or change font sizes.

    Is there a max number of times one can reply to another underneath a post? FPB has a reply to me with no “reply to” underneath .

  73. Doogie2K says:

    Worth pointing out: the Oilers are DFL in one-goal games (4-8-4), and…well, maybe not “good,” but about mid-pack in multi-goal games (12-14; ENG not filtered out). It’s only half a season’s worth of data, and probably still skewed a bit by the early-year run, but it’s something to cling to at this juncture.

    Our best opposite is probably Tampa: 10-1-4 in one-goal games and 7-20 in multi-goal games (0-8 in two-goal games, anomalously enough).

    The other hilarious anomaly: Boston is 15-1 in three-plus-goal games. The fuck.

  74. Doogie2K says:

    As does Tyler’s site. I think WP has a Gravatar plug-in or something.

  75. Doogie2K says:

    The Toilet Bowl, if you will.

  76. Kert says:

    Is there any specific reason why the posting format was changed to the way it is now? Maybe its just me but a new post should be a the bottom of the page.

    I agree. Posters could always respond that way if they so choose.

  77. Dipstick says:

    I (mis)spent my 18th birthday there. I should have been in school at the time. Recently, my wife and I went to Ric’s Grill that now inhabits the same space as the bar used to. I think that we sat where the peeler stage used to be. I didn’t bother pointing that out to my better half. Might have ruined the mood, no?

  78. Gerta Rauss says:

    Is there any specific reason why the posting format was changed to the way it is now? Maybe its just me but a new post should be a the bottom of the page.

    I agree. Posters could always respond that way if they so choose

    Agree #2…danny..??

  79. Ribs says:

    Down with nesting! *Waves sword in air from side to side*

  80. Gerta Rauss says:

    Is that what nesting is…?..it was mentioned during yesterdays launch but I didn’t know what it was and was too lazy to look it up.

    Not a big fan of the nesting.


  81. bookje says:

    I think we are sophisticated enough to manage both. If your comment is something that you feel should have ‘full billing’ then post it at the bottom. If you think its really only relevant to the initial commentator – then post it as a nested comment.

  82. bookje says:

    The use of a Copper and Blue like ‘New’ thingy might be helpful

  83. bookje says:


  84. bookje says:


  85. bookje says:

    could be

  86. bookje says:


    Edit – Yes there is, it appears to be 4 levels of reply and then kaboom – no more edit button

  87. Traktor says:

    I think we are sophisticated enough to follow conversation without “nesting” but that’s just me. Kind of a bitch to refresh scroll to the top click on the new post, scroll to the top click on the new post and then do this 5 times in a row again if their was 5 recent posts.

    Nesting is bunk.

  88. Traktor says:

    Or LT could just go back to his original comment system. The same one that worked so well.

  89. bookje says:

    The other thing I would suggest is that we all give it a try for a while and see if we get used to it, perhaps even to love it – as much as one can love the reply formatting of a blog.

  90. hunter1909 says:

    MacT as GM?

    Have you all lost your minds? What’s next, Bucky as head coach?

    FACT: The Bruin Inn was the first bar in Alberta to allow ladies with escorts, too.

  91. DSF says:


    Last time we heard from MacT discussing the Oilers he thought Horcoff deserved to be on the WC roster.


  92. hunter1909 says:

    Despite the results, this years Oilers are 100x more entertaining than the previous few editions.

  93. russ99 says:

    So I think the question bears asking. At this point would you prefer Cogliano or Belanger?

    Love the new site LT. Even though white text on black is still a bit of a web design no-no, it makes the site much more legible on my devices and I’ll have to mess with the settings on my computer. :)

  94. Ribs says:

    If you want a quick way to zoom in on the page, hold the Ctrl button down and use the spinwheel on your mouse.

  95. Ribs says:

    Cogliano over Belanger? Hell no. I’d rather have Belanger wandering around lost in the offensive zone than Cogliano just as lost on the the other side of the ice any day.

  96. SK Oiler Fan says:

    I half expected Eberle to slip and get concussed on his way to accepting the Molson cup.
    Damn Hockey Gods. and there we go another kick in the nuts – Jason Fin Blake.

