Hello, Hurray!

I believe we’re ready, and with your patience and understanding perhaps we’ll all arrive at our new space station. I had planned this for the fall and then for the New Year, but life got in the way and that’s for sure. I’d like to thank Danny Chapman and Randy Vague and all the many smart people who helped (and tried to help) this old guy figure out the internet.

I hope you’ll join me at this new blog, we’ll keep the old blog up for quite some time until we can export all the comments. That will come with time and there are some cool things that are featured at the new home of Lowetide. I’ll throw the Team 1260 listener button in the next couple of days and I have added the blogroll.

No special police, but please be respectful. The idea of this blog is to reflect what Kim Gernack taught me on my first visit to hf boards a dozen years ago: respect one another and do your best to move the conversation forward.

I refuse to resort to tricks in order to get you to read this blog. HOWEVER, I will be starting up the ROOKIES series beginning with 1973 early next week. The idea is that re-start the HHOF discussion and make a unique Al Gore alternative to the current Hockey Hall.

Thanks for coming over, hope you feel comfortable and please express yourself. That’s what made the old blog a success.

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104 Responses to "Hello, Hurray!"

  1. edwards_daddy says:

    This layout looks fantastic – well done LT and the boys.

  2. Lowetide says:

    Thanks so much! It’s all Danny, I kept making suggestions like “maybe we should add a giant wheel” but they didn’t look right. :-)

  3. Simmer24 says:

    Love the new website. Already booked it on my browser! Can’t wait to join you daily. Thanks for all the work LT and your team!!

  4. pboy says:

    Congrats to everyone who worked on making this happen. Now more importantly, how the hell did Barry Larkin get into the Hall of Fame before Tim Raines?

  5. Woodguy says:

    Congratulations on the new place LT!

    Glad Al Gore freed up a fresh set of tubes for you.

    The grin on the pumpkin scares me, while the wonderful legs on the girl distracts me.

  6. Woodguy says:

    Can I pay someone to create an “edit” button for your site?


  7. Lowetide says:

    Woodguy: there IS an edit button, right by your name in yellow.

  8. Woodguy says:

    Very readable on the crackberry too.

    Good job guys!

    Hmmmm, I can’t delete my comments either.

  9. Woodguy says:

    Not on my screen LT.

    I’m running firefox with adblock and No script, but I’m not showing that I’m blocking any script on the age.

    Don’t see it on my crackberry either.

    I may be dumb, but that is what I see (or don’t see)

  10. PDO says:

    Looking for the promised ability to edit…

  11. PDO says:

    I can’t find it either.

  12. "Steve Smith" says:

    The idea of this blog is to reflect what Kim Gernack taught me on my first visit to hf boards a dozen years ago: respect one another and do your best to move the conversation forward.

    Boy have I been missing the point all these years.

  13. danny says:

    Hey guys, not sure about the edit / delete right now, but i doubt it will be a problem. Nonetheless, I’ll figure it out this evening after work.

  14. Woodguy says:

    Testing on Internet Exporler with no extra software…..

  15. Woodguy says:

    Still no edit or delete button.

    Now I need a shower for me and my computer from surfing with Explorer

  16. Woodguy says:

    Thanks Danny

  17. Chris---formerly EasyOil--- says:

    Nice new digs LT. Like what you’ve done with the place. Now we just need a good team to match the amount of effort some of the Oilogosphere put in to their blogs :)

  18. Woodguy says:

    You move the conversation forward Stieve, its just that your initial push is usually sideways.

  19. shanestrain says:

    I miss the old site.

    Congrats Mr Mitchell!

  20. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Is that Randy Vague the same guy who has an instruction manual named after him?

  21. Ryan says:

    Danny, nice stuff. Still would suggest that LiveFyre http://www.livefyre.com/ is the way to go for comment systems. It’s free and works very well.

    LT, tried to buy some ad space, but it redirects to the main site page?

    WTF? I missed about 1.5 months worth of Oilers games and Lowetide posts b/c I’m working ATC. I come back and nearly decent Oiler is injured, playoffs are a pipe dream, and we’re already on draft watch. Feels like groundhog day, doesn’t it.

  22. Ducey says:

    Nice place!

    Where do you keep the beer?

  23. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Or diagonally, kind of like this reply function.

  24. dawgtoy says:

    Very nice! It will take some getting used to, mostly based on my dislike of change, but well done.

