Hartikainen’s Time

The Edmonton Oilers warm up to their depth prospects like people courted a hundred years ago: sllllooowwwwwly.

I don’t think we’re looking at a Star Wars talent in Teemu Hartikainen but it is time for the Oilers to find out if they can use him. OKC Coach Todd Nelson said recently that Hartikainen (and Magnus Paajarvi) can play either wing and with Ales Hemsky apparently all but gone (man, I can’t believe there isn’t more outcry about it) it falls to the minor league system to fill the void.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hartikainen does have his issues, although the major one (speed) has improved markedly since his draft day. He’s big, strong and certainly skilled enough to play in the Oilers top 12 at this time. I understand the reasons why EDM sent him down this past callup (-4 in 3gp isn’t exactly Gretzky) but he looked good in 10-11 and the organization needs to find out about him.

  • 2010-11 AHL: 66, 17-25-42 .636
  • 2011-12 AHL: 27, 9-9-18 .667

Hartikainen has not gone backwards and he is not injured. The Edmonton Oilers can’t find 12 forwards who can take a forward pass and yet the big Finn remains in the minors. I understand the All-Star break is just ahead and after it the trade deadline. I think it is reasonable to suggest that these are the last days this season Hartikainen should be playing in OKC. He’s 1-4-5 E in his last 7 games in the AHL.

It’s time.


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41 Responses to "Hartikainen’s Time"

  1. hunter1909 says:

    Trio of big games that affect the Tank: Montreal, Tampa and Carolina all playing tonight.

    Imagine they’re watching it this way at Rexall Place.

    Just following the trend.

  2. oilersfan says:

    The OIlers really need a power forward who can play LW with RNH and Eberle. I think they should give Hartsky a shot there and see what happens. I mean what might go wrong? They might lose the game?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Oilersfan: Exactly. Hartikainen either is or he ain’t. Let’s find out.

  4. DSF says:

    Trio of big games that affect the Tank:Montreal, Tampa and Carolina all playing tonight.

    Imagine they’re watching it this way at Rexall Place.

    Just following the trend.

    Hunter, you worry too much.

    The only remaining question is how long will it take for Columbus to track down the Oilers.

    Coming to a big screen near you in the next 6 games…Calgary, Sharks, Canucks, Hawks (they have to lose this one) and Red Wings.

    There’s a Colorado game in there too but they’ve gone 6-3-1 in their last 10.

    I’d say it should be over by the end of February.

  5. OilClog says:

    I for one.. want a Oilers team that includes Hemsky. We finally start obtaining talent to play with him, and what do we do.. ship him out??? Ridiculous.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Remember all the talk about 3 scoring lines? Hemsky could help that, but the Oilers since 2006 are absolutely allergic to experience.

  7. Half Full says:

    I am not the least bit worried about the numbers from his last visit. We have to remember that he played an insane amount of hockey in a short period – something like 4 games over 5 days between the AHL and NHL. Give him an extended run and I don’t expect the numbers to be nearly that bad.

  8. Half Full says:


    LT, I try not to take anything to heart from TreenasOil (though cant help staring at his/her profile pic on Twitter), but from anything you hear on and off the record, do you think there is any creedence to a possible rift between Hemmer and Renney? I hope this all blows past and he happily signs a 5 year extension.

  9. hunter1909 says:

    Montreal, Tampa and Carolina all winning by 1-2 goals as this is being typed.

    Feels like James Caan in the Gambler, when he’s winning all his games.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Half Full: I don’t know. Renney did that whole “I don’t like his stick” thing before Christmas and 83 can’t be happy about the lack of PP time, but I haven’t heard anything about his relationship with Renney.

    Now if you’re asking me who is going to be here longer, I’ll bet all my 2-4′s on Renney. Hemsky’s long gone at the deadline. I feel very comfortable making it an E 4.5

  11. LMHF#1 says:

    That Teemu time didn’t begin at the start of the season was evidence of improper evaluation and shoddy personnel decisions. That he’s in OKC now is just utter crap or evidence that we’re intentionally losing again.

  12. hunter1909 says:

    Lowetide: Do you think Renney’s responsible for MPS falling off the map this season?

    And if you do, should Renney be fired?

  13. Ribs says:

    I dunno, LT. I kinda wanna see what this Josh Green kid has before we call Hartikainen up.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Hunter: Yes, I do think he’s responsible. He actually admitted being unable to get Paajarvi involved, and I think he was much too impatient re:Omark too.

    But I don’t think they should fire him. Give MP and Hartikainen at-bats in the second half, Omark too when he’s healthy. Season is not lost for those three if they get a chance to show well in 2nd half.

