It was a tough season for Theo Peckham. Despite his youth, this could be a crossroads season for him in 12-13. Will he spend it as an Oiler?

Theo Peckham 10-11 

  • 5×5 points per 60: 0.70 (3rd among Oil D)
  • 5×4 points per 60: nil
  • Qual Comp: 2nd toughest among D
  • Qual Team: 6th best available among D
  • Corsi Rel: -6.6 (6th best among D)
  • Zone Start: 47.1% (toughest among D)
  • Zone Finish: 49.5% (worst among D)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 41 shots/3 goals 7.3% (2nd best)
  • Boxcars: 71gp, 3-10-13
  • Plus Minus: -5 on a team that was -52

Theo Peckham 11-12

  • 5×5 points per 60: 0.24 (6th among Oil D)
  • 5×4 points per 60: nil
  • Qual Comp: 5th toughest among D
  • Qual Team: 6th best available among D
  • Corsi Rel: -6.0 (5th best among D)
  • Zone Start: 51.2% (5th toughest among D)
  • Zone Finish: 48.6% (5th best among D)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 25 shots/1 goal 4.0% (6th best>20 shots)
  • Boxcars: 54, 1-2-3
  • Plus Minus: E on a team that was -26
  1. What do these numbers tell us? Peckham had an uneven season on the third pairing. His CorsiRel based on ZS and qual comp should have been much better. He did not build on his rookie season.
  2. What went wrong? Peckham fell down the depth chart this season and even then he struggled. The Oilers had invested a lot of time (and plenty of Tom Gilbert) in this young man’s rookie development, but it was a tough year for Peckham.
  3. What did he do well? Peckham did play a lot on the PK and that was a much improved area for the club.
  4. What didn’t he do well? The young man looked lost a lot, and I think he got it through his head that hitting people was a priority.
  5. It IS a priority. Well, playing your position is what keeps you in the NHL and Peckham was out of position a tremendous amount of the year.
  6. Was he good as a rookie? He had lots of chaos but there was progress in year one. In last year’s RE I wrote “Peckham played tougher minutes than one would think for a player of his experience. He did it while playing with Tom Gilbert 48% of the time at evens, so despite the teammate number above he wasn’t alone. He did have the toughest zone start, so for Peckham to emerge with his CorsiRel at -6.6 and a -5 overall (and allowing a major dollop for luck) that’s still a solid year. This was his first full NHL season.”
  7. Why did he lose his way? I think he probably (like a lot of young defensemen) became confused about his role on the depth chart. Peckham had success with Gilbert, and maybe a little with Strudwick on the third pairing. Last summer Edmonton added role players who were most suited to Peckham’s role and not suited to the available top 4 role (Barker, Sutton). I think the summer begat the winter and Peckham fell through the cracks.
  8. You’re making it sound like he was the victim. No, he didn’t use his head in plenty of situations and I believe forced his way down the depth chart. But holy hell the Oilers could do themselves a favor by getting these young kids a veteran partner.
  9. Petry did fine. Sure, but Peckham’s progress stalled. If both Peckham and Petry had improved this past season Edmonton would be in much better position.
  10. Maybe Peckham isn’t good enough. And that’s possible, defense is a tough position to play and not everyone is going to progress into a feature role.
  11. Maybe the coaching staff couldn’t reach him. Could be, there’s no way to know. And sometimes the lessons learned take awhile. A smart man told me years ago that some guys spend 5 years getting 5 years experience and others spend 5 years getting one year’s experience 5 times.
  12. Is that Peckham? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see. It would be completely unfair to suggest that now. We know that players develop along unique timelines and Peckham could come into camp this fall and look like a completely different player.
  13. Why do players regress? Sometimes it is an injury, or conditioning or confusion about role. Possibly the coaching staff didn’t have confidence and that may have impacted him. As I mentioned above, sometimes these kids misunderstand their role. I well remember a time when Paul Coffey told the ITV audience on Oilers hockey that coach Sather had convinced him to be a stay at home defenseman (there’s no WAY Sather said that, but that’s what the kid heard).
  14. Will he be an Oiler next year? Hard to say. Oilers have about 300 third pairing guys, 4 second pairing guys and no one for the top pairing. Peckham is a little vulnerable where he sits today.
  15. Does he have value in the NHL? Oh hell yes. He’s got some experience, can play the game and has a solid scouting report with some valuable items. Good size, aggressive, defends his own, his footspeed is solid. Theo Peckham has played over 150 NHL games at age 24–someone will take him if Edmonton decides to move him along.
  16. Why would they keep him? For the things we talked about here. Peckham can do some things and if he lowers the chaos and stops putting himself out of position then he’ll have a career. He looked lost to me, but that can happen. Hell, Alex Ovechkin looks like he’s completely lost right now and that guy is one of the game’s elite players.
  17. What’s the best thing for him? Probably a fresh start.
  18. A new city? Or same city, new coach.