  25. Stocc says:

    Does testing my new account count as moving the conversation forward? It’s at least respectful. Either way, I’ll be happy to get new Lowetide content whatever URL I have to punch in.

    Oh, and if you can… please write lots of articles about the Oilers winning.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Steve Smith and 99.9% of the posters are fine. What I’m trying to avoid is the 95 posts that are “oh yeah?!!” type things. If we disagree, a smartass remark is expected.

    One hour later if you’re still typing? Maybe not.

    Ryan, email me at amitchell@astral.com if you wish. All that advertise stuff is yet to come although it’s nice to see it works. :-)

  27. Jordan says:

    I think I’ll just keep my place over in the old rocking chair by the fireplace LT. Can’t say I like this gas one as much as the old wood burner, but maybe it will grow on me.

    Does the new site mean that we can leave behind all of the feelings of anger, sadness and resentment over the ineptness of how this team has been managed for 5 years? Is it really a fresh start?

    I’m so torn. Do I play the shit disturber and bring up all the old arguments? Or just enjoy the peace while it lasts?

    Sigh. Where’s that golden picture of sugartits when I need a good laugh most?

  28. danny says:

    livefyre looks really cool Ryan.

    Not sure about the wrinkles involved where we are in limbo with bringing the comments from the old site over here for the next while… jumping to a new comment system before that happens might add a layer of complexity. Any thoughts welcome!

  29. danny says:

    Woodguy, PDO, et all…

    I just added an edit / delete feature. It allows you to edit / delete comments up to 5 minutes after you publish.

  30. Bruce McCurdy says:

    It’s never a good sign when it feels like Groundhog Day a month BEFORE Groundhog Day.

  31. bookje says:

    Long live Bookje!

  32. bookje says:

    Oh Yeah?!!

  33. Oil_or_Nothing says:

    Great site LT but there was something special about the old home. Perhaps because it didn’t have the glitter and lights of many of the web sites out here on the interweb it felt more homey.

    But content as they say is king and you have some of the best content on here!

    Not sure who will be handling the advertising on your site but lets hope we are not inundated by Oodle Noodle ads :)
    I’m assuming you have your advertising sorted but if not I’m in the sports arena advertising field and if you need any help or need a lead let me know.

    p.s. just used the edit button.. very sweet!

  34. bookje says:

    Works fine on iPhone – don’t make a mobile site as that often messes things up.

  35. till_horcoff_is_coach says:

    Like everyone else, I join in the hurrah for your new digs. Your old site felt like a home, so it is harder than most sites to accept change but the look is really well done so far. The fact that it allows you more options for how you run your site is encouraging as

    Some technical advice:

    Your net presence from blogger has a lot of value for attracting traffic. You can’t build that quickly and transferring the content does not transfer that SEO value. Ideally you leave those pages as is and add a 301 to each of them to the corresponding page on your site here. As an alternative I would add a tag to the top of each one indicating the content has moved with the new link. It may be a fair bit of work, but your site has a lot of SEO value worth transitioning – it will help you in the long run.

    Do you have access to our email addresses? If so then feel free to email me at any time.

  36. jake70 says:

    Whew, quite the ride in that wormhole on the way over here…looks like I made it……congrats on getting the site up and running LT (and helpers).

    Now, about Hemsky…..

  37. jake70 says:

    Woodguy, how did you upload the photo? (and who is that guy anyway?)

  38. Jayamania says:

    Testing the comment section.

    Yakupov or Grigorenko?

  39. ashley says:

    Does the new site mean that we can leave behind all of the feelings of anger, sadness and resentment over the ineptness of how this team has been managed for 5 years? Is it really a fresh start?

    I wouldn’t say so. In fact, I’d like to start the grousing with a general critique of the broad sentiment that size is king at the draft table. Size has to be the least intelligent thing that can be said about a player. Many of the most successful players including Parise and our very own 14 qualify as “smurfs” (a term meant to derogate the quality of said player), yet play at an elite level in the best league in the world. Players who score or create scoring chances win games. Size is overrated. Thankfully Stu MacGregor seems to understand that, drafting RNH over other sizable candidates despite size being RNH’s apparent fatal predraft flaw (or was it goals:assists ratio, or PP points ratio….I can’t remember).

    Nice new site LT. Congrats.