    How does Eberle not get named to the All Star Team? They just replace him if he can’t play.
    Damn NHL

    Site looks great LT.

  97. Ribs says:

    Thanks, linesman. Sheesh.

  98. ASkoreyko says:

    The Oilers official twitter account stated that they were informed by the NHL that Eberle would of been named to the All-Star team if he was healthy.

  99. russ99 says:

    Shame on the NHL for snubbing Eberle.

    I guess I’ll snub watching that ridiculous event this year.

    This game is turnover city… Ugly.

  100. ASkoreyko says:

    Again, they didn’t snub Eberle, if he didn’t get hurt they would of had him in the ASG. There is no point in naming someone who is hurt.

  101. russ99 says:

    Whoops, didn’t see that other post.

    Still at least there was some cheering interest in East vs, West before, now there’s no rhyme or reason who to cheer for. I hope they have a different all star format next year.

  102. SK Oiler Fan says:

    It obviously doesn’t have as much meaning as it used to, but Eberle will not show up in the NHL records with an official all star selection.

    Unless they still same the official All Star team at the end of the year?

  103. Lowetide says:

    Oh, those Oilers.

  104. danny says:

    Hey guys, just a FYI, the comments can be nested or the old way, that’s ultimately LTs decision. I’m not sure which way I prefer, participating seems easier without nested, but following conversations seem easier this way.

    There’s a bunch of settings we can massage, and maybe solutions which solve all angles, but it’s in the early stages and we will all work together to arrive at the best solution I’m sure. In the end though, it’s old man winters that carries the gavel around these parts.

  105. hags9k says:

    Ok so we know Horc has been climbing a mountain vs the toughs forever, but with very modest offense. Guys like Getzlaf have been posting big offense historically but against “the soft parade”. My question is which centers in the league are both playing the toughs, and putting up boxcars? That is the key to having 2 consistent scoring lines, one of them has to be able to do it vs. the other teams best. And do we feel RNH will evolve into that type of guy? I think he can.
    My guesses would be Toews, Kesler, Datsyuk?

  106. Jamie says:

    Why did they name Byfuglien, I believe he is hurt right now? If he is an All star then name him and replace him as needed. Ovechkin was referred to today as a 5 time All Star so I think there is a bit of prestige for the player when they are named.

  107. danny says:

    For anyone that hasn’t noticed, there’s currently a recent posts in the sidebar, so you can see the latest replies with one click.

    Currently investigating other tweaks and solutions

  108. Woodguy says:

    Kesler has never played top opposition on a regular basis.

  109. hags9k says:

    Love Gagner. Give him a letter.

  110. ASkoreyko says:

    You have to love Gagner’s passion. No other way to explain why he would willingly go after Francois like that.

    Too bad it ended in such an emasculating fashion.

    Smid skating over band-aid just makes it even worse.

  111. Lowetide says:

    I’m not certain it benefits Tom Renney to give Anton Lander more playing time, but that appears to be his response to going down 3-0 at home tonight. Oh, and he’s pulling the goalie.

    Oilers are going to be death in January, we know that. But for me the Lander thing is just poor development.

  112. SK Oiler Fan says:

    FFS That’s on NK, but what the hell was Belanger doing? he ended up standing by himself at the far post.

  113. markmac says:

    Odd night to sit Hordichuk, given the presence of Parros and overall surliness of the Ducks.

  114. SK Oiler Fan says:

    You’d think the Oilers (Renney) would change something up with the D spread at their own blue line. That’s play has happened I bet 20 times this year. Same old mistakes same results.

  115. TartanArmy says:

    I’d like to consider myself a patient man, but this is getting ridiculous. Oiler management asked it’s fans to be patient 2+ years ago, so when will that patience pay off? I watch most Oiler games on tv and find myself losing interest all too often. Sure, injuries have taken it’s toll on the team, but this has been a glaring problem that rears it’s ugly head too often. No more excuses, if our top guys are out, then why are the support players who should be picking things up not producing? Horcoff? Smyth? Belanger? All but invisible when it comes to producing. I look at teams who were no better off not too long ago like Toronto, Florida, Winnipeg (Atlanta), St. Louis. Look at them now. Oilers? Still stuck in the basement and struggling to remain competitive. Sorry bout the rant from this frustrated fan, but I had to vent somewhere. 4-0 Anahem after 2…..sigh.