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55 Responses to "THEO PECKHAM 11-12: OUT ON THE WEEKEND"

  1. Jesse says:

    How long do we think it’ll take before Tuebert passes him? One season? It sounds like 33 made some nice progress this year with the barons.

  2. stevezie says:


    I’d say for all intents and purposes they’re equal right now. Yeah Peckham is higher on the “chart”, but they’re both pencilled into spots below the top seven (they have to be, right?) so the ranking is just a formality. Important camp for some people. Career defining.

  3. OilLeak says:

    Peckham is just not good enough, nothing else to say. If this team ever hopes to compete for the playoffs then 2 quality defenseman need to be brought in to push everyone down the depth chart. As soon as that happens then there is no room for for fringe NHLers such as Peckham(unless bound for OKC).

    If Peckham suits up on a regular basis next season, the Oilers will be in the lottery again.

  4. godot10 says:

    Matt Greene was not good enough when the Oilers traded him.

    You have to develop them fast enough to fit into the decision window.

  5. DSF says:

    Barons lose 6-4.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Thanks, DSF. Hey, did you catch the Canucks score?

  7. gogliano says:

    Paajarvi with 2 assists, projects to a 164 assist season over 82 games. NHL equivalency puts that at about an 80 assist season in the NHL.

  8. DSF says:

    Thanks, DSF. Hey, did you catch the Canucks score?

    No…but I see we’re projecting.

    Kadri with 1G 2A +3…projects to an 82 goal 164 assist season over 82 games.

    NHL equivalency puts that at about 40 goals and 80 assist season in the NHL.

  9. Lowetide says:

    I like Kadri, hope he makes it.

  10. DSF says:

    I like Kadri, hope he makes it.

    Trade bait I expect.

  11. "Steve Smith" says:

    Thanks, DSF. Hey, did you catch the Canucks score?

    Nah – too wrapped up in the Panthers game.

  12. Ducey says:

    DSF: Trade bait I expect.

    If he works on his face washes and diving, he could become a Canuck

  13. bookje says:

    The problem with Theo Peckham is that he is from Richmond Hill Ontario, everyone knows that Richmond Hillites are enigmatic, unpredictable, criminally-connected alcoholics.

  14. regwald says:

    LT, you will love these two tweets then ….

    Corey Pronman ‏ @coreypronman

    Also breaking news, Paajarvi is good.

    Corey Pronman ‏ @coreypronman

    Yes. He just turned 21, he will score in the NHL. RT @woodgrov: @coreypronman does Paajarvi still look like a scoring winger?

    And I think we can say Corey knows a bit more about this kinda stuff the most people.

  15. Traktor says:

    I knew MPS must have put up some points because DSF didn’t mention that MPS didn’t put up any points.

  16. regwald says:

    I knew MPS must have put up some points because DSF didn’t mention that MPS didn’t put up any points.

    Two assists and lead OKC with 4 shots and was even on the night.

  17. "Steve Smith" says:


    That’s the same way that I knew that Dustin Brown didn’t.

    DSF is so informative, in his own little way.

  18. stevezie says:

    Everything DSF says about Brown is true, but there’s a reason he is (According to Gregor, I think) not respected throughout the league. If you play like he’s been playing, which has included some questionable hits, you have to fight. Not everytime, but sometimes.

    I don’t care if Kronwall fights because his hits are by and large textbook. Brown takes runs; last game he drilled Pietrangelo on a delayed offside. Back it up.

    On a related note, I love Matt Green.

    “Matt, you’re riding a three game point streak. You gonna start pushing for powerplay time?”

    “No. Did you see the goals? They were all accidents.”

  19. Jesse says:

    That’s a great line from Matt Greene lol.

