Jordan Eberle has been nominated for the Lady Byng Trophy. I’ve been amazed this week at some of the reaction.

Some of the toughest men to ever play in the National Hockey League were proud to win the Lady Byng. One of the very toughest–Stan Mikita–worked extremely hard to change his playing style and was rewarded for it with the trophy. Was Mikita more valuable to his team playing his normal impact game without the penalties?

Damn straight.

Some other “soft touches” who have won the award:

  1. Bobby Hull
  2. Red Kelly
  3. Dave Keon
  4. Johnny Bucyk
  5. Jean Ratelle
  6. Rick Middleton
  7. Marcel Dionne
  8. Butch Goring
  9. Jari Kurri
  10. Ron Francis
  11. Joe Sakic
  12. Brad Richards
  13. Martin St. Louis
  14. Pavel Datsyuk

Jordan Eberle had a helluva season and has been rewarded with a nomination for  an end of season award. In NHL terms, that’s huge. I don’t think he’ll win (a defenseman with three penalties during an entire season? Man) but Jordan Eberle continues to do things that make him famous.

He earned this nomination and should be proud of it. If you’re being critical of the nomination I encourage you to read the requirements and have a long look at the entire list of winners.

This is an honor.

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  1. blackdog says:

    lol seriously some people think this reflects poorly on the guy?

    wow some fans are just beyond ridiculous

    better get rid of him and bring in some more knuckledraggers

    and get rid of Hall and Ted while you’re at it, they don’t run over enough guys

    pure stupidity

  2. Jordan says:


    You’re in Oil Country. D:

  3. DSF says:

    James Mirtle ‏ @mirtle

    Norris Trophy finalists to be officially named today: Karlsson, Weber and Chara. I imagine it comes down to the first two.

  4. Adam Dyck says:

    I’d give it to Chara, out of the three. His possession numbers were out of this world good. Admittedly, he played for the best team of the three, but still.

  5. stevezie says:

    If I was voting for the Norris I would have had the best defenceman from the best defensive team (Pietrangelo) just ahead of Chara, but I can’t quibble with the big man getting in. This is Shea’s year though.

  6. danny says:

    I think Mirtle misspelled Edler

  7. Ribs says:

    Sounds like Klefbom’s plan is to play another year in Sweden, per Tambellini on Oilers Now.

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    I think Chara and Pietreangelo are too close to call at the top followed by Karlsson and Mcdonagh tied for 3rd. I have Weber 5th.

  9. LMHF#1 says:

    You’re krazy if you don’t vote for Karlsson. Come on guys…

  10. stevezie says:

    Pietreangelo was three points off his team lead in scoring. To me that makes his fifty points mean a lot more than Weber or Chara’s. Of course, the first year Weber was nominated I said the same thing about him. Most years the Norris is partially a career achievement award. (The notable acception being the year Phaneuf was nominated over Gonchar, which also overcame the east-coast AND the major market bias. Stranger still considering Dion wasn’t even the best all defenceman on his team that year, but he was one helluva a highlite machine.) I think Weber’s career gets him the award this year, and it’s close enough that I’m fine with that, but looking at the numbers I sure can’t argue against anyone who votes for Pietreangelo. (I don’t watch enough Blues games to feel passionately one way or the other.)

  11. stevezie says:

    LT, if you’re ever hard-up for material. may I suggest a look at the evolution of the major awards? I’m especially interested in the Hart. The last several years it was more or less a points/goals race, but there was a time when it wasn’t so. In 1990 Gretz won the scoring race by 13 points despite missing 9 games, Lemiuex had a PPG of over 2, Yzerman scored 65 and Hull scored 72 and none of these guys was even second in Hart voting. Second went to Ray Borque, who was a whopping 20 points off the DEFENCMAN scoring lead, who lost to Messier by one measley 1st place ballot, even though Mess had a comparatively modest (but still spectacular) PPG of 1.63.
    Even stranger was Mess’s next win, when Lemieux scored 131 points in 64 games (24 more than Mess managed in 79, which was only good enough for a distant fifth) and the Moose still took it. (Messier also took the Pearson both years, so it seems it was unanimous.)

    I remember those seasons, but only as a young Oilers fan who thought my guys should win everything. How did he do it? And how did we move from this to Thornton beating Jagr even though he had better help and 15 less goals, just because he had two more points?

    Enquiring minds want to know. If you’re ever hard-up.

  12. Ducey says:

    You’re krazy if you don’t vote for Karlsson. Come on guys…

    My ballot seems to be lost in the mail…

  13. spoiler says:

    Re: The James Norris

    I would have nominated Suter over Weber. Nothing against Shea, but I think Suter’s a little better. I think it’s safe to say Pietreangelo will win this puppy at some point in his career.

    Congrats to Eberle on the Chandler Byng. A well-deserved nomination after a stellar second season.

  14. godot10 says:

    I’d rather have Pieterangelo than Karlsson. But the Western Conference is only allowed one of the three nominations for any award.

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