  40. Lois Lowe says:

    I, for one, welcome our new time wasting overlords. LT- since I have spent the majority of the last few years checking your site as soon as I get online, I just want to say thanks one more time for doing what you do. You are the best part about being an Oiler fan (since a winning season simply isn’t in the cards).

  41. Zack says:

    Congrats LT! Nice digs you got here, clean and simple. Although I’ve only followed your blog for the last two seasons I’ve enjoyed the reads and it has made me appreciate the history of the game that much more.

  42. Ducey says:

    Oh no, did you lose the Bookie thingy on the way over?

  43. bookje says:

    Apparently, Word Press does not consider the temherte slaq (bookiethingy) a necessary character. As such, I lose my sarcasm mark and will have to return to always being serious.

  44. icecastles says:

    Looks great, LT. Glad to see you’ve replaced the Impact header with an actual logo of sorts, too.

    You can just tell people to type “lowetide.ca” though – the “/blog” isn’t necessary to be directed here, and you never want to force users to type/remember more than they have to if you want to drive traffic.

  45. bookje says:

    Yes – how do you load photos – I see some plug ins to do so, but perhaps someone familiar with WP can let us rookies know the best way to do so.

  46. regwald says:

    Well, no Eberle at the all star game. Stupid NHL. But we can have how many starting Ottawa Senators ?

    And the Edit button works. Nice.

  47. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    I like what you’ve done with the place, Lain. The countless comfy seat groupings and subdued lighting really set the mood for the engaging conversations to come. Many thanx to the construction crew.


  48. LP says:

    Love the new look, great work guys!! I also like the reply feature.

    Hopefully something positive will happen in regards to the Oilers this year, but as most of you, I’ve realized that likely won’t happen. (new GM anyone?)

    At least we have Lowetide to cheer us up. :-)

  49. striatic says:

    on the old site the simplicity allowed the comments and the writing to stand out.

    nested comments are also .. problematic. think you find out why soon enough.

    good to be off blogger though, and the window in which one may edit their comments is a big improvement and most welcome.

  50. TheOtherJohn says:

    Looks great. Hope quality of comments remains the best on the Oilosphere!

    Thanks again Danny for all the work that went into this transistion

  51. FastOil says:

    The site looks great LT and tech friends! Much more classy, suits a classy guy! And once Woodguy shares his profile photo uploading tips we’ll be set. I tried Gravatar but it won’t let me sign in, might take a while for everything to migrate. I find the move exciting, best of luck LT!

  52. Jamie says:

    Congratulations LT, Danny and anyone else who helped. Without this site, the great article and informative comments section this last 5 years would have been even harder to deal with.

  53. Mr DeBakey says:

    I’m here to talk about picking clams on the beach whilst the water is out.
    Have i come to the correct site?

    Most clam-picken sites I’ve been to have a preview button.

  54. bookje says:

    I have mixed feelings about nested comments, but I suspect that anytime we, as posters, want to, we can revert back to the use of italicized text if we want our comment to be ‘in the flow’ as opposed to nested.

    One of the features I have always appreciated on C&B’s site is the ease at which I can see which comments (particularly the nested ones) are new. I worry I may miss stuff with this nested system.

    With that said – does anyone know how to add photos to your profile?

  55. Professor Q says:

    Well done Lowetide, the site is magnificently done and hopefully it brews superb debates and helps you achieve what you want!

  56. Ribs says:

    For the pictures, you need to have a Gravatar account. Google it and sign up (with the same email address that you’ve used here. You add your picture through the Gravatar site.

  57. Lowetide says:

    I added my avatar by joining Oilers Nation. Whatever contraption they use must be the same as this site.

  58. peeps says:

    New site looks great. Thanks Lowetide, Danny, and everyone else for making this happen. I’mg looking forward to our first game day thread.

  59. TheOtherJohn says:

    Whats an avatar? the Movie?

  60. Lowetide says:

    Oilers recalled Josh Green. OKC a ghost town.

  61. Ribs says:

    Yup. Gravatar on ON as well.

  62. LP says:

    The picture next to your user name.

  63. regwald says:

    So is YEG, so might as well share the pain right ?

  64. Dominoiler says:

    On behalf of all grumpy old men (and those of us whom are gradually cultivating this trait)..
    Bah!.. I hate change!.. (but tomorrow Ill be better with it.. hope the transition goes well LT)


  65. Professor Q says:

    Note: Anyone who has a WordPress Account (what you used to sign into Lowetide.ca) automatically has a Gravatar account – just go to gravatar.com and log in, add a photo to your account and voila! Avatar.

