The Nuge is Out, All over Town

The Nuge is out “indefinitely” according to this tsn report. There’s no timeline for return, but he’ll apparently miss at least 3-4 games. This vague information is similar to the Oilers handling of RNH’s “will he stay or will he go” status during the period when he was eligible to be returned to junior.

For Oiler fans, one of the few remaining feelgood stories on the team is RNH’s Calder run. Should that get derailed it’s draft talk full throttle and I’m trying to put it off as long as possible this winter.

Canada lost last night against the Russians, ending their annual run to the Gold at the New Year’s tournament. I’m no expert and the Canadians could ice three strong teams every year for this tournament but for me there was some strange happenings during the roster selection process.

On December 24th I wrote “the roster selection process is open to question. Some good players were sent home and the team looks weak in transition and has question marks down the middle.” I hate people who second guess after a loss, but in this case there were legit questions about what they were doing and the young men retained versus sent home. Team Canada appears to have  favored grit over skill and defensemen who can get the puck to the forwards over creative playmakers. They also chose wrong in goal. I think it was a mistake, just my opinion.

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