    Watched a bit of the OKC game last night. Paajarvi set up Hartikainen for a goal that resembled a “Wayne Cashman to Phil Esposito” goal (as explained to me by my father long ago). Thought PRV showed some nice drive into the dirty areas last night from what I saw.

  20. Ryan says:

    One thing I’ve learned from this blog can be summed up by the term, the Visnovsky experience. Remember how good Ladi looked when paired with Visnovsky? Obviously Ladi had a good season this year, but struggled without Visnovsky prior IIRC.

    Players like Ladi, Peckham, etc often look better with a puck mover than with another player of their ilk.

    There used to be a site that allowed you to determine who a given player on a team played with the most. I can’t recall, but thought it went down. Is it still around?

  21. jake70 says:

    Eberle with a goal vs Slovakia.

  22. jfry says:

    canada is on tsn this morning. game ends at 930. 2-1 right now with eberle just scoring the go ahead against slovaki.

    gotta say…big ice gives just enough room…maybe it’s the solution to concussions

  23. jake70 says:

    jfry, are you local out there in Edm? the posting times say 7:22am, I am usually 3 hours ahead out east here, but it’s 1122am here…..strange.

  24. jfry says:

    also…murray is playing with keith. is putting him with one of the best dmen on the planet an honest evaluation?

  25. jfry says:

    @jake. calgary. i was surprised it was on too.

  26. TheOtherJohn says:


    MPS’ pass to the Finn may indeed have been reminiscent of Cashman to Espo in front of the net. No one would ever mistake MPS for Cashman. EVER. Harry Sinden and Don Cherry never had to tell Cashman that he had to drive the net hard and go to the hard spots on the ice to score. He was already there.

    MPS definitely has a much nicer set of skills though

  27. FPB94 says:

    The conservative party, goes with a law to abolish salaryequity between man and woman on governmental contracts.

    You guys have voted for some dandys right there.

    Parliament has 6 days to debate and vote on 400 pages of laws.

    Calling this BS democracy would be insulting at best.

  28. LMHF#1 says:


    1) What’s with the random political eruption in the middle of nowhere?

    2) If you’re going to have a random political eruption, at least read and understand what you’re talking about rather than simply parroting NDP talking points.

  29. "Steve Smith" says:

    Yeah, FPB, I have the impression that I agree with about 85% of your politics, but no good will come of discussing that stuff here.

  30. FPB94 says:


    1: News.
    2: I did read and understand.

    6 days for 400 pages is nothing. It’s a parody, a fraud to think you could make judicious reflexion about 69 law changes in 6 days.

  31. FPB94 says:

    “Steve Smith”,

    SS: I don’t know. When my government takes me for a clown, I tend to get itchy.

    We take more time to discuss about our college association’s policy then they will about federal laws.

  32. Alice says:

    FPB, just to set the record straight, equal pay has been the law for a long long time, and is not going anywhere.
    Equal pay for work of equal value was a good idea with no RE of becoming anything but a quagmire to achieve in practice. Serving that quagmire, on the other hand, was probably a pretty good gig for consultants, male and female alike.

  33. LMHF#1 says:


    1: News.
    2: I did read and understand.

    6 days for 400 pages is nothing. It’s a parody, a fraud to think you could make judicious reflexion about 69 law changes in 6 days.

    1. Find better sources of news.
    2. Okay…

    Your final 2 sentences are simply incorrect and the rhetoric is either sad or comical depending on perspective. Slow down, take a breath, read some detail.

    I agree with Steve, not on his politics (somewhat), but on that no good will come of discussing this here.

  34. FPB94 says:


    Then please. Correct me with facts.

    I guess CBC’s a terrible news source.

  35. Alice says:

    Point taken on 400p omnibus legislation though. Load everything into that puppy and walk it over the goal line.

    When’s the draft, again?

  36. LMHF#1 says:


    Then please. Correct me with facts.

    I’d really rather not get into politics here, so I’ll keep this as short as possible, while again encouraging you to first calm down, then widen your reading circle.

    Part of the problem is that you’ve missed the facts, such as that this is second reading, and that it is a budget implementation bill (the first of two), meaning that it did not simply materialize out of nowhere yesterday.

    Also, I think it is quite clear that what you’ll be seeing from the opposition is partisan rancor and yelling rather than judicious reflection, as I believe you were trying to put it, but again, that’s a matter of perspective.