  15. oilersfan says:

    Listening to Nick Kypreos last night and reading Darren Dregor earlier this week I am still hopeful that Hemsky may be re-signed. Considering what Lowe went through after trading Smyth and how he has said a few times that he made a mistake trading Smyth when he tried to replace him that summer in the FA market. Also Lowe spent three years trying to sign FA’s with the sales pitch that they could play with Hemsky. As much as we all like him surely Lowe and Katz like him too. Just because Matheson and Ryan Rishaug are so sure, doesn’t make it true.

    Matheson is not as well connected as he was when Sather was here…he spent all last year promoting Adam Larsson. It seems to me Tambellini holds important info very close to his vest and these reporters are only speculating.

    At the end of the day Tambellini has to weigh Hemsky’s demands for money and term with how risky those demands turn into Horcoff or Souray part 2 vs what Hemsky can garner in the Trade market. Given the perceived low value around the league – Roger Millions said yesterday he thought Hemsky would only get a third round pick!!- I bet the Oilers lean towards re-signing him just as most of us do.

    Let’s retain hope that this is indeed what happens. Sign him to four or five years , and if he is good, great, and if he becomes redundant, trade him when he has value, not now ffs.

  16. Gerta Rauss says:

    Beauchemin signs a 3 year extension in Anaheim.

    They better take look at some of these kids and give them NHL minutes -these last 36 games have next to no meaning other than being able to look at these young players.

  17. oilersfan says:

    Crap about Beauchemin he was my only hope to draft Grigorenko instead of Murray. What were the terms ?

  18. oilersfan says:

    Beauch got 3.5 for three…what an idiot I would have given him 4.5 per for three :)

  19. Lowetide says:

    Carolina just traded Ponikarovsky to NJD.

  20. DSF says:

    Carolina starting the house cleaning.

    Gleason and Ruutu should follow in short order.

  21. Benhur says:

    In Regards to Hemskey …. Yah too bad fans are jumping on him, he’s probably the most talented player on the team …. although the young guns may push him on this. I would like to see him resigned for a couple of seasons and damn the torpedos or shoulders. He is a valuable piece and if the Oilers don’t sign him he can only be traded as a rental player or given away during free agency and consequently his value will be diminished. Tambo knows this so I expect him to sign him then shop him and if he doesn’t get a good offer then hang up the phone. Hemsky is in his prime …. if he can stay healthy and he will help the Oilers if they don’t trade him. But not signing him would be dereliction of duty by Tambo.
    If the other players aaround him get healthy I expect him to return to close to a point a game player! ;)

  22. Benhur says:


    I absolutly agree…sign him ASAP otherwise lose him for pennies on the pound!

  23. OilClog says:

    When I look at Renney, I try to weigh the + vs – … I end up with a turd on my shoe. If I had any say I’d tell Renney, he has the next 30 games to prove he can figure out how to properly use Hemsky(which isn’t hard, play him with talent, don’t bitch about his stick, 1st unit pp(with no F’N Horcoff), how to properly distribute player time..you would figure he would know skilled players worst skill set is on the bench.. Josh Green isn’t going to improve.. you’re FIRED!.. wait.. sorry completely lost myself in dream land again.

    I wish Hemsky, Hall, Eager could be a line.. Eager could take draws then when they get it back Hemsky can shift to center, flying up the middle, Hall and Eager charging the lines, pass, skate, pass, skate, shot, goal, high fives! beer spilt.. shit dream land again.

  24. Half Full says:

    Thanks LT, I do share the belief he is gone, but one can hold hope. But then my wife always reminds me of the wish in one hand and **** in the other…..

  25. jake70 says:

    No point on keeping the big winger in OKC. Let him give it a whirl for a few games with the big club.

    Funny – Lebron James ran into a gentleman courtside during a game. I think James must have been an Expo fan…..he looked like he wanted to strangle this guy……

    Raonic – Hewitt Aussie open match on at 3am local time here, could this be any worse of a time…crap.

  26. Ducey says:

    As for Harsky, I can’t help thinking that if he was in DET or NJ he would stay on the farm as long as possible. No rush until he starts lighting it up in OKL.

    As far as Hemsky goes, he has a lot of talent and he has done well in the past but for goodness sake, the guy is at .5 ppg, is playing softer than the Scotties mascot and looks generally out of sorts.

    You sign him to a 5 yr deal, its that all going to improve?

    I’d give him 1 yr and tell him to get his shit together if he wants more.

  27. Ducey says:

    Anyone know what is wrong with Pitlick? He has not played for a while now.

  28. Lowetide says:

    Leg injury, he didn’t make the road trip.

  29. oilersfan says:

    Marincin with another assist tonight so 2+3+5 points in 5 games, +3 with Regina

    Too bad he didn’t start the season there but if he can continue this pace through the season he could be a point per game and +30 or something.

    Will be very interesting to watch how it unfolds with him. After Obi Wan Klefbomi he is our only hope.

  30. oilersfan says:

    Does anybody here think the Oilers could get Tim Erixon for Hemsky?