  66. OilLeak says:

    I expect nothing less from you BOOKJE.

  67. Gerta Rauss says:

    Is that Randy Vague the same guy who has an instruction manual named after him?

    No Bruce,but I am a frequent user of Ikea products.
    The site is all Danny-I just assisted with the domain name and transfer.

  68. OilLeak says:

    Edit Function seems to be working for me.

  69. DeadmanWaking says:

    Look what the stork brought … something to crow about. Pretty sure that’s Sutton in the tweed jacket. He’s saying “my hands were nowhere near his numbers, and here I am for the next forty games”. And she’s saying, “Look bubba, that double clothesline plea doesn’t fool anyone. You need a new shtick.”

    Or at least if not a new shtick (I liked the old one), some new threads. I think I’m going to ignore this new-fangled “forward” thing and pilot my Max Bentley wherever I please.

    The HOF redux is a neat idea. I once read a thousand pages on the history of mathematics in three days. My math friends asked me how I pulled this off. I replied, “Well, I skimmed Gauss.” So there went 300 pages. Not that the HOF would have a similar imbalance.

  70. Woodguy says:

    Anyone else hear Lombardi’s apology to the NHL and Edmonton for acting like a jackass regrding the Smyth trade? Spector ran that sound bite 5 min ago, but is about to run the whole interview on his show on 1260.

  71. Professor Q says:

    Maybe his apology is a prelude to a trade?

    And I’m a bit disappointed that Eberle did not get selected to the ASG, I thought he is due right before the festivities? Good on RNH however, hopefully he is all healed up and ready to go by then.

  72. commonfan14 says:

    McKenzie tweeted that Oilers were informed that both RNH and Eberle would have been named if they were healthy. Still sucks though.

    Could have named them and then added replacements if they don’t get back in time.

  73. Jordan says:

    According to the NHL.com press release, RNH was named. Only location Edmonton shows up on the entire page is beside RNH’s name as a rookie

    NHL All Star Teams

  74. LMHF#1 says:

    Excellent, it works and appears solid on both the iPad and iPhone. Thank you again for continuing to include me in the blog roll LT; much appreciated!

  75. Woodguy says:

    Are you going to put on glasses like Steve Martin did when his news program changed to “serious news” in “LA Story” (loved that movie)

  76. Woodguy says:

    I honestly forget when (and how) I uploaded this image to wordpress, its been a while.

    My avatar is “Old Russian” its an ink sketch that was produced by putting ink paste on canvas then pulling it away using a knife.

    My buddy’s ex-girlfriend did it and I ripped it for an avatar from her website about 8 years ago (long gone from her site now) She knew I liked it and gave it to me as a gift after I had bought 4 original pieces from her. The original hangs in my home office now. Was just a school project when she was at art school but it really grabbed me.

  77. Stephen says:

    Dig the new site, but it doesn’t appear to notify or mark in any way new nested comments; makes it easy to miss things. I keep having to double check the ‘Recent Comments’ section after I refresh. Is there anything that can be done to make it so new comments aren’t so easily lost without having to skim through the whole comment section again?

  78. ashley says:

    No, but I am surprised he is apologizing. He doesn’t seem like the type. I will try to find the interview later. Thanks.

    Although I had a hard time convincing anyone, this man was clearly full of shit from the outset with the q1h media leaks, Flames, Brule injured, Fraser bad ankle etc etc. I will say it again for any remaining doubters, the Edmonton docs are excellent. The sudden change in the treatment of Fraser’s ankle injury had more to do with differences in doctor’s opinions than anything else. American doctors are more aggressive than most MD’s elsewhere in the world. That’s not to say that the course of treatment they chose was necessarily wrong. There are many roads to Dublin, some are just riskier than others.

    Souray trashing the Oilers medical staff was also garbage. Sometimes where there is smoke, there is no fire at all.*

    * Especially true for TreenOil updates.

  79. oilersfan says:

    Hey Ashley

    I left a few questions in the last thread for you. I was curious to know, are you a doctor? If so, a gp or some sort of foot/ankle specialist? also, none of my business, but are you male or female? (ashley is a bit androgenous in my experience)

    I am sure we would like to know, given the current info on Whitney, what your outlook is for him to recover. You called it right the day he was traded here and I am hopeful you have become more optimistic that he may be able to resume his career next season.

