G56 Leafs at Oilers

The Oilers hit the road tonight for their contest at Rexall against the Maple Leafs. From here on in, Oiler fans have just a few things to look forward to: RNH’s return and drive to the Calder, perhaps an additional bullet for Stu (although I don’t think they need it) and most importantly a few more kids graduating to NHL player status.


Among the young men who have clearly established themselves as part of the present and future, I’d count:

  1. Taylor Hall
  2. Jordan Eberle
  3. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
  4. Sam Gagner
  5. Jeff Petry

That’s a fine list, and added to the veterans we assume to around for a few years (Gilbert, Smid, Smyth, Horcoff, Belanger, Eager) the Oilers have about one half of a roster for 12-13. The key element now is establishing which of the following can show enough in the final stretch to be written in pen for next season’s lineup:

  • Goalie Devan Dubnyk: I like him, but he still gives kevlar rebounds and people who know more than me about goalies suggest he’s slow side to side.
  • Defenseman Corey Potter: Showed well early and earned a contract, but since the injury looks like chaos with a stick.
  • Winger Magnus Paajarvi: If they fail to make a player out of this guy then there’s clearly something wrong. A little shy on the offense, but he has great tools and a aptitude for the defensive side of the ball.
  • Center Anton Lander: Everyone, and I mean everyone, I talk to raves about this guy’s leadership ability and desire. He’s got a little crust too. I sincerely wish we were talking about him doing excellent things in the AHL but that wasn’t to be this season.
  • Defenseman Theo Peckham: It’s not too late but he needs to be better. There was an extended stretch a year ago when Teddy played alongside Gilbert and survived. That’s the high water mark for this player, and if the club can’t find a way to get him to the next level then I think they’ll move him down the road.
  • Defenseman Colten Teubert: The organization has played him for 20 games and I’d suggest the young man has passed Alex Plante on the depth chart. He’ll likely be the “first callup-8th defenseman” next season which (for the Oilers) should be good for 40-50 games.
  • Winger Linus Omark: The modern David Vyborny may have to go back to Europe in order to get noticed by another team, but there’s still time for the Oilers to give him a nice long run in the majors. If Edmonton trades Hemsky for bullets from broadway and doesn’t callup Omark then we’re really looking at an addled organization.

That’s what I’ll be looking for.

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  1. striatic says:

    not sure what Whitney was thinking there with the one-timer. seems like the low percentage play with two friendlies on the doorstep.

    oh well, they got their 3 goals tonight, so i am happy : ]

  2. rich says:

    The kids scoreth, the kids giveth away.

    Long live the kids.

  3. Alice says:

    93% of back-passes don’t go in.
    Shoot the damn thing at the net. What do they teach them in SWE, anyway?

  4. Gerta Rauss says:

    I thought it was Hemsky’s best game in ages-play like that is either got to get him an extension with the Oilers or his ass traded out of town at the deadline.

  5. Lois Lowe says:

    I am not one for conspiracy theories, but after tonight’s game I think LT might just be on to something. It was good to see the Oilers have sustained pressure in the offensive zone and not generate everything off the rush.

    Barker was awful and the 4th line had some scary moments throughout the game.

  6. TartanArmy says:

    Oh man, Pajaarvi….wrong play on that 3 on 1….fun game tho despite some questionable non-calls. They should come away from this with some confidence vs. Avalanche next game.

  7. Woodguy says:

    Thought Gomez looked good tonight.

    Barker and Jones are just fucking awful.

  8. Traktor says:

    What an ugly attempt to stop a 2 on 1 by Gilbert. Wow.

  9. DSF says:

    Thought Gomez looked good tonight.

    Barker and Jones are just fucking awful.

    Gomez looked great.

    Unfortunately, the Leafs scored more than he did when he was on the ice,

    It’s all Barker’s fault.

  10. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Romulus Apotheosis,

    That’s ridiculous.This is sports.Its paid and evaluated differently than normal work.If goals and points per SEASON rather than games played mean nothing to you, I am sure Toronto would give you Tim Connolly.The guy is 0.625PPG over his career.Now, the guy misses a ton of games, but the ppg is there.

    And for those of you willing to blow 5 or 5.5 for 5, let me ask you a question, would you also give him the NMC his agent will undoubtedly ask for?

    Try following the whole conversation before jumping in and making false claims that are easily disproven by simply reading along.

    I never said Season Totals don’t matter. I’m in the middle of an argument with someone who seems to think PPG is either irrelevant or marginal. I think that is ridiculous. I demonstrated it with an analogy.

    There is simply no way an NHL GM looks at a player’s performance without taking into account BOTH that player’s ability to produce over the course of the season AND that player’s ability to produce when playing.