    I know he wouldn’t sign in Calgary, and he wanted to play for the Rags, but I thought one of the reasons he wouldn’t go to Calgary was he thought he would be sent to the AHL as they had too much depth on D. Well, he is playing in the AHL now and he could play with Klefbom, MP, Lander and maybe Omark here so maybe he would consider it?

    I bet Sather has watched 90% of the Oilers’ games the last few years and is as much of a Hemsky fan as we are,

  31. SK Oiler Fan says:


    Thank you Ducey – some sensibility. Nobody on this team deserves a 5 year contract unless their names are Hall, Eberle, or Nuge. I’m fine with a 1 year contract for Hemsky if the deadline return is peanuts. If I’m Hemsky’s agent I’m telling him to go to free agency. Somebody will overpay.

  32. SK Oiler Fan says:

    And they better bring up Harski and Omark to see what they have for next year.

  33. Schitzo says:

    Just a thought that’s been kicking around in my head… would it make sense for the organization to try to liquidate all of the second tier prospects/suspects (e.g. vande velde, cornet, kytnar, rajala, o’marra) for multiple low draft picks? I’m thinking fifth, sixth, seventh rounders from teams either looking to shore up their farm systems or willing to take a gamble on someone with pedigree like O’Marra.

    Turn around and draft a dozen scandanavian goalies, leave them with their home teams, and wait to see what develops.

    Seems like as good a way of finding the goalie of the future as any other.

  34. Schitzo says:

    Also, because LT’s blog serves as my substitute for telling real people news about my life, my baby daughter was born last week. I was against having another kid, but she’s already changed my mind. Lousy babies.

  35. Schitzo says:

    Final comment of the night is a prediction – Smyth and Sutton to the Rangers for McIlrath and a pick. If NYR are serious about a run, they’ll be looking to grit up to deal with Boston. Smyth gives them that can’t-be-intimidated, cheapshot you before you cheapshot me attitude, and Sutton is what he is.

    Bonus prediction – Tortarella plays Smyth 12 minutes a night for the rest of the regular season and tells him to make sure he’s ready when the games start to really matter. Smytty comes out like a man possessed, just like the start of the season. Ray Bourque redux. (But with the smarts to hold off on retiring #94).

  36. hunter1909 says:

    Congrats to last nights winners – Carolina, Tampa Bay, and special thank you to the Habs, for their gallant OT point.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: Congratulations! I wish we’d started earlier, but the two we have make us feel outnumbered (but happy about it!). :-)

    hunter: I don’t know why you’re keeping track, Oilers are extremely unlikely to win a game for the next week or two. Tracking Columbus I understand, but the rest of them? Gone.

  38. godot10 says:


    You need 2nd tier prospects to develop your first tier prospects, or else you have Springfield all over again instead of OKC. The Oilers can be injury-riddled, and OKC still keeps on humming along because of 2nd tier prospects.

    Some 2nd tier prospects beat the odds…

  39. Smarmy says:

    I don’t see why there would be much outrage about Hemsky leaving town. Majority of people are low info when it comes to more important things like finance, economy, politics etc. It would only seem right they be low info about their sports.

    MSM is as low info as it gets and the MSM has said for years that Hemsky is a last on first off enigma. His low info boxcars are crap. He’s hurt a lot and it will cost a pretty penny to keep him. The kids are gonna get paid and we need cash for the blueline so the Hemskys and Horcoffs are riding off into the sun. Enjoy them while you can. (if you must)

    So I don’t think it’s surprising few care if he leaves town. Gilbert was pretty much another dude in the same boat but he flat out played his ass off this year and the talking point media laid off him.

  40. Denniss says:

    As much as I dislike Lowe, I think he’s the only guy that’s keeping 83 in Edm. To compare something or someone on a much smaller scale, I think pouliot only stuck around as long as he did because he was a Lowe draft and i think 83 is one of Lowe’s guys and whereas he has final call on all decisions, he’s keeping him here. How much longer he can or cares to do that is another matter.

    I don’t think things look good for young 56 sticking with the Oil as long as Renney’s the coach. 56 had a fine finish to last year but right off the bat Renney said he was disappointed with him in camp. Then the kid comes up and bleeds GA in his first call up of the season but he’d was playing his fourth game in four nights and was on the ice for some shitty netminding.

    And also, the Love For Lander has also impacted 56 as well. Had the Oil went 10-89-93-20 down the middle then 56 would be on the wing instead of the GP the Oil wasted on using 57 at the pivot.

    Hartski seems like the kind of guy that just gets lost as long as Renney remains

  41. DeadmanWaking says:

    Missed this one. “Just give me a moment to redefine my girlish notions of romance” is right up there with Laura Linney jumping out of the burning bed with a supernova of glee-guilt while her husband Kinsey stomps impatiently at the bottom of the stairwell.

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