G76 Oilers at Blue Jackets

The Edmonton Oilers are relying heavily on Jeff Petry as the season winds down. How important is Jeff Petry to this team’s future? Is there “enough” on the blue, or will management fool themselves into believing balance and depth exist?

In 2011-12, Jeff Petry leads Oiler defenders in TOI at evens (18:09 per game), is third in SH TOI (2:20 per game) and fifth in PP TOI (1:13 per game). This is sans Tom Gilbert, but any fool can see Dan Petry’s boy is playing a tremendous amount in every game (north of 25 minutes many nights these days).

Petry’s zone start are 3rd toughest on the team (behind Smid and Schultz is also listed, but his stats are mostly Wild numbers), his Qual Comp is second toughest (Smid) and his CR is third best (and in the black) for the season.

Let’s assume the Oilers plan on running Smid-Petry as their top pairing next year. That gives them Nick Schultz and Ryan Whitney as the second pairing, with all of Corey Potter, Andy Sutton, Theo Peckham, Colten Teubert, Alex Plante and Taylor Chorney either signed, rfa, or bubbling under in the AHL.

Then there’s the group that includes Oscar Klefbom, Martin Marincin, Jeremie Blain, Brandon Davidson, Martin Gernat and David Musil. I believe the Oilers will be cautious bringing these youngsters along (Kyle Bigos is also in the mix but has another NCAA year of eligibility) and it would make sense to keep them outside the NHL this coming season–save for a cup of Joe for those adjusting quickly.

If we use Petry as the template for all of these kids, then age 22 is a reasonable time for a long term (35 games for Petry) audition in the show. That’s 2.5 seasons into their 3-year entry level deals, and although it seems drastic (and we have to allow for quick learners) the results from Petry have been impressive.

I think the addition over the summer will be Ryan Murray. The Oilers will be in a position to draft him with their lottery pick and his skill set is the best available. Murray isn’t an offensive impact player, and expecting him to be a PP option isn’t reasonable. However, his speed and wide range of skills make him a strong, safe pick for Edmonton. Unless Griffin Reinhart turns another corner during the Oil Kings playoff run, Ryan Murray is the logical pick for the Oilers.

That leaves the Oilers with an NHL depth chart for 2012-13:

  1. Ladislav Smid
  2. Jeff Petry
  3. Ryan Whitney
  4. Nick Schultz
  5. Andy Sutton
  6. Ryan Murray
  7. Corey Potter
  8. Theo Peckham

Ryan Whitney is once again the key. IF he’s healthy and mobile, then the Oilers top 4 should be good enough and Sutton as a depth option is fine. The 6-7-8 options I’ve listed above are the ones that are open and available; Edmonton may not draft Murray and that slot could be occupied by a free agent signing or a trade acquisition. Potter could spend the entire season in the AHL, and the club could trade or walk Peckham.

We’ll know soon enough, but I’m starting to think the Oilers will do less on the blue than fans want them to this summer. They might be set.

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  1. Bar_Qu says:

    So, am I reading that Landeskog has more points than RNH? ‘Cause I remember reading a little while ago that total points matter most for Calder voters. But, if the meme has changed, by all means.

    Feel free to logic twist away.

  2. Schitzo says:

    DSF: normally, tossing out raw stats like “Nuge has less ES goals” with important context omitted would be a pretty reasonable troll. But the narrative all week has been that 93 missed a bunch of games, can he still win the Calder – so even the average 630 CHED caller knows that per-game scoring matters.

    D-, below average effort. You not only let me down, you let yourself down. :(

  3. prairieschooner says:

    Given the pretty steady performance of D Dubnyk has he done enough to get the starters job?
    While the Oilers may not have anything to play for, many of their opponents are busting a gut to get 2 points from us which puts DD squarely in the crosshairs .
    Is it possible that last season came a year too early for DD and that this season was his audition year and next season he plays 60% of the games.?

  4. VOR says:

    Art and DSF keep posting here and what are we to make of that? Clearly they are two guys who are so frustrated with rooting for a team that chokes that they need to prop themselves up by crapping on other teams’ fans. If the best human interaction you can manages is trolling on blogs you are truly pathetic creatures.

    I can’t decide which is worse, the idiot who thinks he is being clever by engaging in ad hominem attacks that lack wit or creativity. Nah, nah, nah Art, your dad wears panty hose and your mother lives under the porch and bites postmen. Or is it the missing picket in the fence who goes on making ludicrous statistical arguments. When his errors are pointed out to him he never admits he is wrong nor learns anything. Thus guaranteeing he keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over again.

    Now I am sure Art lives under a bridge, look at his Mom after all. DSF on the other hand I suspect actually thinks he has important statistical arguments to be making. So we have a bottom dweller and a delusion auteur.

    Art, get back to us when the Canucks finally figure out how to get their swollen heads out of their tight sphincters for long enough to win something that matters.

    DSF, by your argument Landeskog isn’t even the best rookie left wing in the NHL, never mind the best rookie. Like most of your hand picked statistical forays this one contradicts itself. I suggest you actually look for the rookie left wing that plays the best competition with the worst team mates while putting up the most goals and points per 60 minutes, not to mention the best +/- relative. It isn’t Landeskog. There is a much better rookie left wing out there, at least according to you.

  5. stevezie says:

    I think he cherry picks his numbers, but I don’t consider DSF a straight-up Troll.

  6. stevezie says:


    I hate to sound cliche, but don’t feed the trolls.

  7. Matt.N says:

    Ugh. Worst game day thread in memory. If this keeps up we most likely won’t have this site to hang out at for much longer.

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