  116. Traktor says:

    Mad respect for Gagner dropping the mitts with Beauchemin. Please get rid of nesting.

  117. hunter1909 says:

    Not a particularly good game tonight(from the Oilers perspective).

  118. Lowetide says:

    I’m not a big fan of nesting, it’s the reason I went hf instead of oilfans. But, it’s up to the group.

    I wonder what Mr. Katz is thinking tonight

  119. hunter1909 says:

    Like everyone else, Mr Katz is looking at the standings and sees Oilers 1 point out of 2nd place after tonight’s tilt.

  120. Lowetide says:

    And what is he thinking about that?

  121. DSF says:

    Ryan Getzlaf…19th overall pick in the 2003 draft just scored as many points in the second period as an Oilers #10 overall pick has for the entire season.

  122. pboy says:

    I think I would vote for no nesting as well. Besides that, I think the site looks fantastic. Too bad the same couldn’t be said for the hockey team.

  123. hodgkins says:

    It’d be different a whole different team if Gilbert, Whitney, Barker, Eberle, RNH and (possibly) Omark were healthy. There’s only so much you can do. Tough to be a fan yet again, though.

  124. Lois Lowe says:

    I dislike nesting as well. It makes the discussion hard to follow.

  125. cabbiesmacker says:

    I’m just so thankful we have a stud like Horcoff vs a bum like Getzlaf. Smyth, Studly, and Jones looking like jackhandles the entire night.

    This team is positively fetid at centre and thats amped when the Nuge is awol.

  126. bookje says:

    I would love to know the answer to that. I think there are three options.

    1. “The Plan was to compete for a playoff spot this year, What the hell!”
    2. “The plan was to improve by 5-10 spots and finish well enough to keep the fans and players happy, but low enough to get a decent draft pick – it seems to be running a little off target”
    3. “Woo hoo, one more number one overall and then we fly!”

    I personally think it’s number 2, but who knows.

  127. bookje says:

    I think you should leave nesting, but we should develop a site culture of using it minimally.

  128. bookje says:

    If you could kill nesting (i.e. the reply button) after 5 minutes or so, then we would only have to watch the last few comments. That might work.

  129. shane leavitt says:

    The Lander and MPS usage is Renney’s biggest failings for me this year.

  130. cabbiesmacker says:

    Can’t give the poster the option to view the forum in multi modes? eg linear vs nested?

    Tried WG’s method of going to the dashboard to change up colors but mine doesn’t give that option. Not sure if thats an Explorer glitch ??

  131. Lowetide says:

    I think the Katz decision making process is the most important thing in the entire organization. We know from observation that he’s loyal and can stick to a plan despite adversity. Do we know at what point he’s willing to look again?

    He did with Pat Quinn but then again his admirals were no doubt telling him so. At what point does he pick up the phone and call Patton?

    Columbus has been in the sewer for a decade and just now hired Craig Patrick.

    It’s a process. It took Mike Illitch 8 years. EIGHT.

  132. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Hemsky has made some odd decisions while carrying the puck tonight. Taken some licks for it to.
    Oh man – Belanger – it doesn’t get any better than where he could have shot from.

  133. cabbiesmacker says:

    Hall looks good no matter who he plays with. The “real” good ones are like that I guess.

  134. pboy says:

    It scares the shit out of me every time you bring that up because I know you are right on the money. The NYY couldn’t win for shit until Big George stayed the fuck out of the decision making process and they built through the draft and supplemented with free agents and the next thing you know its Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Williams, Pettitte and 4 Championships. Then George started meddling and they threw their money around and they became old and expensive. My beloved Red Sox were revitalized by new ownership, who looked at hiring non traditional management and it led to 2 championships. I just hope Katz is a quick learner and that someone sneaks into the batcave and steals his copy of the Boys on the Bus.

  135. danny says:

    I think maybe the best solution would be having a quote option, which keeps the linear flow intact but allows direct responses. I’ll have a look, and if I find a solution I’ll make the change, with LTs blessing of course. But it seems more voices prefer losing the nested comments.