    There is no way a GM looks at Hemsky’s last two seasons and only sees: 64 points in two seasons (i.e., 164 games). But that is how Ricky believes Hemsky ought to be and is evaluated. If you think so too, step up to his plate. Otherwise, join the reasonable who want to evaluate a player with as much information as possible, which includes noting that in two injury riddled seasons Hemsky still managed to score at an incredible .927 PPG clip. Show me a GM that ignores that information.

  11. Troll says:

    Gomez looked great.

    Unfortunately, the Leafs scored more than he did when he was on the ice,

    It’s all Barker’s fault.

  12. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Yes of coarse it is rainman like to expect 100% on the dollaron any contrat.

    Forgive me Cause hemsky is.9PPG player and the GREAT HOCKEY FAIRY COVERS THE REST OF THE MAN GAMES FOR HIS CRIPLED ASS misses.
    Just one question were was the GREAT HOCKEY FAIRYwhen gilbert and Whitney went down. Cause we could have used him and His twin Brothers1st pairing play during that time

    Or does he Exclusively cover for Hemsky’s injuries for free.

    If I am not mistaken he is Cousins with THE GREAT PUMPKIN FAIRY.
    So we best Keep Hemsky and not call Linus. Wouldn’t want to risk the GHF not showing up.

    Are you done your little fit? Is there an argument in there? I don’t understand why you are so immune to arguments. It’s all arm waving and straw men.

    For the last time: I’ve never said anything like Hemsky’s injuries are “covered for free” or whatever it is you are implying.

    I’ve never said that GMs, fans, media, whomever should ignore Hemsky’s struggle to stay in the lineup in the past two years. NEVER.

    What I’ve said is that there is NO WAY GMs focus SOLELY on total season points and ignore PPG. Show me one who does and we can start talking about fairies. Because any GM worth his salt is going to gather all available information on a player. That includes how well did they play when they were actually on the ice. If you think GMs spurn that information, show me some evidence or at least argue the point.

  13. rickithebear says:

    Oh come on that was just as well thought out as the love Hemsky Side.
    My mistake was assume common semse when refering to paying for 100% play.

    That should be rule #1.

    Hemsky may play 82 games @ .9PPG. thus you pay him the league average of 4.3M.

    So I already have a problem with paying a 16-18G scorer like he is a 25G scorer.

    We do not get 100% of the games. Historically we get 65% to 75% games played. So how do we replace the .9PPG production in the 20-29 games not played by the 5M Hemsky.

    That requires another player who is likely a #13 or #14 Fwd. who will likely be .11PPG

    Great team and Cap management. We are better to spend lesser dollars on slightly lower producer that plays 78-82 games.

    that way we get a top 6 for the full season instead of top 6 for 53games and #13 forward for 29 games. How did a #6 playing for a #3 Dman work for our defence.

    5M/5yrs crazy beyond compare!

  14. Woodguy says:

    DSF: Gomez looked great.

    Unfortunately, the Leafs scored more than he did when he was on the ice,

    It’s all Barker’s fault.

    Glad you are finally seeing the light.

    Even Staples had Hemsky creating the most scoring chances last night.

    Dennis had him 10 – 5 = +5 in chances as well.

  15. Beaker says:

    That play was more Whitney’s fault than PVRs. That said, Magnus needs to have the killer instinct to be wanting that shot come off his stick in that situation, he’s just deferring to team vets.

    Also Traktor, I think that play was more of a 3 on 1 ad the camera just didnt have the trailer. That explains a bit of Gilberts positioning. Or maybe he played it bad. Seems to be a thing on this team. Potter is the worst guy ever to have with a 2 on 1 going against you, looks confused as all hell.

  16. DSF says:

    Woodguy: Glad you are finally seeing the light.

    Even Staples had Hemsky creating the most scoring chances last night.

    Dennis had him 10 – 5 = +5 in chances as well.

    Now, we just need the NHL to change the way they keep stats.

    The antiquated “goals, assists and points” thingy is just so last millennium.

  17. Romulus Apotheosis says:


    Ok. thanks for the response. It’s better this way, cold (I tend to get a bit heated on this topic too).

    We’re circling familiar territory though.

    Are you wedded to the idea that teams pay for 100% of games? Why? And why won’t you respond to this:

    To follow up on that, there have been just 19 players who have managed to play 75 games or more in each of the last six seasons. If you lower the threshold to 60, the number jumps to 104. There just aren’t that many guys both good enough and healthy enough to play a full schedule year after year.

    I’ve posted it a number of times now. It is simply unreasonable to expect that kind of consistency in a contact sport on a slippery surface.

    I think you are on firmer ground arguing that $ should go to goal scorers. I’m just not sure that the league skews point production as much as you do in favor of goals. I mean obviously goals are more highly valued. But I think the difference in value is not as high as you think it is.

  18. Ribs says:

    I liked the Eberle hit a few seconds before Hall’s as well. Fun shift.

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