    You sure called it two years ago. Too bad tambelini didn’t call you for your opinion.

  80. mc79hockey says:

    I hate to complain but the does anyone else find the font/colour combo horrible to read?

  81. Ribs says:

    I don’t mind the colours too much. It’s the teeny tiny text that bugs me.

  82. Woodguy says:


    Go exploring in dashboard. Hover over lowetide.ca, next to the WordPress icon and you’ll get some drop down menus.

    You can look at all the comments in black type on a white background (or change the color to suit yourself)

    Don’t think you can actually change the way the page looks, but you can look at the comments on a different page which isn’t threaded and the colors can be manipulated.

    You can also change the number of replies per page that you display and other stuff.

    Poke around, you can probably make yourself happy with the options provided.

  83. Ducey says:

    Here it is:

    “I think we were able to work that out. That’s something that I have to apologize for. I was certainly frustrated, having to lose a player like Ryan Smyth, then getting in a bind with trying to replace him and there was a little gray area, as far as what we got back (in the trade with Edmonton). But, the bottom line is I should have never said what I said publicly. It was the wrong thing to do. I apologize to Edmonton, as well as the National Hockey League, that that wasn’t the way to handle it. As we sat down, we were able to come to some resolution. But, the bottom line, I was wrong in the way that I handled that and we move on. It was a tough situation losing a good player like Ryan Smyth. It’s kind of been one of the things we run up against, (when we) talk about the building process – whether it was Ryan or Drew (Doughty) holding out or going to Europe. These were all the things you confront. But, regardless, that was the wrong way to handle it.”

  84. Jordan says:

    Yes, I did hear it. Nice to see someone mending fences after tearing them down.

    It sure doesn’t sound like he’s in a panic to make any big moves. Seemed very composed and sticking to his plan to move his solid core forwards.

    Must be nice to have a GM with a plan…

  85. ashley says:


    I am female. I am an MD, a specialist. While I wouldn’t say I am an ankle expert, you could say I see ankles from time to time.

    I know nothing more about Whitney than any of you, but my educated guess is that the sun is setting on his career. Somebody used an Old Yeller analogy recently. That feels about right.

    Admittedly, I was seething when this trade happened because of the rumours of significant interest in Lubo around the league. Whitney’s condition is very serious and the subsequent complications are putting the writing on the wall. I have calmed down since the trade, but do I ever wish I would have been consulted. I would have offered my advice free of charge! Not that it was necessary. The Edmonton docs could have rendered a similiar opinion of the risks involved. By all accounts this trade went down very quickly and quietly with the deadline only minutes away. Apparently ANA had offered their 2010 first rounder (ended up being Fowler) and an AHL prospect. Of course, that information, if true, makes it even more painful. Apparently, Lowe wanted an established NHL blueliner which is not an unreasonable thing to desire, but they could not have picked a worse one to acquire as far as team assets are considered.

    I went to a game just before Christmas and watched Whitney skate carefully. His ankles were falling in, he couldn’t pivot, he tried not to stop if he could help it, rather cheating with a lazy half circle to slow himself down. Those are all signs of significant ongoing pain. That is when I wrote that I didn’t expect him to get 50 more games in the NHL before retiring. I stand by that prediction.

    I hope Lowe has learned something from this. That aside, I feel bad for Whitney. I know how much these guys’ identity is tied up in the game. And of course there are dollars involved. It’s a difficult thing to go through.

  86. Ribs says:

    Oh, you’re a female. Never mind.


  87. Ducey says:

    I imagine Lombardi is rather subdued as he made the big move in the offseason to get Richards and they are still struggling with offense.

    He also doesn’t have his second or third round picks this draft and is close to the cap. I think he will wait until Penner and Mitchell go FA this offseason and be active going after a FA in July.

  88. El Guapo says:

    Congratulations on the new site, looks slick.

  89. jamesday76 says:

    Congrats on the shiny new site!

  90. knighttown says:

    You’d think the NHL would still name Ebs (and Nuge) to the team as some sort of policy mandated by the PA, even if they were injured. All star appearances do matter to one’s resume, like major trophy wins and Stanley Cup rings.

    Also, no Oilers at all. Didn’t notice any Canes. Anyone else shutout?

  91. icecastles says:

    Well, there are three Ryans if you count the rookies. If there were no Oilers AND no Ryans, I think we’d be looking at a conspiracy.