  37. "Steve Smith" says:


    It’s a question of venue, not time. You should devote a great deal of attention to the research and discussion of public policy. As little of it as possible should take place on hockey blogs.

  38. LMHF#1 says:


    I guess CBC’s a terrible news source.

    Yes, quite, though reading them while understanding the lens they use is educational. You’ve got to sift through a lot of junk these days (which is better than when all you had was junk and no sifting ability).

  39. LMHF#1 says:

    "Steve Smith":

    It’s a question of venue, not time.You should devote a great deal of attention to the research and discussion of public policy.As little of it as possible should take place on hockey blogs.


  40. FPB94 says:

    SS: Thing is, this is the only place I know where i’l get opposition.

    Fine. Theo Peckham’s garbage.

  41. LMHF#1 says:


    When’s the draft, again?

    I hear we might take some Russian guy. I’ve also heard they know a thing or two about the game.

  42. Jesse says:


    No, I don’t think hartikainen will ever be reasonably compared to Esposito either. I was more comparing the goal rather than the players.

  43. stevezie says:

    I hereby declare Hartikainen the next Esposito.

    What now, Jesse?

  44. "Steve Smith" says:


    If Jesse’s premise is correct, it follows that you’re unreasonable.

    (Bob McKenzie says so.)

  45. rickithebear says:

    Get your head out of your Ass.
    Have you held membership in all three parties.
    I have participated in leadership conventions in all three parties.
    During my 2 times at U of S.
    1983 Mulroney ( Clark)
    1984 Turner (harridence) To much reinvestment to run.
    1989 Mclaughlin (langdon)

    the Difference!

    idealists discussing policies that most hurt the tax payer.
    Liberal and Conservative:
    Free Meals, Drinks (2 oz DUBONNET & 2 oz jACK Short/Rocks), Free watches, Free tailored suit.

    One to the equality. my dads new wife worked for the Goverment for 40 YR. single mom in ranking position. she was one of the largest payouts in the retro pay decision.

    On payout day there was almost no increase in money.
    Revenue Canada decided to Fine a whole collection of these women for not paying the taxes over that period of time.

    Went to Court for a year.
    Do not know the full order. But the gist is the judge was pissed at the goverment and get there money right fucking now.

    My point politicians are Cock sucking idiots. Who will fuck you over for there self serving intrest. whether they are corupt, Idealists, or otherwise.

    in my youth I loved Hanging with politicians Daughters! Dirty on a Friday Saturday and Church on A sunday! AAAmen!

  46. commonfan14 says:

    Take it easy, Champ. Why don’t you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while?

  47. Alice says:

    I never met a politician that Theo Peckham would hesitate to run through the end boards. He’s Liberal that way.

  48. stevezie says:

    Theo Peckham once ran for re-election in a place he had never been. He lost by six votes, and vowed never to return. Some years later, the town mysteriously burnt to the ground. It was the damndest thing.

  49. Ducey says:

    I laways thought some people ’round here were unhappy with the Oilers. Turns out they are just unhappy.

  50. Jesse says:


    I was comparing a Paajarvi/Harski goal last night to the same style of Cashman/Esposito. TOJ mentioned that PRV would never reasonably be compared to Cashman otherwise, and I was agreeing by saying Hartikainen would never be compared to Esposito either, but rather it was the goal I was comparing, not the players.

  51. bookje says:

    Don’t talk politics here.

    That is all.

    You’re all communists!

  52. stevezie says:


    I was just trying be cute and disprove your assertion that no one would compare Hart to Espo, but as that other Steve mentioned, you specified no one would do so reasonably.

  53. rickithebear says:

    yes, I am a very bad person.!

    Uh hold on i have to go change a Diaper!

    I am back!

    Yes bad ! Very Bad!

  54. Lowetide says:

    yes, I am a very bad person.!

    Uh hold on i have to go change a Diaper!

    I am back!

    Yes bad ! Very Bad!

    Canadian politics has to be viewed through a dram of whiskey. Anyone remember Sky shops? Francis Fox at the hospital?


  55. Jesse says:


    And I… Just got that now. *shakes head*

    I must have read it more with the emphasis on “what” rather than the emphasis on “now”… And I feel silly. Lol.

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