  136. shane leavitt says:

    Illich learned slow obviously, but surely modern day Owners aren’t that out of their depth that they need to learn that slow do they?

  137. Clay says:

    So after tonight’s loss, the Oilers will have a 4-23-4 record in January over the past three years. Just sayin.

    Losing seems to have become acceptable to them. I can’t imagine a “good” team going through losing streaks such as the Oilers do regularly without hearing about fights in practice, or numerous bag skates, or the coach/captain/players calling out other players.

    Is it too much to ask to have someone show some emotion in a post-game interview?

    A full team of passengers save Gagner tonight.

  138. NOTB says:

    Wonder what Katz is thinking.? Perhaps watching the fans doing the wave in the third period of a 4-0 snooze fest (assuming he even watches), he’s probably thinking he could be charging more for popcorn.

    Don’t understand how this team continually comes up flat against teams on the other side of back-to-back games. A team with three (make it four) road victories. A full house with a pumped up Friday night crowd. Among many flaws, there’s definitely something missing in the preparation. Coaching? Veteran leadership?

  139. Traktor says:

    “I think maybe the best solution would be having a quote option, which keeps the linear flow intact but allows direct responses. I’ll have a look, and if I find a solution I’ll make the change, with LTs blessing of course. But it seems more voices prefer losing the nested comments.”


    I know Renney might already been in danger of losing the room but he should played the 4th line and Gagner and for the entire PP with only a few minutes left in the third. With such a pathetic effort from the veterans tonight they didn’t deserve a chance to score an easy point on the PP.

    In what other city do you score 1 goal in 20 games and get sent out on the 1st unit?

  140. Ribs says:

    Well, at least Gagner(50%) beat Cogliano(35%) on faceoffs. Bleh.

    This is one of those games where I am very annoyed when the coach isn’t steaming mad at his team in the post-game interview.

  141. hunter1909 says:

    I’m probably beating a dead donkey, but WTF is Horcoff doing as captain?

    He’s abysmal offensively(this when nearly all NHL captains are their team’s best player).

    Everything about his game looks half assed, unfocussed, whatever. Every time he has the puck and going for goal I can leave the room, safe in the knowledge that no goal will be forthcoming.

    Has any NHL team ever had a worse record than the Oilers have had, since Horcoff was appointed captain by MacT?

  142. Dalton says:

    Did anyone hear Bob Stauffer on 630 CHED tonight say something to the effect that “Sam Gagner is not a slave. [The traditional] definition of a slave is someone who is unwilling to fight for their freedom, and that’s not Sam Gagner.” LOL!!!! That was so racist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets fired.

  143. Ribs says:

    Seeing some good comments so far from Renney. That’s a pleasant surprise.

  144. Traktor says:

    O’marra finished 80% on draws tonight (12-3). That almost qualifies him to 1st unit PP time.

  145. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Thankfully I missed this one entirely – was at a concert. Did the fans boo? Or did they just shell out their $x00 & take it quietly?

  146. Bruce McCurdy says:

    64% on the dot as a team ! It’s all good then!

  147. hags9k says:

    Well Woodguy, we got our wish…..Carcillo done for the season. I almost feel bad…………almost.

  148. bookje says:

    @Bruce McCurdy: I heard a few pained grunts, but mostly they took it quietly.

  149. shane leavitt says:

    Started cheering “fail for Nail” apparently, according to the Twitter.

  150. Traktor says:

    “64% on the dot as a team ! It’s all good then!”

    We finished with more shots on goal too. Puck luck strikes again.

  151. cabbiesmacker says:

    Oilers pathetic braintrust ‘s gameplan, fail for Nail or Mikhail, is almost fait accompli. Now Steveo can be PROUD once again to pick first overall having finished 30th for three consecutive years. Carter going back on the IR might be the only thing preventing his annual moment of glory.

    Damn near fell off the couch laughing when Horcoff made his fancy move as he entered the Ducks zone causing the offside. Um Shawn? The closest defender was 4 feet from you. Get fancy once you’re actually IN the O zone k?

    Just a sidenote but back on the farm when we had an animal as sick as Gene Principe we shot it.

  152. bookje says:

    @Lowetide: The good news is that we are now almost half way to that ’8 years’… so, not far now folks!