  92. Ribs says:

    Just glancing.. But I don’t see any Avalanche players.

  93. "Steve Smith" says:

    Interestingly, in university I fronted a short-lived band called “Steve Smith and 99.9% of the posters”. We were big in the college radio crowd.

  94. DeadmanWaking says:

    On a well designed site, you can customize a lot with something as simple as Stylish.

    I’ve rarely bothered to use this, but now with every page covered in “like” buttons, I might have to roll up my sleeves more often as I don’t plan to “like” anything, any time soon. As my sister put it after her mission work phase, when they say “share” they really mean “gossip”.

    Just for kicks, I added a rule to block the Lowetide tweetbox. Not my cup of tea. With 144 characters to work with, I’d have to step outside to change my mind.

    @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

    @-moz-document domain("lowetide.ca") {
    #tweetbox-3 {
    display: none !important;

    The first line is an ablution to the patron saint of standardization committees. “#tweetbox-3″ references the page element with the corresponding id tag. These are easy to figure out by viewing page source and search for “id=”. There are more complex ways to select page elements (to infinity and beyond), but this is the simplest when the site markup provides them.

    “display:none” is the Houdini style attribute. “!important” translates to “I don’t care what your friends said, the buck stops here”.

    Under FF, you have to go into the menu bar, Tools | Add-ons, find Stylish (after you’ve installed it) and click preferences, then click “Write New Style” and paste something like the above into the edit box. I gave my test style the name “Lowetide” and it took effect immediately.

    Good grief, where’s the PREVIEW button? I really need that to check my markup or whether I’ve written any 145 word sentences. A clever verbal illusion is ruined if you expose the wires before the lights go down.

    A joke is like building a mousetrap from scratch. You have to work pretty hard to make the thing snap when it is supposed to snap.

    — Kurt Vonnegut

    (This wasn’t intended as a self-reply. I had forgotten my context. The “code” markup tag mangled the white-space, but it’s usable as rendered.)

  95. DeadmanWaking says:

    One thing I should have mentioned is that the guts of this example is a CSS selector followed by CSS style overrides applied to the selected page elements. You can override anything about the page conveyed through style sheets. In a well designed site, that’s almost anything other than actual content: fonts, margins, colour, visibility, placement, and my personal favourites, blink and marquee.

    The main exception is scripting. To override dynamic behaviours such as mouse-overs, you’d have to step up to Greasemonkey instead. Not much Javascript bling here that I’ve noticed so far.

    If someone comes up with an avatar where that scarecrow does what he threatens to do, three times per second from now to eternity, you can permanently suppress the animated GIF with Adblock. Few people seem to know this, but slapping ESC in FF disables GIF animation for the whole page, if you end up in one of those discussion forums populated by pimple perps.

  96. bookje says:

    I thought you loved to complain.

  97. DeadmanWaking says:

    I was going to edit myself—because I can—but when I navigated away from the page to fetch a link, my self-edit box self-closed. Soon I’ll find the lightswitch in the hall closet that opens the garage door.

    There’s a certain style of animated avatar out there where your first response is “honey, you need a chin guard”. I actually do find those distracting.

    On the contrary, I find Yuja Wang’s concert dress about as distracting as garlic added to savoury ribs.

    Fashion, sexism and classical music

    But I must say in a dress like that, she should be playing Prokofiev, not Scriabin. If you watch her other performances on YouTube (most with a lot more fire), she has a hair flounce from time to time very much like the loose ends from the Tomei picture on the abandoned Al Gore. Yuja was educated in Calgary for several years on a cultural bridge program. Feisty and well controlled, but lacks the steel talons of a Martha Argerich. Had the 1812 on in the truck today. Not my normal fare. Before the canons come back in, during the restatement of the ba ba bah theme, there’s a percussionist reaming a triangle for all he’s worth, trying to get heard. Echo/response, canon vs triangle. That really cracked me up.

  98. DeadmanWaking says:

    If someone told me the tubist was a Sasquatch my response would be “I don’t care”, but I still maintain her dress doesn’t distract from her music as such. OK, I’m done now.

  99. Lowetide says:

    i find her enchanting, and yet wonder what Schroeder could have done with a giant piano like that one.

  100. Doogie2K says:

    “Since 2007?”

    I’d tell your graphics guy about Stan Weir. Pretty sure he pre-dates 2007.

  101. Spydyr says:

    just a test to see if my avatar works

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