  153. Gerta Rauss says:

    I can’t even get angry anymore.If I didn’t have 2 more payments of the Center Ice package I’d probably just watch reruns of two and a half men.

  154. cabbiesmacker says:

    @Bruce McCurdy:

    Apparently they called a C up from the farm to make it happen. Good thing Lander was here all year.

  155. Ribs says:

    Offsides! How many damned offsides were there this game??

  156. DSF says:

    sunterryjones Terry Jones

    Don’t forget Edmonton hockey fans. Saturday is the annual Oilers Skills Competition & Bag Skate.

  157. cabbiesmacker says:

    @shane leavitt:

    Tambo leading the cheer from down low in section 101? He’s such a little attention whore on draft day isn’t he? Nevermind the award winning performances on Oil Change that pour even more coin into our cash starved team.

  158. TheOtherJohn says:

    No nesting would be my vote

    Wow, simply Wow! 5-0 to a team in the freaking lottery. We have to get better or our young guns will actually want to get out of here.

    I have no desire to make a move for the sake of making a move. But I sure hope the owner blows out the entire hockey operation management group (which does not include amateur scouting). How are we this bad, spending this close to the cap? That is embarrassing

  159. cabbiesmacker says:


    Even strength or just on the PP when they don’t mean anything?

  160. DSF says:

    Jeff Angus
    angus_j Jeff Angus

    Can we go ahead and demote Edmonton to the #AHL already?
    10 minutes ago

  161. Ribs says:

    that would be great, wouldn’t it? Skip the skills competition all together. Just sit and watch YOUR Edmonton Oilers! skate till’ they puke!

  162. Traktor says:

    How embarrassing would it be for Steve Tambellini to go up on TSN for the lottery draw again?

  163. Ribs says:

    He’s wondering if he can get Justin Beiber to perform at the Mooses Birthday Bash on Wednesday!

  164. shane leavitt says:

    Worked for the Thrashers.

  165. TheOtherJohn says:

    @shane leavitt: Thrashers were 99-02 went 1st , 2nd , 1st, 2nd followed by 8th and 10th

  166. Ducey says:

    Didn’t see the game. ROM 12 of 15 on the dot. Thats promising, no?

    Oh, and I’m a no nester too.

  167. shane leavitt says:

    Yip I know.

  168. Stocc says:

    @Gerta Rauss: I’m in the same boat. I wonder if it’s possible to just buy the first half of Centre Ice. I didn’t need the second half last season and it sure as hell doesn’t look like I’m going to need it this season. It’s getting pretty difficult to justify the expense at all.

    Oh, and you probably shouldn’t watch Two and a Half Men under any circumstances.

  169. Stocc says:

    @danny: The right answer might be “both”. Why not let each individual user decide whether they prefer seeing replies nested under their associated comments or all comments laid out in chronological order?

  170. Brett Gee says:

    It’s just a mess right now. Could be the worst it’s been in 3 years, in my opinion. The question is, how much worse is it going to get and how long is it going to last?

    If the team is not going to respond with an effort and eventually a win or two, how can they not make a move? Sitting still through such a slump is getting very old even for the patient Edmonton fans. I mean, they’re working on a dynasty of futility. If they’re waiting for another draft pick, then we’ll be working on 4 straight years of solid, absolute futility.

    The owner and management are treading on very thin ice here. It’s not going to be a matter of just eventually getting better. Losers stay losers for a long time when they don’t know what it’s like to win. It could very well ruin the franchise. We don’t deserve the Atlanta treatment.

  171. Traktor says:

    I don’t think TSN had a big live event for the draft lottery back then. Now its a big event. I wonder if Tambellini is superstitious, and if he is, does he have a certain seat he likes to sit in.

  172. hunter1909 says:

    How proud Tambo must be right now.

  173. bookje says:

    They have 1.5 read defensmen on the team. It is not a surprise that everyone looks like they suck in such a situation.

  174. Lowetide says:

    I picked the Oilers for 13th in the conference and 27th overall, it looks like that’s about where they will finish. they will suck in JAN but we also need to remember that Whitney-Gilbert and RNH-Eberle are ouf of action currently.

    Getting upset at any of the youngsters playing tonight is kinda crazy imo. Coach Renney talked about effort, but I don’t think Hall or Petry or Dubnyk lacked effort.

    They don’t have the horses and the fast start by Smyth-Jones and a few others is a distant bell. It’s a long season and the Oilers will win some games between now and the end of the season.

    But let’s hope the organization learns from experience and adds two veteran defenders over the summer to Smid-Gilbert and whatever Whitney might be able to deliver. Counting on Whitney is a bad bet from now through the end of his contract.

  175. Lowetide says:

    Also, my guess is Tambellini sends Olczyk to the draft, or MacGregor.

  176. art vandelay says:

    White text on dark background.
    Typography 101 Fail.

  177. Bos8 says:

    Agreed about the whte on black, tried to go blue didn’t take. Now can’t get back.

    Marincin with 1g, 2a tonite. I think he likes Regina the windswept. Talk about a culture shock.

    Should really clue him in on the Sheho moonshine. Quality control for generations.

  178. ohhell says:

    @art vandelay: I vote for no nesting. I also find it tough to read the white text on black background – must be getting old. I am also grumpy. Not grumpy enough to let my season tickets lapse – but no desire to go to the games anymore. I can live with another lottery pick – but it’s going to tb tough to see the usual suspects brainstorm their selection on Oil Change season 3.

  179. Brett Gee says:

    Tencer mentioned that a rebuild takes time. He said that 2 1/2 years just isn’t enough time to put things together. This seems like nonsense to me. I mean, the Panthers are good right now because they went out and got good players. After 2 1/2 years and this team still stinks. I know that some good players are out right now, but the team should be decent enough by now to deal with that.

    Of course, what I say is also nonsense. It’s not as if a rebuild can be planned out to the point of saying that, yes, in 4 years we will hoist the cup. In fact, even being consistently competitive is not about rebuilding to the point of having enough draft picks to be awesome. There seems to be more involved than just planning out a way to win in 5 or 6 years. I mean, how come teams like Dallas, LA, Phoenix, and the rest can be bad one year and then retool a bit to become contenders the next?

    In short, I am not convinced that, even if these guys knew what they were doing, that a rebuild would even work.

    As other have been saying, go get a couple of veteren defensemen and then compete for a playoff spot. Seriously, sign some good players and were out of this mess. Keep with this whole ‘rebuild’ thing and we’ll be stuck with excuses for a long, long time.

    I am just so annoyed at this mess.

  180. russ99 says:

    This year is a trying one, especially after the early success, but iMO there’s a real chance to make a Florida-like move to add talent and move up in the offseason. (if there is an offseason)

    The only players under contract next year are the last year’s and this year’s rookies; Horcoff, Belanger, Jones, Eager, Gilbert, Whitney, Smid, Potter and Khabibulin, with RFAs Gagner, Petry, O’Marra. Barker, Peckham, Petry, Plante and Dubnyk.

    Khabibulin could be traded or bought out, Horcoff’s NMC drops to a ten-team excluded NTC. Belanger and Eager could be deadline deals, and i doubt Barker is re-signed as RFA.

    That opens up a whole lot of roster spots for this summer where a proactive GM can fill with good players to give the team a big leap towards a perennial playoff team, especially when our owner isn’t afraid to spend to the cap.

    Sadly, I’d have more faith in Tallon doing that that Tambellini at this point, but maybe we’ll get a new GM by then.

  181. russ99 says:

    Also, adding another top 5 pick in a draft full of quality defensemen, re-signing Smyth to a more cap-friendly deal and trading Hemsky for at least a good return at the deadline.

    It’s not all doom and gloom if our management can either prove that they’re not incompetent or Katz goes out and changes out some pieces.

  182. DBO says:

    So i think we can all agree that it is too easy to play against us, and that with a terrible defense our warts are clearly exposed. Young forwards with a solid veteran D corps is OK, young forwards with a terrible young D corps is scary (regardless of who you have in net). Our issue becomes where to make changes. Hemsky is coming around and has been our 2nd best forward the last while (behind Hall). Gagner with quality linemates is doing what we thought he would (and looks like a solid 2nd line centre). We have no smash mouth top 9 players, and our 3rd line is really a 4th line if we want to compete. The question marks for next year:



    So we need to resign Hemsky or get another top RW, we need a top end LW (maybe HArsky or MPS, but not right now), we need a solid 3RW (Jones has filled in there, but he is ideally a 4th liner on a contender) and we need a healthy Whitney or if he’s hurt 2 top 4 dmen. That’s a tall shopping list but if we are truly trying to compete next year then you put Lander and MPS in the minors to play top minutes and call up as needed, or use them to make a move for a top end dman.

    Suter (doubtful)

    - I would love to add Beauchemin (only 31 and what we are missing) and maybe one more solid dman (past Lowetide fan favourite Zanon a UFA this year) or Edmonton born Boychuk (who plays like Beauchemin)
    - If we don’t resign Hemsky then make a play for Ruutu (who Lowe has wanted before).

    We won’t do any of these so whatever. Now I am annoyed. Gotta hit the gym so I can get the frustration out. This team is so frustrating, but management is worse. How can they not see the imbalance and lack of depth, How can Tambellini actually think this team is a playoff team even if w are healthy. Delusional or just Forest Gump dumb?

  183. Ribs says:

    Victory! *Stands triumphantly over dead nested comments* Now this is more like the old comments secotion. Good stuff.

    Now if we can only convince you to up the font size and spacing a bit to make things easier to read. I think you won’t hear as many complaints about the colours after you do this.

    The current font size does seem to work fine on tablets and (I assume) phones, though. It’s just my big wide-ass screens at home and at work that have the problem.

  184. Dalton says:

    Just a sidenote but back on the farm when we had an animal as sick as Gene Principe we shot it.

    Whaat? What did Gene do? Gene’s a good guy!

  185. shanestrain says:

    The Brass doesn’t give a shit so why should we?

    I am sick to death of watching Calgary move names in and out of the lineup via trade, while Edmonton stands pat. One thing about this whole rebuild process is the fans continue to jam into Northlands and shell out vast sums of hard earned money. Some of which I bet people don’t even have. Yet these asshats upstairs continue to do fuck all.

    You want change? Stay home! Nothing gets management/owner attention like a half empty building.

    Somewhere Tambelinni is smiling and that pisses me right off.

  186. bookje says:

    Now if we can only convince you to up the font size and spacing a bit to make things easier to read. I think you won’t hear as many complaints about the colours after you do this.
    The current font size does seem to work fine on tablets and (I assume) phones, though. It’s just my big wide-ass screens at home and at work that have the problem.

    Use your browser to zoom. Easiest way to do so is to hold down your Ctrl button while using your mouse wheel. On some laptops you can use two fingers on your mousepad. Otherwise just go into settings or options and zoom in.

  187. Woodguy says:


    My crystal ball says:

    They are trading Hemsky and poor talent evaluation teams like CHI, DET and PIT are banging on the door. Apparently they haven’t seen Hemsky leave the ice first after practice or his poor body language during a shift change.

    Good thing the Oiler management is smarter than CHI,DET, PIT, what have those organizations ever done??

    You cannot count on Whitney either.

    If the Oilers draft a C, then they will trade Gagner + D + ? for Top 4 Dman in off season.

    I think they will trade Gagner and not Omark as Gagner gets a much bigger return.

    Depth Chart will look like:

    LW: Hall, Smyth, Paajarvi, Eager
    RW: Eberle, Omark, Harski, Jones
    C: RNH, Horcoff, Belanger, Gigorenko

    RD: Gilbert, Petry, Potter
    LD: Smid, Gagner Return, Peckahm

    That’s a 25th place team again.

  188. Ribs says:

    Use your browser to zoom. Easiest way to do so is to hold down your Ctrl button while using your mouse wheel. On some laptops you can use two fingers on your mousepad. Otherwise just go into settings or options and zoom in.

    Yea, I gave that tip to someone earlier in the thread, too (or the last one). It’s just a bit of a pain to be doing all of the time.

  189. Acfa5 admiral | Figifoto says:

    [...] Lowetide.ca | G43 Ducks at OilersJan 13, 2012 … He did with Pat Quinn but then again his admirals were no doubt telling him so. At what point does he pick up the phone and call Patton? [...]

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